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Speaking to people and hearing from them is getting a lot easier. A credible pedestal built by the Hyderabad Media House Ltd through its flagship brand HMTV is now expanding to become a formidable platform called "The Hans India". Your English daily newspaper, The Hans India, will knock at the doors of your readers every morning. And, what is our niche? To begin with, we are Andhra Pradesh-centric. We are the first English newspaper to be launched simultaneously from Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Warangal and Tirupati.

The Hans India is our maiden entry into the print media, following the remarkable success of HMTV, our well-known Telugu news channel. So what is the significance of the Hans? Well, a hans or hamsa or swan is regarded as a “sacred” bird in Indian mythology, known for its spectacular qualities. That said, it is our Group logo that made HMTV a great success.

Our core ethics and values, which became the hallmark of  HMTV, continue to fortify the edifice of The Hans India too. News, views, reviews, information, nation, world, technology, business, sports, and, of course, entertainment fill the smorgasbord of the newspaper to satiate its readers’ taste buds. The Team Hans India is tirelessly trying to empower the reader by publishing  factual and purposeful news, maintaining highly  uncompromising ethical standards, by voicing the concerns, aspirations and ambitions of  the people.

The Hyderabad Media House ltd boasts of intellectual honesty and its  team of journalists works  with the sole objective  of furnishing truthful, insightful and distinctive  information  to position itself as a “socially responsible” paper in the society. They care for credibility and respect.  They are committed to the welfare of the people. They are wedded to people-centric journalism. They seek to empower the people with information.

The Hans India will strive to make a difference, both in terms of concept and content. ‘Free ,Frank and Fearless’ is our slogan and we will work towards creating a society which is peaceful, just and humane.  Our uniqueness will be our sincere efforts to make the twin cities ( Hyderabad & Secunderabad ) a better place to live in. We will run aggressive campaigns actively involving citizens to air their grievances and prompt the authorities for a quicker response and redress.

The following are some of The Hans India key goals:

  • The Hans India will not serve as a platform for any political party. That said, our political coverage will be extensive and free from bias.
  • It is rather unfortunate that most newspapers today have given up the national mission of pre-independence days and become pure commercial ventures, with an overwhelming dose of sensationalism and glamour. At The Hans India, we will closely highlight the socio-economic development of India, in general, and Andhra Pradesh in particular. We will endeavor to take up the role of a social watchdog, just like in the olden days when the media used to play a very responsible role.
  • We plan to adopt a neglected ward in Hyderabad and develop it into a model one, with the active involvement of the ward officer, social organizations and citizens’ representatives. We will utilize the extensive network of HMTV to highlight the problems in all the districts that make up Greater Hyderabad.
  • Our campaigns will also extend to areas such as public utilities & health, corporate hospitals, education, law courts, police stations, and even business enterprises.
  • We plan to establish a Citizen’s Forum, comprising professionals, environmentalists, consumer activists and voluntary organizations, and people will be given assistance in law courts, hospitals and consumer forums by the respective panel members.
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