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The Arvind Mills Limited has set up a State of the Art Garment factory in Bangalore for manufacturing tops primarily for Export Purposes. This factory is the outcome of the strong vision of Arvind Mills to expand vertically into Garmenting as a natural progression based on its strength in fabrics.

This factory has been put up in Technical Collaboration with an Italian Apparel Consultancy firm CF ITALIA. CF Italia specializes in Apparel manufacturing and also technical consultancy. The salient features of the factory are as follows:

Capacity 4.5 million pieces per annum

Some of the unique features and philosophy of this unit are:


This factory has been planned with a sufficiently high level of automation but with a complete focus on productivity and consistency in quality. Accordingly automation would be there in the following areas.

  • Automatic spreading and cutting

  • Automatic patterns sewing machine for cuffs and collars

  • Automatic collar and cuff making machine.

  • Automated conveyor system in finishing areas to minimize handling of finishing garments.


    To ensure that high quality levels are achieved in terms of consistency an appropriate selection of machinery has been made. The machines in the part section are all European machines to ensure high level on quality. Similarly there are some special machines in sewing section on some critical operations like 'shirt fronting' and Shirt Bottom Hemming.


    This factory would be utmost flexible to handle both formal and casual shirts and in stage 2 washing unit will be set up to handle the washing requirements. Also the factory is being configured to handle both short runs and long runs.


    One of the unique features of this factory is investment in IT in terms of data centers on all the sewing machines and an Advanced Production Management software and Advanced Industrial Engineering software. Each sewing machine would have a data center which would be used to record critical parameters like Online production, machine stoppages due to problems in sewing, problems in machines etc. The data from these data centers would be routed to Central Console Station where a team of production engineers would be monitoring each of the lines. The objective of the system is to quickly identify issues like line imbalance, machine breakdown, and quality problems and rectify the same immediately. This system ensures a strong control over production and ensures a quick turn around apart from a high quality level.


    This factory would meet compliance requirements of our leading buyers in terms of safety, adherence to environmental norms, social obligations etc.


    USA 55%
    Europe 47%
    ROW 3%

    Compliance (Quality, Social, Environmental)

    The factories are compliant by most of the major buyers like Gap, Levis, VFC etc. We are planning on a RAP certification in the near future.

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  • Introduction

    The new facility @ Bangalore has taken several steps towards quickly ramping up capacities in the post quota scenario and has started training its sewing operators in a Training Facility from October 2004 with an objective to have around 200+ trained workers by January 2005. The trained operators are now producing garments at the new facility in Bangalore. These operators have been trained under supervision of Garment Specialist, who had been a part of Leviís USA garment facilities and is now helping us set systems and reach the desired productivity levels.

    The sewing plant is a state of the art plant using automatic machines to perform most operations. Most machines are from, Italy and we have automated operations like Back pocket creasing, hemming and attaching, Auto ĎJí stitch, Auto belt loop attach, Waist band attach and bottom hemming. This greatly improves the productivity and also helps bring in more consistency in production.

    The sewing plant has capacity planned for 10 lines and the process of adding 300 more machines from May/ June 2005 onwards to increase the sewing and washing capacities to 3,00,000 pieces of sewing and washing per month is on.

    This shall be an integrated garment plant with in-house laundry with a capacity of 20,000-pieces/ day. Other than doing regular washing like stone, enzyme and bleach washes, we shall be capable of doing state of the art washes like Hand Scrubbing, Sand blasting, Whiskers, Garment tinting, spraying and Coating with various chemicals, brushing, Grinding, Tacking and Permanent creasing in an oven.

    Khakhis Manufacturing

    Arvind has also started the Pants production facility at our existing shirt factory in Electronic City, Bangalore factory, where 3 lines have been added to produce Pants and other garments using piece dyed fabrics. These 3 lines with 240 machines is also producing garments for Arvindís own brands in the Indian market and is also doing trial orders for export orders and has an initial capacity of 1.5 Million pants/ year.

    This factory is already compliant with many USA and EU based customers.

    Arvind is in the process of adding the capacity on Spraying, Brushing, Hand Scrubbing etc to meet our customerís requirements.

    ABOUT processes


    State of the art Gerber CAD allows us to make precision patterns and markers efficiently. This allows buyers to interact directly with our cutting department and send us their patterns and markers. The Gerber spreader and cutter allow us to do efficient spreading and precision cutting. Not only does this helps us achieve high efficiency but also reduces rejection due to cutting mistakes.


    Arvind has imported computerized modern automated sewing machines from Italy/ Japan. This helps us to ensure high quality while maintaining high productivity. With a total area of 70000 sq. ft the cutting and sewing section has been planned to handle a peak capacity of almost 300,000 pieces per month.

    The sewing plant is a state of the art plant using automatic machines to perform most operations. Most machines are from, Italy and we have automated operations like Back pocket creasing, hemming and attaching, Auto ĎJí stitch, Auto belt loop attach, Waist band attach and bottom hemming.

    Washing and finishing

    Currently our washing capacity is about 150,000 per month. With a total area of 37000 sq. feet the washing plant will be shortly capable of handling about 600,000 pieces per month. We have state of the art automated machinery from Germany, Turkey and India and we are working with our Italy based Finish Designer to be up-to-date on new washes. We can offer sand blasting, brushing, garment tinting, destruct washes, various chemical sprays and permanent creasing and manual operations like hand scrubbing, grinding, tacking etc.

    Product Profile:

    With the above mix of machinery we specialize in making bottom wears. We produce basic 5 pockets, boot cuts, flares, engineered jeans, cargos, carpenters and customers specific hi fashion styles also. We can also manufacture skirts, shorts also.

    Quality & Industrial Engineering:

    At Arvind, quality is a way of life. We ensure strict quality control and quality assurance mechanisms to ensure that the garments that come out of our lines are defect free. We have QC after each process of garment making and any defects that are identified are quickly corrected. We also have a system of roving QC, whose job is to identify defects even when the product is being manufactured. This helps us minimize corrections.

    We have staff trained in Industrial Engineering practices. They ensure proper engineering of the garments as well as proper work methodology. This helps us reduce defects due to human error. At Arvind we have always endeavored to offer the best quality to our customers.

    Customer service

    In keeping with Arvindís customer-oriented philosophy we offer reliability and quality. The emphasis is firmly on innovation. Our Product Development Center at the Denim Mills is dedicated to creating and crystallizing customer vision. A dedicated team of over 25 specialists from areas like Spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing, textile chemistry and washing finishes form the Development and New Technology Group. The group has a dedicated infrastructure, which includes Baby Rope Dyeing Range to develop new products and work on newer concepts to produce denim of tomorrow.



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