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DuPont India is a subsidiary of US-based $27 billion E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, a 204-year young science and technology company and one of the oldest industrial enterprises in the world. Founded in 1802 in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, DuPont delivers science-based solutions for markets that make a difference in people's lives. Today we operate in more than 70 countries worldwide.

DuPont association with India is since 1802, when the first shipment of raw materials for black powder for explosives was imported from India into the US. Today, DuPont India markets a wide range of products in varied market segments including agriculture, food and nutrition; health care; home and construction; electronics; safety and protection; and transportation and infrastructure, bringing to life its powerful philosophy of The miracles of science™ to create a better world for all.

The company has production facilities in India for DuPont Engineering Polymers (at Savli near Vadodara, and at Madurai), DuPont Crop Protection products (at Savli), DuPont Liquid Packaging Systems (at Savli), DuPont Refinish (at Savli) and Pioneer® seeds (at Medchal near Hyderabad). We employ about 700 people in the country (in DuPont and in our subsidiary companies) and provide indirect employment to another 2500.

The research & development activities of DuPont in India include an R&D center that conducts field trials for crop protection products, and nationwide R&D centers for Pioneer® seed research towards development of hybrids relevant to different crops in India. The Solae Company, a DuPont joint venture, has a regional application development center in India and supports pioneering research studies in the area of protein technologies through its association with various academic and research institutions in the country.

DuPont also draws upon the research work and scholastic guidance of India's eminent scientific fraternity to work towards its mission of Sustainable Growth. In 2005, we signed a global research agreement with National Chemical Laboratories, Pune for market-back research projects, beginning with a few programs for the DuPont Titanium Technologies business. We also have separate r&d agreements with several Indian research institutions.

DuPont also draws upon the research work and scholastic guidance of India’s eminent scientific fraternity to work towards its mission of Sustainable Growth. Dr R K Pachauri, Director, Tata Energy Research Institute, has served on the DuPont Biotechnology Advisory Council till recently, before taking over as the Chairman of the Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change. Dr V Prakash, Director, Central Food Technological Research Institute and a recipient of the DuPont Protein Technologies Award – 2001, is now a member of DuPont Biotechnology Advisory Council.


We are constantly looking to bring in new applications and innovations to solve customer needs and make peoples lives in India better, easier and safer by bringing to them The miracles of science™.

In the agriculture & nutrition segment, DuPont Crop Protection Products business helps solve the needs of the Indian farmers by bringing the best and the latest products. We have launched the low-use rate herbicides – Sulfonylureas - that are environment-friendly products with high efficacy. In 2000, we created history in the Indian crop protection industry with the launch of DuPont™ Avaunt™ insecticide (proprietorial Indoxacarb molecule), the latest technology for controlling bollworms in cotton. That was the first time a new and latest chemistry product was introduced in the country as part of its global launch. The Solae Company - a DuPont Protein Technologies joint venture with Bunge - offers soy protein based nutrition solutions to the food and beverages companies to enable them to offer fortified nutrition to Indian customers. DuPont subsidiary Pioneer® Hi-Bred has launched high yielding hybrid rice varieties in the country. India has the world’s largest area under rice cultivation, but ranks second in terms of production, and a poor seventh in terms of yield. With Pioneer® hybrid rice strains, farmers can increase their agricultural output and yield manifold, thus addressing the problem of food crisis in the country. DuPont Liquid Packaging Systems offer packaging solutions to edible liquid food products.

In infrastructure, our products and applications offer access to the latest world-class technology for roadways, railways, power, ports and pipelines. Indian Railways is one of the major and strategic customers for the DuPont Engineering Polymers. DuPont™ Elvaloy® industrial polymer has been used to provide long-life to the country’s first black-top expressway from Ahmedabad to Vadodara in Gujarat, and could be the preferred solution to the need of a global quality road infrastructure in the country. DuPont™ geotextiles has offered ground stabilization solutions to some port and canal projects in the country. This method of ground stabilization could be of great value in countries like India, where deterioration of roads and embankments are a continuing problem. DuPont India recently launched the DuPont™ Reliatran™ dry-type transformer solutions for providing protection against fire hazards. We have also launched our Safety Resources business that enables our customers achieve high standards of safety in their operations.

For the healthcare, hospitality and home segments, DuPont India offers a hygienic, bacteria-resistant and aesthetic solution through the wonder-material DuPont™ Corian® Solid Surface. Easy to clean and maintain, DuPont™ Corian® is non-porous and inert - so it does not support the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. It has been successfully used by renowned hospitals in the country to enhance the hygienic quality of their patient rooms and operation theaters. DuPont Nonwovens provides sterile packaging solutions for the healthcare industry as well as excellent barrier-protection properties for medical gowns, drapes and wipes. DuPont Animal Health Solutions and DuPont Human Health Solutions are two recently launched businesses which provide enhanced preventive care solutions in the healthcare segment for both human and livestock/poultry. DuPont Safety Resources, a consultancy business which shares the 200+ year of DuPont knowledge in safety, is focusing on the sectors of worker safety, construction, oil & gas and healthcare in India.

In the automotive segment, DuPont Engieering Polymers and DuPont Industrial Polymers provides high-strength, fatigue-resistant advanced plastics that provide higher performance and safety features in a vehicle, while DuPont Performance Coatings brings the latest technology paints to the refinish paints segment.

1802 DuPont imports raw materials from India for company’s first product – black powder for explosives

DuPont opens a liaison office in India

1995 Wholly-owned India subsidiary set up

Contract manufacturing of Crop Protection Products begins

  • Savli I plant in Gujarat begins commercial production.
  • Commercial production of Lannate® crop protection product and Delrin® engineering polymer begins at Savli
  • Savli II plant in Gujarat begins production
  • South Asia Field Experiment Station (SAFES) at Savli becomes operational
  • DuPont subsidiary Pioneer Hi-Bred International acquires a 100% stake in the joint venture with Southern Petrochemical Industries Corp. (SPIC);
  • Pioneer® seeds production plant set up in Medchal, near Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh; Hyderabad office opened
  • DuPont celebrates 200 years of Science and Innovation worldwide
  • DuPont Liquid Packaging Systems set up at Savli
2003 DuPont India wins ‘Hewitt Best Employer’ award
  • DuPont Refinish blending facility set up at Savli
  • ‘ Global Excellence Center’ set up at Savli
  • DuPont India wins ‘Hewitt Best Employer’ award
  • DuPont India CPP team wins global DuPont awards - “Marketing Excellence Award” and “Pinnacle Award”

DuPont India wins 15th Board of Director’s award for safety excellence AND Global research alliance signed with National Chemical Laboratories, Pune

2006 DuPont 2015 Sustainability Goals launched AND Global Research Alliance signed with Council of Scientific & Industrial Research
2007 Announces DuPont Knowledge Center, India
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