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If you always thought that you had to choose between low cost and high visibility for your web presence, Naukri now gives you the best of both.

Advantages of having a homepage at http://www.naukri.com

  • Naukri gets several million hits a month, most of which are from professionals seeking jobs. So your homepage is like a permanent advertisement with high visibility.
  • Naukri is updated twice a week and has thousands of live jobs at any point in time. This ensures visitor loyalty and a steady growth in hits of 20% a month.
  • We regularly mail out information about Naukri to over 40000 corporate HRD managers encouraging visits from them.
  • Naukri is one of the most popular web sites amongst professionals, not only in India but also with NRI's . Similarly, it attracts overseas companies interested in recruiting from India.
  • You get a personalised URL in the form of http://www.naukri.com/yourcompanyname. This can be used on your stationery as your webpage address.
  • Low cost and high value for money with a one year subscription to our vacancy advertisement service.
  • Description
    Regular Charges for one year
    For Annual Subscribers
    Annual cost of an A4 size text only homepage (No Graphics)
    Rs. 5,000 or USD 175 (for international payments)
    Rs. 3,000 or USD 100 (for international payments) as an add on price to the basic subscription cost for the vacancy advertisement service 
    Additional cost for putting a logo (only) gif image of upto 3KB
    Rs. 500 or USD 25 (additional)
    Rs. 400 or USD 20 (additional)


    (For details on how to become an annual subscriber, click here)

    What are the next steps?

  • Prepare a profile of your company, as you want it on the website, in Microsoft Word.
  • Send us a soft copy by E-mail.
  • Mail us a hard copy by post or courier along with the payment.
  • The cheque / draft should be payable to "Info Edge India Pvt Ltd" and payable at Delhi.
  • Send to "Info House, A-6, Swasthya Vihar, Vikas Marg, Delhi - 110092
  • For further information or clarification, write to us at webmaster@naukri.com

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