ITC- Foods Division
The Foods Division is today represented in 4 categories in the market. These are:
- Ready To Eat Foods
- Staples
- Confectionery
- Snack Foods

ITC Limited Foods Division has a notable presence in the market with brands like 'Aashirvaad', 'Sunfeast', 'Kitchens of India', 'Minto' and 'Candyman.'

The packaged foods business is an ideal avenue to leverage ITC's proven strengths in the areas of hospitality and branded cuisine, contemporary packaging and sourcing of agricultural commodities. ITC has stood for quality products for over 90 years to the Indian consumer and several of its brands are today internationally benchmarked for quality.

The Foods business carries forward this proud tradition to deliver quality food products to the consumer. All products of ITC's Foods Division available in the market today have been crafted based on consumer insights developed through extensive market research. Apart from the current portfolio of products, several new and innovative products are under development in ITC's state-of-the-art Product Development facility located at Bangalore.

Leadership in the Foods business requires a keen understanding of the supply chain for agricultural produce. ITC has over the last 90 years established a very close business relationship with the farming community in India and is currently in the process of enhancing the Indian farmer's ability to link to global markets, through the e-Choupal initiative, and produce the quality demanded by its customers. This long-standing relationship is being leveraged in sourcing best quality agricultural produce for ITC's Foods Division.

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