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MobiApps designs, develops and markets satellite transceivers, terrestrial, and satellite-based asset tracking solutions, and embedded satellite/terrestrial chipsets for industrial communications. The convergence of satellite and terrestrial communications technologies have enabled us to deliver a broad portfolio of products in areas like asset tracking, fleet management and satellite communications.

{short description of image}Radio Frequency
Range of electromagnetic waves with a frequency or wavelength suitable for utilization in radio communication. Some of these waves serve as carriers of the lower-frequency audio waves; others are modulated by video or digital information.

Application Specific Integrated Circuit
A chip that is custom designed for a specific application rather than a general-purpose chip such as a microprocessor. The use of ASICs improves performance over general-purpose CPUs, because ASICs are "hardwired" to do a specific job and do not incur the overhead of fetching and interpreting stored instructions.

The m1375 RF ASIC is a RF-based ASIC created using MobiApps' proprietary technology. It is a custom mixed signal RF ASIC that integrates the necessary functionality for implementing a satellite data communications transceiver that works on Orbcomm's Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite groups for providing wireless communication.

{short description of image}The m100 satellite transceiver is a three-chip compact Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) module that lets you send and receive location-specific real-time data worldwide. It operates over the ORBCOMM low-earth orbit satellite network to provide an unlimited global coverage.

TThe m100 satellite transceiver integrates the Analog Devices Blackfin DSP system with MobiApps m1375 RF module to create a low cost, high performance solution that lets clients monitor, track, and manage their fixed and mobile assets around the world.

Antrix is a user-friendly, platform-Independent; scalable solution that can be easily intergrated into Mobiapps tracking device, applications or third party external systems. It uses linux and MySQL (for its open source and cost effectiveness) , JBoss as application server, and use J2EE framework for the easy implementation of the application.

Mobiapps uses Antrix in its products which are used for Monitoring, Controlling and Managing a Remote Assest. The Antrix solution increases efficiency by providing constant organizational awareness of every asset deployed. Based on a comprehensive understanding of the user's requirement, MobiApps' solution offers the optimum combination of value through the right set of features and functionalities.

{short description of image}Seakey is a product which is useful for the customer for his convenience in work and emergency situations. It's an anytime anyhelp online product. It's a communication system that provides satellite connectivity whenever and wherever in your journey adding the ultimate in convenience, security and peace of mind to your boating experience.

SeaKey provides instant communication to the 24 hour, 7 day per week SeaKey response center, communicating requests for a number of situations.

SeaKey™ Messenger is a smart box that gives you full access to your boat twenty four hours a day. By connecting seaKey™ Messenger to your instruments and sensors onboard, you will be able to access the position of the boat, battery power, speed, course, wind speed and wind angle, depth, and temperature. Facts that are valuable information in deciding whether you need to check if the boat is alright or you want to go out on the ocean. With seaKey™ you also have alarm functionality for intruder alarm, batty alarm, water inundation, smoke and fire alarm.