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Employee Development
Shasun provides congenial atmosphere to work, learn and grow. The company conducts various programmes to train their staff in the latest technologies and best management practices by organizing regular training classes keeping in mind the needs of each individual, and also encourages its employees to participate in industry events and trade shows.

Shasun's R&D centre is recognized the by the University of Madras as an institute for pursuing doctoral programme in chemistry. Young chemists are motivated to work on weekends on research projects, supervised by their guides, in subjects of their academic interest, which are discovery oriented and not purely commercial projects.

Shasun Culture
We are in transition from being a family owned and managed company to a organization run by qualified professionals. New leadership has taken charge within and the effect is a rejuvenated new culture. Every Shasun employee is today encouraged to become a leader by taking ownership for actions in their respective work areas. Cross-functional understanding and interaction within various departments and sites are encouraged.

Opportunities for students
The company through its in-house vocational training and apprenticeship programmes trains the technicians at Shasun and encourages engineering, chemistry and pharma students to carry out bloc and summer placements. Also, Shasun's expansion projects offer numerous growth opportunities.

Shasun encourages long term collaboration with educational institutions of repute. Institutions could contact the corporate HR manager at for sponsorship of their students.

Career Enhancement
Shasun Ph D Program
In-house Ph D Program: Shasun R&D has been recognized for the PhD program of Madras University & Anna University. Shasun R&D centre has started recently an in-house PhD program to promote and enhance the capability of our scientists and to also get into basic research activities in related topics of interest of Shasun

The R&D center has also started successful collaboration with academic institutions with National Chemical Laboratories, Pune in enhancing capabilities apart from encouraging its scientists in enabling to initiate research in house apart from their regular activities to generate expertise, identify newer areas and field of research for the company in the near and foreseeable future. The center has also been accredited by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India.

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