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If a definitive career progression, freedom to make creative decisions and working for clients from all around the globe is what drives you at work, you'll find exactly what you're looking for at SKP. We offer opportunities in specialty and subspecialty, be it in clients accounting and reporting, payroll and company secretarial compliance services.

With team members from varied backgrounds and a management team that believes in collaborative growth, you can do the work you love and make a real difference for the organization and yourself.

These are some of the benefits you can look forward to in a career with us:

  • Working in our specialist practices will deepen your domain knowledge
  • As you work with our wide range of clients, you will be exposed to a range of technical issues, cultures and businesses, giving you an invaluable experience
  • Apart from honing your technical skills and gathering valuable experience, you will also learn management skills, enabling you to grow into a well-rounded professional
  • We are a meritocracy so that you can set your own growth path, driven by your own performance and attitude
To set out on a challenging, yet immensely rewarding career path, please follow the following links to explore the current opportunities at SKP

S.No. Date Position Location
1 31 May Manager/ Senior Manager - Contract Management - Pune Pune
2 26 May Executive Indian Payroll Pune
3 26 May Associate Indian Payroll Pune
4 24 May Exciting Opportunity for Payroll Professionals at SKP - Asst. Manager Pune
5 24 May Executive - Talent Acquisition; SKP Group - Mumbai Mumbai
6 23 May Assistant Manager/ Deputy Manager - Contract Management - Pune Pune
7 19 May Executive - Secretarial Compliances - Pune Pune
8 19 May Executive - Administration - Pune Pune
9 18 May Associate Delhi
10 18 May Executive Pune
11 18 May Executive Mumbai
12 18 May Associate Pune
13 18 May Associate Pune
14 18 May Associate Pune
15 18 May Senior Associate Pune
16 18 May Manager/senior Manager Pune
17 18 May Associate Pune
18 18 May Executive Delhi
19 18 May Associate Pune
20 18 May Accounting Professionals Bengaluru/Bangalore
21 18 May Associate Pune
22 18 May Associate Pune
23 18 May Assistant Manager Pune
24 18 May Senior Associate Pune
25 18 May Associate Pune
26 13 May Qualified Chartered Accountants Bengaluru/Bangalore
27 12 May Team Leader - Procurement - Pune Pune
28 12 May Associate General Accounting Delhi
29 12 May Content Writer General Accounting Pune
30 12 May Assistant Accounts Payable Bengaluru/Bangalore
31 12 May Associate Accounts Receivable Pune
32 12 May Lead Associate Accounts Payable Pune
33 12 May Lead Associate General Accounting Pune
34 12 May Executive General Accounting Delhi
35 12 May Lead Analyst Contract Management Pune
36 12 May Executive Human Resources (people) Pune
37 12 May Executive Indirect Taxation Mumbai
38 12 May Executive General Ledger Pune
39 12 May Executive Human Resources (people) Mumbai
40 12 May Executive Finance Controller Pune
41 12 May Associate General Ledger Pune
42 12 May Senior Executive General Accounting Pune
43 12 May Senior Executive Corporate Communication Mumbai
44 12 May Senior Associate New Accounts Receivable Delhi
45 12 May Senior Application Developer Business Solutions Pune
46 12 May Team Leader General Accounting Pune
47 12 May Team Leader General Ledger Pune
48 12 May Team Leader Accounts Receivable Pune
49 12 May Senior Manager Offshore Accounts Pune
50 12 May Team Leader Accounts Payable Pune

If you wish to apply for any other openings apart from the above, please mail us your CV at careers@skpgroup.com

Also, please do feel free to call us on +91 20 6645 4800 for any career related clarity or information.
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