1. Tailor it to the job requirement
  2. Follow the STAR technique in your product manager resume
  3. Highlight your technical skills
  4. Follow the Basics
  5. Skills to list in your product manager resume

Digitization has led to the change of user dynamics, audience preferences, etc over the past few years, and the pandemic has only pushed the game further.

Now, consumers are more reliant on online businesses and products that cater to their needs from the comfort of their homes. Thus making businesses to be on their tiptoes to keep up with their audience's requirements which leads to the demand for product managers.

The role of a product manager is to develop products that are a balance between business strategy, design knowledge, and customer demands.

If you are looking at a career in the product management field, your first step is to work on your resume. You should also go through the product manager roles and responsibilities to get a better understanding of the job role.

In this blog, we will take you through the tips for writing a product manager resume and what product manager skills should be listed on it.

Tailor it to the job requirement

Every job profile requires specific skill sets, making it important to thoroughly understand the job description.

A product manager job is no exception. Study the job description thoroughly and tailor the resume accordingly to grab the recruiter's attention.

Make a list of the skills the recruiter is looking for, and tally it with yours. This will help you to answer any questions about the absence of it.

Also, getting the right keywords in your product manager resume will help you get the recruiter’s attention.

Follow the STAR technique in your product manager resume

A resume is the first impression of yourself to the recruiter, making it extremely important to keep it compact and clean.

A resume cannot be more than 2 pages so it's best to highlight achievements that are focused on results and outcomes. This approach is called the STAR technique. You can even take the help of this technique in your job interview rounds.

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This technique will help you to deduct the unnecessary, and keep the statements short, simple, clean, and impactful. Result-driven statements are much more appreciated by recruiters as they showcase your skills and how they yielded results in your tasks.

Highlight your technical skills

Reading the job description posted by recruiters makes for a more crucial step than just getting relevant keywords. This exercise helps you to understand the skills required to go through daily work in a particular role.

Therefore if the job description requires their ideal candidate to have experience with particular frameworks like Scrum, Agile, etc then make sure to highlight them in your product manager resume.

Follow the Basics

Apart from these, do not forget to follow the basics of drafting a resume. Let's recap the rules to create a perfect product manager resume.

  • Make your resume concise. Recruiters scan through dozens of applications in a day and to make the cut you need a concise resume with all the key elements.

  • Avoid fancy languages or layouts. A resume is not a place to show off your literary or artistic flair, instead, a straightforward and simple document is your best bet in getting the recruiter's attention.

Tip: Always start with action verbs in your product manager resume to make an impact.

  • Choose a format and stick to it. A resume can be written in a functional, combination, or chronological order. Recruiters mostly prefer the functional/ combination formats of resumes as they highlight work experience and skills that are of concern to them.

  • Organize your resume well so that it can be read easily. Make clear sections for each segment as it helps the reader to scan the document easily.

  • Proofread, proofread and proofread to send forth a spotless and error-free product manager resume. Get a fresh pair of eyes to look at it in case you missed something.

Tip: Sit down to proofread the document keeping a gap of at least 3 hours or the next day because sitting with a fresh mind allows you to note errors easily.

Skills to list in your product manager resume

The skills section of your product manager resume requires a good balance between technical and soft skills. In this section, you will find out about the areas to emphasize while listing your product manager skills.

  • People's skills: Product manager roles and responsibilities require a lot of cross-team collaborations. This requires strong communication skills to be able to get your point through to the other teams in the simplest manner possible.

  • Strategizing: A product manager’s responsibilities include the entire process of product conceptualization to its marketing. This requires you to research and go through data to come up with a strategy to move from one step to another, thus making it an important product manager skill to highlight in your resume.

  • Analytics: Product manager responsibilities also include analyzing data to arrive at the right decision. Along with strategic thinking, a product manager also needs to have analytical thinking to go through data and come up with solutions to create the perfect product.

  • User Experience: Another product manager skill that needs to be highlighted in your resume is user experience. When creating products, the customer is the King and you need to be aware of their needs and requirements when curating a product.

  • Organizational skill: Product manager roles and responsibilities require a lot of multi-tasking and prioritization. Hence you can highlight your organizational skills as an important product manager skill to showcase how you managed to maintain deadlines, allocate resources, and deliver on time.

  • Leadership: As a product manager, you will need to take charge by motivating your team, making tough calls, and communicating your vision clearly to everyone. So, highlight leadership as a product manager skills along with real-life experiences that lead to success

In conclusion, product manager roles and responsibilities are extremely crucial in creating products that balance the requirements of the business and customers.

You can now try Naukri’s Resume builder to curate a perfect product manager resume in case you feel overwhelmed trying to design one for yourself.

All the best!

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