Sales & marketing is one of the most in-demand careers even in these troubled times.

However, while the jobs in sales & marketing are on the rise, the resume scrutiny process has also become more advanced.

Therefore, it’s paramount to understand which skills to put on a resume & which ones to exclude.

In this blog, we shall discuss important sales skills & marketing skills in a resume that can make you stand apart from the rest.

What are Sales & Marketing Skills?

Sales & marketing skills can be defined as a specific skill set that can be applied to grow exponentially in the field of sales & marketing.

These skills can be of utmost importance if put wisely on the resume.

Most recruiters look for specific skills in the resume before shortlisting candidates.

Although sales jobs can include various job responsibilities that may require a wide range of skills, however, some skills are universal in nature.

Important Sales & Marketing Skills to Put On Resume

Here are some of the widely accepted sales & marketing skills in a resume.

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1. Creativity

An ideal sales & marketing resume should highlight shades of creativity. Most recruiters look for a candidate with a creative mind.

One of the most important traits which every sales & marketing professional should have is a creative mindset & quick thinking.

These traits help in reacting to situations quickly while dealing with clients.

It also helps marketing professionals to think out of the box while devising campaigns for brand growth.

Creativity is one aspect that tops every recruiter's list.

2. Communication

A well-spoken candidate is a well-desired candidate. One of the top sales skills in a resume hands down has to be good communication skills.

In the field of sales & marketing, communication helps in setting the tone while dealing with clients.

If we talk specifically about sales, if a potential buyer doesn’t understand you well in the first place, he/she won’t be confident in buying from you.

Similarly in marketing, till the time the tone of an idea isn’t set right, the whole campaign may fall prey to confusion or chaos.

Communication doesn’t necessarily mean just spoken language.

Communication skills in a resume can also be a strong command over written communication skills, interpersonal communication skills, presentation skills, or even listening skills.

All these skills in a resume have strong weightage while applying for a job.

3. Technical Skills

While the generic skills come in handy, every recruiter needs to have a clear idea about how technical a candidate is.

Good knowledge of salesforce software, CMS to track leads, maintain conversion data, or consumer database.

Similarly, expertise in marketing techniques & globally adapted practices & proficient knowledge of various marketing softwares is a must.

In modern-day businesses, its technology has taken the front seat.

Strong technical knowledge is the only key to success when it comes to the new age corporate sector.

While mentioning sales skills in your resume or marketing skills in your resume, make sure you give an idea about your proficiency in widely used related softwares.

4. Numbers Driven

What have you achieved professionally surely would be on your resume, however, how you put it there makes a difference.

A one-liner that mentions numbers for your achievement will highlight your resume much more.

If you have to highlight a successful digital campaign which you led in your previous job, rather than writing, “Have successfully led a digital campaign for X client”, you can mention “Successfully led a digital campaign for X client which generated over 1 million impressions online”

5. Teamwork

While you think about all the skills to be put in a resume, don’t miss out on one of the commonly mentioned skillsets i.e. teamwork.

Marketing skills in a resume usually highlights the teamwork ability of a candidate.

Make sure you don’t miss that! In your interview, make sure you highlight your teamwork ability.

Also, mention various instances wherein you demonstrated exceptional teamwork ability in your previous organization.

This helps a recruiter realistically value your association with the company.

6. Pro-Active Approach

Sales skills in a resume should always highlight a proactive mindset of a candidate.

Every sales professional should be the one who initiates than waiting for others to take charge.

Sales is such a field, that no matter how good you may be with your product knowledge or pitch, if you don’t convince the client about the need to buy that product, half the battle is lost.

Recruiters expect candidates to take end to end responsibility for their work & complete tasks with minimal surveillance.

This saves time & energy for an employer.

7. Self-Motivated

Every resume showcases a lot of skills that may or may not impress a recruiter, however, some skills in a resume have proved to be quite apt.

Most recruiters look for motivated candidates while hiring for sales & marketing professionals.

Highlighting self-motivation as a top skill to put in a resume showcases your zeal to grow & mostly catches an eye of a recruiter.

The resume shortlisting process has become much more stringent these days.

However, putting skills on a resume wisely brightens your chances of getting shortlisted exponentially.

Best of luck!

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