1. Get the format right
  2. Work on the experience section
  3. Highlight your educational qualifications
  4. Customize your skills based on job requirements
  5. Add a separate section to highlight your best projects
  6. Customize the introduction paragraph
  7. Software engineer resume sample

With the rising importance of software engineers in the country, there are equally increasing opportunities for those with the perfect skill set and a resume created to impress.

A software engineer resume needs to be well articulated and well presented that can help the recruiters distinguish yours from the lot.

In this blog, we will take you through the tips along with software engineer resume samples to help you create the perfect software engineer resume.

Get the format right

First thing first, you need to fix the format right when drafting your software engineer resume to draw the recruiter’s attention to your profile.

The recruiters have several applications piled up and a well-formatted resume grabs their attention the most as information is easily readable.

To do so, divide the document into the following sections,

  • Header (Name, address, email Id, and contact information)
  • Profile summary/ Career objective
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education
  • An additional section (List your best project/ Certification courses)

Next, you need to sort out the format in which you want to list the information in each section. Here is a format you can try when drafting your software engineer resume,

  • Avoid fancy styles and opt for simpler and professional fonts (Arial, Times New Roman, etc)
  • Add separate font sizes for the sections (12 points) and the content under each section (1o/11 points)
  • Maintain a readable gap in between the lines
  • Make sure your software engineer resume content is properly aligned throughout the document

Work on the experience section

The most important segment in your software engineer resume is your work experience. This is your make-or-break scenario at getting the job interview call.

So here are a few factors to remember while listing your work experience section in your software engineer resume.

  • List your work experience in the reverse chronological format where the most recent experience goes first
  • List the job titles, company name, and the time span you worked there
  • Use the STAR method to list your work experience
  • Make sure to list your work experience using similar keywords
  • Highlight only what is important in each company using Action verbs

Highlight your educational qualifications

Your software engineer resume cannot be more than 2 pages.

So, while listing down your educational qualification consider the following points.

  • If you have work experience of 2 or more years of experience then stick to adding only the basics ( Name of degrees, Institution name, and year you passed)
  • If you are a fresher/ still studying then add a little more details about the coursework, extracurricular activities, or any other academic achievements
  • You can also add your CGPA to your education listings

Customize your skills based on job requirements

Go through the job description thoroughly. This is an extremely crucial factor to follow when drafting your software engineer resume as it gives you an understanding of the skills and qualities that the recruiter is looking for in their ideal candidate.

Here are a few tips to help you perfect your software engineer resume and make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Once you are doing taking notes of the required skills, scan through your education qualifications and work experience and list the skills shown there
  • Next list down the software engineer skills you have and tally them with the job requirements and highlight 5-10 of the skills
  • Be very thorough with the work experience section and make sure it justifies your skills in the best manner possible
  • Keep a balance between your hard skills and soft skills to ensure that you can address their need perfectly well

Add a separate section to highlight your best projects

Adding an extra section of your best projects can help to justify the skills stated in your software engineer resume.

You can also cite online certifications to show you are aware of the skills required and are willing to work towards acquiring knowledge for the same.

In case you are a fresher, you can add a co-curricular activities section that is in line with the required skills.

Customize the introduction paragraph

Your software engineer resume remains incomplete without a resume/career objective. A resume/ career objective acts as an introduction to the objective of sending across your objective.

The introduction is the first thing that a recruiter will scan through and take a call whether to move on to the next software engineer resume or not. So, it is extremely crucial to get the resume objective on point and impress the recruiter.

A tip to remember while working on your resume/career objective is to work on it at the end after you have completed the rest of your software engineer resume. This will help you to get clarity about what to write and what to omit.

Software engineer resume sample

Now that we have covered the factors to consider while drafting a software engineer resume, here are a few software engineer resume samples to help you feel inspired.

Anshika Singh,
Software Engineer,

Profile summary
An extremely driven software engineer with experience of 3+ years in creating solutions to help businesses work smoothly. I am a quick learner and have an excellent social skill that helps me to work in a cross-functional team in a deadline-driven timeframe. My strength lies in Java and .Net.

Work Experience
1. Software Engineer at CYS Organization (Dec 2019-June 2021)


  1. Developed microservices and Web services using XML, SOAP
  2. Worked with Product teams to come up with clearly defined feature sets to provide smooth well-scoped user stories

2. Software Engineer Intern at ABC Bank (Jan 2017- Nov 2019)


  1. Confirmed that the software quality met with that of the client
  2. Worked on the maintenance of existing programs
  3. Worked with the product team to come up with better products


  1. Maintained the maximum uninterrupted flow of business operations
  2. Reduced downtime by 30% and upped warranty by 45%


  1. Java+
  2. .Net
  3. Python
  4. Adaptable
  5. Team player
  6. Excellent communication skills


  1. Master of Computer Science from ADF University (2012-2014)
  2. Bachelors of Computer Science from SDH College (2009-2012)

To sum it up when writing your Software engineer resume always make sure that you have the format right, your achievements highlight your skills, and proofread!

Tip to remember, always proofread the document the next day after you complete drafting it.

Hope you find the software engineer resume sample inspiring!

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