1. Java
  2. React.js
  3. Angular
  4. Javascript
  5. Spring
  6. Python
  7. Node JavaScript (Node.js)
  8. SQL
  9. AWS
  10. .Net

It is true when they say change is the only constant. Over time we have seen many job roles losing their significance, causing either job loss or finding an alternative.

But, one industry has managed to stay strong and become an integral part of our lives. With digitization gaining rapid prominence, the IT industry has continued to bloom. From backend to front end, IT plays a very important role.

Keeping the demand for IT skills in mind, we jotted down the 10 most in-demand IT skills that were, and will continue to rule the job market.

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So, if you are an IT professional or a fresher looking to start a career in IT, this blog is just for you.

Let’s begin!


Ever since its inception in 1995, Java continues to rule the market as one of the most in-demand programming languages.

Popularly used to write Android apps, Java is also used for Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, etc.

Being the most in-demand programming language, Java developers require not only a varied skill set but also a thorough understanding of the subject and beyond.

This naturally means, they need to know the workings of the development process and also to navigate the environments of the codes.

Here are some most in-demand skills of Java;

  • AI & Machine learning
  • Blockchain
  • Python
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Big Data
  • Mobile technologies


Currently, React is the ultimate JavaScript library used for front-end development. Its high responses and excellent performance in web applications and browsers makes it a favorite of front end developers.

Not only that, its declarative view not only makes your code predictable but also easy to debug. React.js is an open-source language that is the base for creating mobile apps. These talented React.js developers are required to be involved in all stages of creating the product, from conception to final testing.

A survey conducted by Statistica recorded 35.9 respondents across the globe preferred React.js as their preferred web framework.


An open-source front-end framework, Angular was developed by Google to create dynamic and modern web applications.

Graycell Technologies stated that as per a 2019 stack overflow survey, almost 30.7% of the developers were using Angular/Angular.js to build websites.

The rising popularity of Angular website development has led to the growth of Angular web developers.


A scripting language, JavaScript helps in the implementation of complex features on web pages such as scrolling of videos, interactive maps, animated 2D/3D graphics, etc.

JavaScript is used for web development, web applications, server applications, presentations, smartwatch applications, etc., thereby making it one of the most in-demand programming languages and job roles.


A Java platform's inversion of the control container, Spring framework is an application framework.

It addresses many problems in Java EE, provides support for managing business objects, and exposes the services to the presentation tier component.

Spring encourages good programming practice like using interfaces instead of classes. Thereby leading to the increase in Spring Java jobs.


Another one of the most in-demand programming skills is Python. Python is a coding language used for general purposes like programming and software development other than web development.

It is one of the most popular programming languages used by Data scientists, AI and Machine learning because of its simplicity and flexibility. Also, it is a favorite in schools and colleges and extremely efficient.

According to a survey conducted by Statista, 35% out of 1,057 respondents chose Python as their most preferred software development technologies to learn.

The statistics are proven to be correct with the growing number of Python jobs available in the market currently.

Node JavaScript (Node.js)

Another popular in-demand skill is Node Javascript, aka Node.js. It is an open-server environment running on several platforms like Windows, Unix, and Linux to aid in the execution of JavaScript.

A Node.js is majorly used for creating data-intensive real-time IoT applications and devices.

According to Statista, based on their early 2020 research they found Node.js to be the most desirable by at least 18.1% of the respondents.


Structured Query Language (SQL) is a language used to communicate with a database.

SQL is considered to be the standard language used for relational database management systems. The language is used to update and retrieve data from a database.

Data has become an integral part for every organization to expand their businesses. With companies becoming more and more data obsessed, SQL jobs will continue to rise with time.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform whose major focus is to aid in the growth of a business.

Hence to fulfill their purpose, AWS offers to compute power, database storage, content delivery, etc. to help in the scaling of businesses.

To put it simply, AWS helps to run web and server apps in the cloud to host dynamic websites, secure storage of files making it easily accessible, send bulk emails, etc. Thereby making it an important job role across companies.


Created by Microsoft, the .Net Framework(.Net) is a software framework running primarily on Windows.

It consists of Framework Class Library(FCL) and Common Language Runtime(CLR).

The .Net programs are written for a software environment and also provides language interoperability across various programming languages.

It is majorly used to create software architecture, gaming, applications etc, therefore making .Net jobs all the more important.

Demand for skills tends to change as per market requirements, making it extremely important to keep upskilling oneself.

This not only helps you to stay on top of your game but opens up greater avenues to venture within your field.

All the Best!

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