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We have immense internet domain knowledge and expertise. Considering that internet has great potential, and will be one of the key drivers of growth of the Indian industry, Info Edge is the right place to be in.


We take great pride in our non-hierarchical organisation structure that thrives on exchange of ideas, individual initiatives and work hard to maintain the entrepreneurial drive that has fired the company since its inception.


We like it that way since the best and the most innovative ideas don’t necessarily come to the most experienced. We offer the most contemporary and non traditional roles and are interested in results as opposed to micromanagement. The average age of employees is around 26 years


and that's why we offer careers to our employees, and not jobs alone. That explains why we have a good track record of having on board engaged and motivated colleagues.

People Speak

Akshat Info Edge is an organization which actually believes that "Employees are Our Greatest Strength"; what adds to the excitement is that Info Edge is clearly the market leader that has set industry benchmarks in new product innovation.

Nitin Info Edge is a platform to share your ideas, and believe me they are heard at the highest level. This is a place where risk taking capability is nurtured. No matter how many times you falter ,there is always someone to encourage you and hold you.

Vikas I joined Info Edge four years back. It has been tremendous growth both professionally and personally. Each day is a new challenge. To counter the bottlenecks that we face, we build application architecture.

Pallavi Six years at Info Edge! You never thought of switching to another company?" People surprise me by asking this question. My simple answer is, "Can you leave your family that has nourished you with love...that has taught you to walk with certainty even in the uncertain markets...that has given you emotional protection and financial strength...I am sure I don't need to." At Info Edge right from the day I joined, I have been enjoying every bit of my life.

Princy I have started my career with info edge as a fresher and have moved ahead since then to lead a team. Environment here is so conducive that it gives you immense opportunities to learn, innovate and explore new ways for business improvement. Info Edge is a place where you meet talented and passionate people willing to go extra mile for work.

Prakash There are three things about Info Edge that makes me come to work every morning with the same energy and excitement as my first day at work. One…the Internet industry itself which to my mind is the most dynamic, exciting and challenging industry to be in. Two, the culture at Info Edge, which is open, transparent, informal and non-hierarchical, yet professional and meritocratic. And three, the entrepreneurial spirit of the place.

Afshan One of the best things about this organization is the exuberance and energy exuded by the young workforce. It keeps the work environment fun filled and cheerful. Info Edge is a place where the efforts put into work are well appreciated and recognized. The opportunities and responsibilities given to each one of us not only help us to grow in our career but immensely help in shaping our personalities too.