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Codeयुद्ध: Clash of Coders | IIIT Bhagalpur

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Coding Event details

Codeयुद्ध: Clash of Coders


Welcome to Codeयुद्ध, where the battle of wit and logic unfolds in the realm of coding! This contest is designed to push the boundaries of your coding prowess and analytical thinking. Are you ready to embark on this exhilarating journey?


Phase 1: The Preliminary Round

Date: April 6th

Time: 08:00 - 09:30 (UTC)

Platform: Coding Ninja


In the first phase, participants will engage in a fierce coding challenge on the Coding Ninjas platform, where speed and accuracy are paramount. From 06:00 to 07:30 (UTC) on April 6th, contenders will tackle a series of intriguing problems designed to test their coding skills under pressure. Only the top 16 participants from this phase will proceed to the next round.


Phase 2: The Elimination Round

Date: 7th April (Based on Phase 1 results)

Venue: IIIT Bhagalpur (Exclusive for IIIT Bhagalpur students)


The second phase of Codeयुद्ध introduces a thrilling head-to-head battle format. Here, each individual will face off against another in a series of coding duels. With every round, one contestant will emerge victorious while the other is eliminated. The tension mounts as the competition narrows down, leading to an electrifying finale.



Top 4 contestants will be rewarded with exciting goodies as a testament to their coding prowess and determination.


Do you have what it takes to rise above the rest and emerge victorious in Codeयुद्ध? Join us as we witness the clash of coders in this epic contest!

Sample problem for you
  • You can submit solutions as many times as you'd like, there are no penalties for incorrect submissions. Only your best correct submission will be considered.
  • Those who achieve the score first will be placed higher in the ranklist in case of a tie.
  • Discussing Coding Ninjas Studio contest problems or any aspect of the problem, on any other platform on the web, on identification, could lead to disabling of respective account and banning from the community.
  • Please do not discuss strategy, suggestions, or tips in the comments during a live contest. Posting questions clarifying the problem statement is ok. If you are unsure, feel free email us at
  • The problems will be partially graded. You will get score for passing certain test cases.
  • Facing any kind of issues, email us at
For any issues and inquiries mail us at
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