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Scholarship Test 1st to 11th June'24

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Scholarship details
Rules & FAQs
Scholarship details

Hey you, aspiring coder! Want to make your coding dreams a reality without breaking the bank? Well, have no fear, because Coding Ninjas is here! We're offering a Scholarship Test where you can win up to 100% scholarship on all our courses! And don't worry, everyone gets a minimum of 10% scholarship, so you're already a winner just by registering!


The test is only 30 mins long, and if you score in the top 60%, you'll get a whopping 25% scholarship! But wait, it gets even better - if you manage to secure a place in the top 3, you'll receive a 100% scholarship on all our courses! And even if you don't make it to the top 3, you can still snag some exciting scholarship options.


So why wait? Register now and take your first step towards coding greatness! Plus, once you complete our courses, you'll get an industry-recognized training certificate to show off to all your friends. We take it seriously and want to make sure everyone has an equal shot at success. So let's do this!

Sample problem for you



Top 3 users 100% Scholarship
Percentile above 60% users 25% Scholarship
Percentile between 40-60% users 20% Scholarship
Percentile between 10 to 40% users  15% Scholarship
Bottom 10% users 10% Scholarship



  • You can submit solutions as many times as you'd like, there are no penalties for incorrect submissions. Only your best correct submission will be considered.
  • Those who achieve the score first will be placed higher in the ranklist in case of a tie.
  • Discussing Coding Ninjas Studio contest problems or any aspect of the problem, on any other platform on the web, on identification, could lead to disabling of respective account and banning from the community.
  • Please do not discuss strategy, suggestions, or tips in the comments during a live contest. Posting questions clarifying the problem statement is ok. If you are unsure, feel free email us at
  • The problems will not be partially graded. You will not get score for passing certain test cases.
  • Facing any kind of issues, email us at
For any issues and inquiries mail us at


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What kind of questions can i expect in scholarship test?

Can I leave the test in between and continue later?

What if i encounter technical issues during the test?

What is the meaning of reward points?

Can we participate in contests from mobile?

How much is the Registration Fee for Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test?

If I don’t qualify for the exam, I won’t get any scholarship?

Will I have to wait for the scholarship amount to be credited to my wallet before purchasing the course?