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The Best JavaScript Certification Courses And Certification Exams
Frequently Asked Questions
Is there any certification for JavaScript?
How can I get free JavaScript certification?
Is JavaScript still in demand?
Can I learn JavaScript in two months?
Is JavaScript harder than Python?
What interview questions are asked in JavaScript interviews?
Is JavaScript enough to get a job?
Why should I learn JavaScript?
What job roles can you handle with JavaScript?
What else is required to become a web developer?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

10 Best JavaScript Certifications

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Best JavaScript Certifications


JavaScript is a highly valuable language for web developers. JavaScript complements website or web application development and provides great software-building abilities as well. JavaScript alongside languages such as HTML and CSS allows users to build interactive and dynamic websites that cannot be built only using the frontend languages.

It is both a frontend and backend language, thus allowing users much more control on the server-end while working on the client-end. The importance of this language has only grown in recent years, with more websites being developed now than ever and more businesses looking to take things online.

This is a great time to earn a certification for yourself to tackle private projects or join roles that require JavaScript. 

JavaScript certifications lead to better job opportunities and make candidates look more alluring to future employers. Certifications fundamentally validate the candidate’s abilities to effectively use JavaScript and the many libraries or frameworks that are associated with it.

Certifications are a great way of declaring competency in Javascript objects, data types, functions and other essential components of this language to interviewers and companies. Some certifications require fundamental knowledge of HTML and CSS while some start at the beginning.

Meanwhile, some certification courses are full-stack in nature and cover everything from the beginning to advanced JavaScript implementations or cloud deployment.

The Best JavaScript Certification Courses And Certification Exams

It’s a great idea to enrol into foundational courses such as JavaScript Projects for JavaScript Beginners or JavaScript Beginners Guide to Coding if you do not feel confident enough to sit for the certifications yet. However, a lot of certifications in the below list are certification courses and involve sets of modules, projects and courses to prepare you before the certification examination.

If one has enough experience and knowledge in JavaScript, he or she can simply sit for the examinations or apply for advanced certifications. Here is a list of certifications and certification courses for both beginners and advanced users of JavaScript. Every certification has different features and tends to cater to individual requirements such as budget, duration and expertise levels.

Full Stack JavaScript Developer

The certification contains 10 projects, which must be successfully completed. The certification involves concepts such as Numbers, Loops, expressions, Functions and object-oriented JS that can prove invaluable in building dynamic websites.

The course also covers fundamentals of HTML, CSS and DOM that are invaluable for JavaScript. This certification also involves projects based on REST API and React. 

Pricing: ₹1,650/month
Level: Beginner
Duration: 3 – 9 months
Platform: Treehouse

w3schools JavaScript Certificate

This certification is recognised worldwide and is highly acclaimed. The completion of this certification validates the candidate’s ability to develop highly dynamic websites and manipulate DOM or HTML with ease. The courses that go along with it allow candidates to get a deeper understanding of the behaviour of web pages and also improve primary JavaScript skills at the same time.

Pricing: $95 or about ₹7000
Level: HTML and CSS knowledge recommended
Duration: 30 hours
Platform: w3schools

Exam 98-382: Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript

This is a Microsoft JavaScript certification and covers all the main concepts of JavaScript, HTML and DOM. Microsoft checks the ability to write and recognise syntactically correct JavaScript code and use data types appropriately. Microsoft recommends some experience with writing, debugging and maintaining code while being aware of the multiple data types, features and abilities of JavaScript.

Pricing: ₹3696
Level: Intermediate with knowledge of DOM, HTML and JavaScript
Duration: 100 hours of practise/learning recommended plus examination duration
Platform: Microsoft

Deep JavaScript v3 Foundations

This course involves multiple aspects of JavaScript as well as complementary services that become the pillars of a web environment. The lectures revolve around primary algorithms, static typing, operators, abstract operations and other important concepts. The certification also consists of coercion, closure, JavaScript ES6 functions and object wrappers.

Pricing: $39/month or about ₹2900/month
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 10 hours
Platform: Frontend Masters

Certified Javascript Certification

This is an advanced JavaScript certification that is great for professional developers who wish to join the industry or work with massive companies. This is an advanced certification and covers all the topics related to graphics-based programming and object-oriented programming.

The certification verifies the candidate’s ability to use control structures, syntax, data types, operators and expressions. This JavaScript certification also covers DOM, AJAX, Browser object models and Web APIs.

Pricing: €75 or about ₹6600
Level: Advanced
Duration: 90 minutes
Platform: IJSI or International JavaScript Institute

JavaScript Core Language

This certification consists of 11 courses that must be completed in order to acquire the JavaScript certification. JavaScript Core Language starts with the fundamentals of JavaScript such as arrays, variables, functions or objects and then moves on to advanced concepts such as communication, browser integrations, utilising classes for code organisation and employing modules.

Pricing: ₹1,499/ month or ₹2,299/month (premium)
Level: Basic concept of HTML and CSS must be clear
Duration: 3 months
Platform: Pluralsight

CIW JavaScript Specialist

This certification is for future specialists that use JavaScript for all kinds of projects. Whether it is software development, web development or UI/UX development, this course and certification validate and ensure that you can tackle it all.

The courses cover fundamental concepts such as form validation, debugging, libraries, DOM, cookie creation, flow control, frameworks and JavaScript objects. This is a 360-degree certification that covers and examines every essential area of development using JavaScript. 

Pricing: $150 or about ₹11100
Level: Advanced
Duration: 70 minutes
Platform: CIW

Programming for the Web with JavaScript

This course focuses on web browser behaviour, jQuery, server-side development, DOM, API designs such as REST API, architectures, middleware and multiple frameworks. This course also covers multiple libraries and truly teaches how to make dynamic web applications. There is a paid version of this course to get the final Javascript certification, free till one decides to get the certificate.

Pricing: ₹11,110
Level: Beginner
Duration: 4 weeks
Platform: edX with University of Pennsylvania

Full Stack Web Developer

This is not just a certification but is a nanodegree that has been highly acclaimed as a full-stack web development certification. This nanodegree focuses mainly on web application development and database-centric APIs. The courses cover deployment, security, user authentication management and access control features.

This certification validates the user’s ability to go through cloud deployments and debugging through Docker and Kubernetes as well. The courses help students acquire core skills required for full-fledged web development using SQL-backed databases and APIs.

Pricing: ₹22,849/ month or ₹77,676
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 4 months
Platform: Udacity

You can compile with the help of Online Javascript Compiler for better understanding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any certification for JavaScript?

Yes, there are many certifications for JavaScript provided by popular institutes, companies and platforms. One can also choose between certification courses or just the certifications as well.

How can I get free JavaScript certification?

Only edX provides free access to the JavaScript modules, however, in order to get the certificate, one must pay the fees. Most reputed JavaScript certifications are not free but some are quite affordable and have flexible payment plans.

Is JavaScript still in demand?

Yes, JavaScript is highly in demand. The value of JavaScript will only increase as we are growing more dependent on websites and we are spending more time on the internet. JavaScript is one of the best solutions to building websites other than the fundamental HTML and CSS.

Can I learn JavaScript in two months?

Yes, if one spends enough time every day, one can easily learn the fundamental concepts of JavaScript in two months. However, one needs time to apply the skills in real projects and practice building real web applications or web pages in order to get the required experience.

Is JavaScript harder than Python?

No, it is as easy as Python. Because it is harder than JavaScript in some aspects while JavaScript is more complex in terms of its syntax, objects, and data types.

What interview questions are asked in JavaScript interviews?

You can check out this blog to learn about the different questions asked in a JavaScript interview.

Is JavaScript enough to get a job?

Yes, being skilled in JavaScript alongside fundamental knowledge of HTML and CSS is enough to land great jobs. However, full-stack knowledge or database and API integration knowledge increase the chances to find jobs and projects drastically.

Why should I learn JavaScript?

JavaScript allows you to develop websites and even helps in software or application development. It is one of the fundamental languages that work in frontend and backend both, thus increasing its value and utility. JavaScript is definitely one of the best scripting languages out there for web development.

What job roles can you handle with JavaScript?

One can do well in website developer, application developer, debugger, tester and software engineer roles once he or she is well acquainted with JavaScript.

What else is required to become a web developer?

Other than JavaScript, CSS, HTML and DOM are all required in order to become a complete web developer. Database knowledge comes in handy as well as libraries and frameworks such as React and Angular.

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The kind of certification or course one should go with is totally dependent on the individual requirement. While advanced users should just sit for the examination, beginners are advised to enroll in courses that lead to certifications.

However, certain certifications such as the one from Microsoft are accepted and acclaimed all across the world. One can also go for other specialized certifications such as the Salesforce JavaScript Certification or the JavaScript Certification Oracle.

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