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Online Survey System
E-Healthcare Management System
Virtual Private Network
Mobile Quiz using Android
Character Recognition(OCR)
Prisoner Face Detecting System
Online House Renting System
School Management System
Airline Reservation System
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

11 Best Java Projects for Beginners

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When you’re new to technology, chances are you won’t comprehend it entirely, or worse; you are not intrigued by it. We believe that the best way to arouse a learner’s curiosity is by implementing a pragmatic perspective as theoretical knowledge alone won’t be of help in a real-time work environment. If you know your basics and want to put the knowledge you’ve learned to the test, this is the article for you. We will be exploring some exciting Java projects from which beginners can get hands-on experience and never forget what they’ve learned.

People’s opinions matter. With this project, you can leverage data and analyze it for business insight.

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Online Survey System

One of the best ways to start experimenting and putting your knowledge in a hands-on project is by working on an Online Survey System. The project aims to build a platform that can collect the opinions of the target audience via the internet. This is especially useful for market-research companies that perform analytics on the data collected. So, if you feel like this seems like a simple project, remember that it has a significant scope.
In this application, only authenticated users can express their opinion on a particular issue or topic. Once the users submit their views, the app will collect this using a checkbox. It will then automatically evaluate the opinions and display the result at the end of the survey. Since the study is conducted online, it eliminates several hours of manual labor, along with a significant reduction in survey costs.

Have you wondered how a hospital is managed? Get an understanding of it through this project.

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E-Healthcare Management System

Are you someone interested in the medical industry? If so, this e-Healthcare management system developed using Java might be the one for you. This particular e-Healthcare management system is a web-based project that maintains effectively manages all hospital data. What more? You’ll also be working on data mining techniques as it lies at the core of this project. It’s a win-win situation!
You’ll have to develop two modules in this project, one for the administration and another for the client. While the administration module is concerned with Medicare Management, the client module is for patients. Through these features, the e-Healthcare management system will help overcome the drawbacks and challenges of the existing healthcare management system. It will allow the smooth management of hospital staff and quicken the process of delivery of healthcare services.

Aspiring to be a hacker? Let’s start with this simple project

Virtual Private Network

This one’s for all the network fans out there. This project is a virtual private network (VPN) that extends a private network across a public domain. In case, you’re not someone extremely fond of networks, we’ll break it down for you. Every time you go on the internet, you use a unique IP address that is used to identify your system. With your IP address, you’re always recognizable and traceable online unless you use a VPN.
Sounds interesting, right? To create a VPN, you need to set up a point-to-point virtual connection. This may be via traffic encryption, point-to-point dedicated links, or virtual tunneling protocols.

You frame the question; you mark the points, you decide the gift

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Mobile Quiz using Android

If you’re a Computer Science student, chances are you must’ve come across this application in your curriculum. It is a simple, attention-grabbing, and fun application to build. You come up with the questions in any domain, make it interactive by adding in points features which they can claim rewards for within the application. This makes the user want to learn and explore that particular domain while also engaging them. It is utilized in a few contraptions like cell phones, tablets, and even on TV that run on Android. All you need is an Android studio, a little knowledge of its interface, and some Java programming experience and creativity.

The world is digitizing day by day, and you can be a part of it through this project Optical


Character Recognition(OCR)

We live in a digital world where almost all the records we maintain are digital. This large volume of digital information must be processed in the right way to be read and interpreted by machines. This can be done with advancements in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Yes, you heard it right, you’ll be working with one of these technologies along with Java.
Optical Character Recognition allows you to read data from pictures, PDF, or screenshot and digitize it. Through this application, you will be able to extract alphabets, digits, and symbols from the image that is provided as input. We recommend using printed data as it is easier to implement, but that doesn’t mean you cannot use handwritten notes. The same system can be built for handwritten notes as well.

With this project, you might be employed in law enforcement one day!

Prisoner Face Detecting System

This software application allows you to identify criminal faces based on images of the eyes, lips, nose, and hair of a suspect. Back in the days, it was inconvenient for an eye-witness to point out to a criminal from the low-quality pictures available. Prisoner face detecting system is accurate and cost-effective, making it ideal to be used in the police department.
Through this project, you’ll be able to build the front-end utilized to visualize the output and the back-end is used to store data. Let’s understand how it works step by step. Initially, images and details of suspects are stored in a database. When each region of interest is shown to the witness and if the witness can identify any part of the suspect, we can recover that person’s entire criminal record. With this system, police will provide better options to witnesses to judge criminals, and you will be the one who made it possible.

The future of learning is changing. It’s time you up to your skills with this project

E-Learning Application

As of recent days, we see an expansion in E-learning and the reason for this is that typically, it requires 40-60% less workforce time than learning in a traditional classroom setting. This particular application is developed using the Java programming language and has three modules: admin module, teachers module, and students module. Students can log in to their accounts and select the course that they’re looking for. Among the many courses available, students can view sample classes about the course and choose a
course of their choice. In the teacher’s module, teachers can submit their details to the administrator panel with sample classes for the selection process. The last and final module, the admin module will look after transactions and the quality of the site.

A straightforward solution to house hunting

Online House Renting System

Gone are the days when tenants had to wander the streets to find the appropriate house for them with this online house renting system. This portal is a web-based java project where house owners, clients, customers can interact and interchange their information. Through this system, you will be building a user-friendly interface, satisfying the needs of the consumers. It also employs a new strategy that facilitates easy management of rental houses. Customer, owner, and admin are the three modules available in this project. The owner will upload all the details of the house, including the number of rooms, locality, rent. Admin manages all the users of the system. The customer is the one who is looking for a rental house. He can search the house according to the requirements and get the results accordingly.

Take a little trip to the past with this nostalgic project.

School Management System

A school management system is another beginner-level project idea that will help you implement your skills in Java. This project is developed for schools to store and manage all data and records related to school. The system also provides the facility to calculate and manage the attendance of students. There are four types of users in this system: admin, student, teacher, and staff members. Admin handles the whole system and has the right to access the data of other users. Teachers can keep track of attendance and enter the marks and grades obtained by the student in exams. Students can view their details, including attendance and performance. Each user of the system has to log in with a valid username and password to access the system.

Booking tickets has never been so easy!

Airline Reservation System

No list is ever complete without a reservation system. Reservation systems are usually hassle-free to build but manages to let you experience the robust fundamentals of Java. The Airline Reservation System you will be building is a comprehensive passenger processing system that includes fares, booking tickets, and online transactions. This application will provide security at different tiers.
Some of the many other features available are reservation or cancellation of airline tickets, automation of airline system functions, passenger record maintenance. You can keep it as simple as you can or take it up a notch and add multi-lingual facilities, cloud hosting, various payment options.


These are a few projects that you could try out! In this article, we have covered top Java projects. Start with the projects that best fit your present knowledge, skill set, and difficulty level. Start with the necessary level and gradually move on to more advanced-level projects as your skill and expertise level matures. Only by working with tools and practice can you understand how infrastructures work in reality. Now go ahead and put to the test all the knowledge that you’ve gathered through our Java projects guide to building your very own java projects!

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