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Table of contents
#1. The potential that smart homes and workplaces hold
#2. Moving on to smarter cities
#3. Something for the cybersecurity enthusiasts
#4. Cars of the future
#5. The culmination
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

5 Best Things About IoT for every Developer

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Ashwin Goyal
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Figure this- you wake up one morning, get dressed to go to work, grab the keys of your driverless car, and pull up to the nearest coffee shop to grab your morning latte. You don’t need to get out of the car or reach for your wallet to make payments since it is all integrated in the in-car console linked to the shop using the internet of things. Seems futuristic, doesn’t it? Well, this is just the beginning!

Internet of things (IoT), is one revolutionary piece of tech that has the power to drive innovation and creativity with technology, all in one place. Enough about the future, even if we consider the statistics of the present day, there are already 26 billion devices connected via IoT already! The phenomenon is in full force and is only expected to get stronger and more reliable as time passes.

This acts as a perfect segue into our discussion for today, helping budding developers like you make the most of an up and coming tech. We will certainly be seeing a lot of activity once techies figure out how to make the most of it. What’s to say it hasn’t started already! To help you get up to speed, here are the 5 things about the future of IoT that every budding developer should know. 

#1. The potential that smart homes and workplaces hold

The smart home, as seen in sci fi movies, isn’t a reality as of now, but we’re pretty close. The latest advancements in data analytics and AI have led us to fridges that text you when you leave the door open. Imagine the amount of code and effort that went into programming a seemingly simple concept as this!

The future home will surely be smarter than what we see today. Developers therefore must look to be the first ones to jump on the bandwagon, and build smarter, more connected homes.

#2. Moving on to smarter cities

Another perfect segue into our next segment- smarter cities. To give you an outline of the intense potential that IoT holds in improving our lives, here’s some stats-

66% cities in the US are already investing towards becoming smarter.

37 million US dollars are being saved by Barcelona every year due to smart lighting measures. 

The future certainly is “bright”, isn’t it?

With more and more cities looking to move to smarter tech, it opens up a whole host of opportunities for developers to demonstrate their mettle, while doing their cities a favour, too! What’s more is that the problem of traffic and heavy congestion can also be solved by implementing IoT- another opportunity. Chances are galore! 

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#3. Something for the cybersecurity enthusiasts

Ever since 2016, when the first IoT malware was encountered, those with malicious intent also recognized the potential that IoT might hold towards negative activity. Distributed denial of service, or DDoS attacks, are common feature today, and IoT devices are no stranger to that. 

This means the cybersecurity experts have a job cut out of them. DDoS attacks can succeed in shutting down entire servers and websites, scale that to a smart home or worse, a smart city,Cybersecurity and IoT must go hand in hand, in the coming future.

#4. Cars of the future

We’ve already seen too much speculation of driverless cars being thrown around. The truth is, these might be closer to reality than we think they are! As far as current capabilities go, connected devices are already on roads, epitomized by Morris Garages offering state of the art high tech features in their newest offering, the Hector.

Budding developers and auto enthusiasts are certainly tantalised by the prospect of driverless cars, so why not take it a step further and actually work on tech to make it possible! Here’s a statistical motivation for you- driverless cars are expected to reduce head on collisions on roads by a whopping 85%.

#5. The culmination

On its own, IoT is a pretty solid tech that can drive innovation. But true power can be realised when we pair it with concepts such as AI and big data. Therefore, it would be brave to say that focusing on IoT alone would be folly. For instance, the influence of AI can already be seen in the IoT sphere, with robots powering smart homes and workplaces. The potential for combination is endless.


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