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Table of contents
1. Coding: A New Language
2. Coding makes you creative
3. Coders are problem solvers
4. Easy Maths
5. Coding gives you an Overall Academic Growth
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

5 Reasons to start Coding Early

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In the digital world, coding has become almost a mandatory skill for everyone. But the term coding makes you a bit afraid, doesn’t it? At first, it might sound like strange numbers and characters typed on the screen. Then, there is the math. Everything combined makes it appear like the devil.

But that’s just a myth. Coding can be very easy to learn and it becomes even easier if you start early and learn it from a young age. It’s one of the #skillforlife that will serve you forever. Here are some of the reasons for how to start coding.

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1. Coding: A New Language

In India, most of us speak at least two languages. And if you think back, you might recall speaking and learning these languages from a nursery. Why is that? It’s simple — language opens up new channels in our brains and slowly builds up new patterns. Have you ever wondered how easily you can shift between your mother tongue and another language (say English) without faltering (Mini-tidbit: It’s called code-switching).

A programming language, as the name suggests, is a language. There are special characters like 0s and 1s and like every language, it has rules and directions too. So, open up the ‘coding language’ channels in your brain and start communicating with your computer in a special language.

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2. Coding makes you creative

If you thought that only artists and writers are creative, then you haven’t explored the world of coding yet. Creativity means the act of creation — the process of developing something. Coders are developing apps and your favourite video games, they are learning ways to prevent a mistake and they are always making updates to improve your experience on apps. Aren’t all of these a way of creativity? Coding is always involved in creating something new!

3. Coders are problem solvers

When you come across coding, you will make mistakes. There will be obstacles. But coding teaches you the great #skillforlife of finding a way out. There will always be some problem in your life. Problem-Free life is boring. Rather the best thing to have a life where you have the skills to tackle every problem thrown at you. That’s what coding teaches — turning failures into success — making lemonade out of the lemons life throws at you.

4. Easy Maths

Many teachers may have told you Maths is not as difficult as it seems. But that’s not how it looks ever. Well, the reason is Maths deals with abstract concepts and these are something the children fail to visualise. Coding gives you the ability to visualise abstract concepts and make maths more creative and fun. No more wrong answers, no more boring Math problems which make no sense.

5. Coding gives you an Overall Academic Growth

Well, after all the different advantages, coding will help you in your overall academic growth. With your problem-solving skills and creativity, now you can come up with new solutions to your problems. Definitely, a #skillforlife but also useful for academics. Then, there is a boost in mathematics. Another hidden thing that coding teaches us is to structure and organise our thought processes. Discipline your mind and nothing that you study can get away from it. Academic excellence is within your grasp.

On top of everything else, coding is intrinsic to one of the most lucrative fields out there — the STEM field. So, why not start early and make the most out of it? After all, it’s a #skillforlife that will help you out forever

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