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What is AWS?
Why is AWS Certification important? 
Features of AWS
Benefits of getting an AWS Certification
Bottom Line
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

8 Best reasons to get AWS Certified

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Amp-up your career with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification that holds essential merit in the times of technology. The certification boasts dynamic levels to cement your status as an expert and turn you into an expert over a period of time.

Before proceeding to understand the diverse layers of AWS Certification, let us accentuate on what it is and how can it be utilised to scale-up your career.

What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and is a platform that offers on-demand cloud computing facilities for personal, business and policymaking (government) projects via paid subscriptions.

AWS is a subsidiary of which allows you to utilise their web services to build scalable applications that enables promising features to your business like storage, development and management tools, analytics services, content delivery management system, computing, app services and much more.


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Why is AWS Certification important? 

The field of technology is observing a paradigm shift with a growing need. Essential technical certifications are imperative to validate specialised learning and skillset. There are a plethora of platforms offering a wide range of certifications from programmers, coders and IT professionals.

Complementing the routine, AWS certification offers accreditation to Cloud Practitioners, Developers, SysOps Administrator, Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, Solutions Architect, Big Data, Advanced Networking, Security, Alexa Skill Builder and Machine Learning.

These certifications are for beginners and advanced learners aiming to upskill and progress in their careers as the certification from AWS can be a compelling add-on to the resume and the salary.

Features of AWS

  • AWS is a one-stop platform that offers dynamic cloud computing solutions.
  • AWS is economical for professionals.
  • It is scalable as it has business offerings for startups, small and large businesses.
  • It is reliable is secured service provider as AWS currently has many data centres that are monitored and maintained regularly.

Benefits of getting an AWS Certification

  1. Cloud Computing: An exclusive feature on which companies and individuals are largely dependent. This technology is rapidly growing and is a default demand to secure computer system resources, data storage and computing power without direct active management by the user.
  2. Worth of AWS Certification: There are a huge number of platforms offering cloud computing certification to students, professionals and companies. However, AWS by Amazon is the only platform that is economical and largely recognised within the technological space.

    While other certification providers might be there, one has to pursue most of them only after quitting their job. But this is not the issue with Amazon AWS certification for both AWS developer and AWS solution architect certification you can pass the exam by continuing your current job and benefit of that is you will get promoted in your current company with the job role you want.

    There are primarily three important certifications which you need to pursue:

    * AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
    * AWS Developer Associate
    * AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

    These skills cannot be acquired in any online training because the classroom training is delivered by the industry expert trainers who are having plenty of experience in their field, they can demonstrate live examples for the same.
  3. AWS is the God of Cloud: According to Gartner report, AWS has observed 10 times growth in comparison to 14 other players in the cloud computing sector like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM SoftLayer, Rackspace and Joyent.

    Since AWS is expanding exponentially within the professional, start-up sectors, it can be a major game-changer in the cloud computing segment on which the majority of the industry depends. Therefore, becoming an AWS certified developer can be instrumental in boosting your CTC and overall portfolio.
  4. Acquiring Expertise with AWS: The certification by AWS will not only be insightful for your career but will be a bonus for your resume and your networking profile on LinkedIn. Having theoretical and practical exposure to AWS certification is influential and promising for your existing position.

    The basis to your interest, you can opt for other advanced certifications to turn you into a computing maverick.        
  5. The AWS Community: AWS Certification is not limited to accreditation but will enable you to join their AWS LinkedIn network where all the AWS certified achievers can vie and connect with the local and global community at large.

    To add more, certifiers will get ample of invites for conferences, seminars alongside study materials, practice exams, live coding technical demos, launch announcements to add more to your AWS projects and examinations.  

    When you will enter in AWS community Amazon will share “Amazon certified logo” and a digital badge to brand your expertise.
  6. Portfolio Visibility: Many multinational organisations are keen to hire AWS certified professionals. The certification validates the skillset and allows you to follow the best practices alongside tools and technologies to be implemented. Your certification strengthens your chances to get hired with a leading MNC.
  7. Subject Matter Expert after AWS Certification: Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a subject matter expert program and only AWS certified professionals are qualified to pursue this programme.

    SME’s are responsible for arranging workshops and being a crucial part of the exam development process to ensure maximum turnout and skill development.
  8. Become an AWS partner for Organisations: If an organization has a substantial number of AWS Certified staff members, the organization/company becomes eligible to partner with AWS for their future events and activities.

    The association provides access to a plethora of resources and training facilities for better and advanced solutions for their customers.

Bottom Line

AWS is the future of cloud technology and is one of the notable names in the cloud service provider domain with Azure and Google Cloud. Therefore, preparing for the upcoming trends in the cloud computing job market seems like a reasonable benefit if you have a firm association or certification.

The AWS certification ensures the involvement of professionals in a wider AWS community as the certification not only establishes the credential of the AWS professional but also gives chances to expand professional network. The certification also ensures continuous learning and professional development with the requirements for recertification.

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