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Accenture Innovation Challenge👨‍🏫
Eligibility Criteria🤓
Registration Details🔥
Stages and Timelines ⏰
Roles Offered👨‍💻
Preparation Strategy💥
Coding Resources
Aptitude Resources
Other Technical Resources
Interview Resources
Frequently Asked Questions
What Accenture Stands for?
What is Accenture Innovation Challenge?
What are the eligibility criteria to participate in this challenge?
What job roles are offered in Accenture Innovation Challenge?
How many rounds are three in Accenture Innovation Challenge?
What does Accenture in India do?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Accenture Innovation Challenge

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In this article, we will learn about the Accenture Innovation Challenge. We will cover the eligibility criteria, the deadlines, the preparation strategy, the skills you will require to master and ace this challenge, and many more things. We will look at each topic in detail further in this blog. Before we discuss this challenge, let us get a brief about the company.

Accenture Innovation Challenge

Accenture is an MNC(multinational company) with clients in more than 120 countries. If you are willing to join MNC soon after college, you are at the right place. This challenge is an excellent opportunity to get an internship at Accenture.  

Accenture Innovation Challenge👨‍🏫

Accenture's Innovation challenge is an initiative by Accenture to solve some real-world problems of non-profit organizations. As the name suggests innovation, you will be expected to think out of the box and create specific solutions that will be insightful and helpful in solving the issues. A blend of technology and the human mind creates new innovative plans that help serve and live a better world.

Accenture Innovation Challenge

If you are willing to learn, change and serve with new innovative ideas and the determination to create an impactful change with the help of technology, then this is the right place for you to do so.

Accenture gives you the platform and opportunity to present your ideas and change the world.

The themes are given to you in which you choose any one.

🔥Innovate for a Sustainable World: Develop new business strategies that help tackle some of the environmental challenges and help attain a sustainable world.

🔥Innovate for Society: With the help of technology, create new ideas that help improve the standards of work, the living culture, and the value for society.

🔥Innovate for Business: Create new business ideas and solutions with the help of technology that helps innovation in the market.

Above all three, you will be asked to choose one and solve one case statement related to real problems.

This year's Accenture Innovation challenge gives you a real-world problem as a case scenario. Students from different colleges solve this and present their solutions in the competition. The team with the best solution gets rewarded and the chance to get an internship at Accenture.

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Eligibility Criteria🤓

Below, we will discuss the eligibility criteria for applying for this challenge.

Eligibility Criteria

👉All engineering, non-engineering, and B-School students can apply for this Accenture Innovation Challenge.

👉 B.Tech, M.techMBA, undergraduate, and postgraduate students can apply.

👉The challenge is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled as full-time students. 

👉This is open to all students of colleges in India.

👉You can either participate as an individual or as a team of at most 3 people.

👉You cannot form an inter-college team, or the team member cannot be from one engineering background and others from non-engineering backgrounds.

👉One student can be a part of only one team.

👉You are expected to come up with new ideas and solutions. Something copied from somewhere else will strictly directly lead to the disqualification of that team. 

👉Online hackathon that can be taken place from anywhere you reside.


Registration Details🔥

Registration Details

Students register here.

✨Students can register as an individual or as a team of at most three people.

✨The whole team must be from the same background. All the members must be from the same college, the same year, and no interchange in the degree. Either all students from engineering, non-engineering, or B - School.

✨Students solve one real-world test case problem from either of the themes.

🔥Innovate for a Sustainable World

🔥Innovate for Society 

🔥Innovate for Business

Stages and Timelines ⏰

There is a total of 4 stages and each stage has a timeline associated with it.

Stages and Timelines

1st Stage: Submission Round

🚀The team solves and creates an ideal solution for one theme mentioned above.

🚀The team creates an innovative solution, and the idea is presented in a templatized format with their team composition( engineering, non-engineering, or B- School).

🚀They can access their solution from the title of the ideal submission.

🚀The team creates a one-minute public video presentation that describes their idea, plan, or solution. It can be on google drive, youtube, one-drive, or any other platform.

🚀You can submit as many hacks or ideas as you want. The last submission will be counted as the final one.

🚀You are expected to do this before the deadline mentioned to them, so there is no confusion or problem.

🚀A total of 9 teams will be selected and sent for another stage. The teams are further divided between the graduates and B-School.

2nd Stage: Guidance from Experts

🎯The nine teams that are selected are given mentorship.

🎯Each team is assigned a coach with whom they discuss their idea and plan and prepare for their submissions in the semi-finals.

3rd Stage: Semi-finals

🔶The teams that reached the semi-final stage are now asked to present their ideas and hack to the jury members and experts.

🔶 This round takes place virtually.

🔶The top teams with the best ideas get shortlisted and are further passed to the final round.

4th Stage: Final Round

📍The shortlisted teams are called to the designation, presenting their idea and solution to the jury members and experts.


The rewards will be different for the Entry level graduates and B-School Students.


💲Winner:  Each member of the team is awarded a prize worth  ₹1,00,000 lakh.

💲1st Runner-up: Each member of the team is awarded a prize worth  ₹75,000.

💲2nd Runner-up: Each member of the team is awarded a prize worth  ₹75,000.

💲Expert's choiceEach member of the team is awarded a prize worth  ₹25,000.

💲Next 5 runner-up teams:  Each member of the team is awarded a prize worth  ₹20,000.

Interview opportunity to all the eligible students that meet the criteria and have submitted their creative idea and solution. They get a fast-track interview opportunity at Accenture.

Roles Offered👨‍💻

The challenge offers you the below roles:

🔥Associate Software Engineer

🔥 System and Application Services Associate.

Preparation Strategy💥

Don’t worry about the preparation. Coding Ninjas has got your back. The structured courses and preparation material will help you in your preparation for the challenge.

Preparation Plan

To solve the challenge with technology and a creative mind you need to prepare yourself with the best and most advanced technologies that are boosting up the industry.

The resources are mentioned below:

Coding Resources

Aptitude Resources

Other Technical Resources

Interview Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What Accenture Stands for?

Accenture word is derived from the word "accent on the future." Accenture is an IT company that provides business solutions and consulting services.

What is Accenture Innovation Challenge?

The Accenture Innovation Challenge is an initiative by Accenture to promote and hear from great students about their ideas and hacks with the best technology for a sustainable world. It is held across different countries, and students participate with great enthusiasm.

What are the eligibility criteria to participate in this challenge?

Students must have enrolled as full-time students in any of the Indian colleges. Students can be from undergraduate, postgraduate, or B-school.

What job roles are offered in Accenture Innovation Challenge?

The job roles offered in this challenge are Associate Software Engineer and System and Application Services  Associate.

How many rounds are three in Accenture Innovation Challenge?

Accenture conducts this challenge in four stages. The first stage is the submission of the ideas, the next is the mentorship, the semi-finals, and the last is the final round.

What does Accenture in India do?

Accenture in India looks up to a sustainable future with the creation of new innovators and engineers for a better future.


In this article, we have thoroughly discussed the Accenture innovation challenge. We have thoroughly examined everything you need to know about this challenge. Get ready with your peers and register yourself for this challenge. 

Check out Accenture Interview Experience to learn about their hiring process.

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Refer to our guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio to learn more about DSA, Competitive Programming, JavaScript, System Design, etc. Enroll in our courses and refer to the mock test and problems available. Take a look at the interview experiences and interview bundle for placement preparations.

Happy Learning, Ninjas!

Until then, All the best for your future endeavors, and Keep Coding.

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