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Last updated: Oct 28, 2022

Action Logic

ACCELQ provides the test logic in which one can keep the elements in sync and loop the set of repeating elements. You will get to work with dates, in terms of fetching the date from the past, etc. There are many examples where you can use the action logic and work with many aspects.
Working with menu items and related fields in ACCELQ
In this article, we will talk about the menu items such as working with a large set of context menu items in your application, with a family of dynamic, related fields and its numerous steps in detail. At last, we will also learn about patterns and step-by-step explanations of how to work with anchors.
Multiple browser tabs and alerts in test logic in ACCELQ
In this article we will extensively discuss about how to work with multiple browser tabs in test logic, how to handle browser alerts in action logic, and working with multiple browser sessions simultaneously in ACCELQ.
Working with dates in ACCELQ
We will discuss how to get a historical date at random, between two years old, how to convert dates into ACCELQ custom formats, and how to work with date inputs/parameters.
How to encrypt sensitive information such as passwords in Test Logic and Reports in ACCELQ
This blog will discuss the basics of ACCELQ and how to encrypt information. We will provide encrypted inputs for passwords or other sensitive data parameterized data and provide encrypted text directly in the Action Logic.
Working with Windows GUI in ACCELQ
This article discusses the working of Windows GUI in ACCELQ, the automation tool.
Email testing with ACCELQ
This article discusses the email testing feature of ACCELQ, the automation tool.
Working with XML in accelQ MEDIUM
In this article, we will discuss how to extract data from an XML file and how to add new node values, and update the existing nodes in Accelq.
Working with JSON in ACCELQ MEDIUM
This article will discuss how to process and verify JSON values and properties, that is, how to load, read, validate and set the value of JSON properties in ACCELQ.
Test execution and Table Cell Operations in ACCELQ MEDIUM
This blog explains how we can pause test execution in ACCELQ and how to perform operations such as clicking and typing on HTML table cells in ACCELQ.
Defining TE Element selector for mainframe testing in ACCELQ MEDIUM
This blog explains what terminal emulators are, and how we can automate typing, getting elements, and verifying data from them in ACCELQ Actions.
Working with Windows Element in ACCLEQ MEDIUM
In this article, we will discuss how to work with windows elements in ACCLEQ. We will also cover the UI Inspector to find windows element properties.
Writing Windows Automation Logic and Tests in ACCELQ MEDIUM
This article will give insight into how to write windows automation logic and tests in ACCELQ.
Working with Lists and Hashmaps (Collections) in Action Logic in ACCELQ MEDIUM
In this article, we will discuss working with lists and hashmaps (collections) in Action Logic in ACCELQ. We will discuss List and HashMap Commands.
Executing SOQL or SOSL commands on Salesforce org in ACCELQ
This blog explains SOQL or SOSL commands in ACCELQ. In detail, we will discuss ACCELQ, SOQL, or SOSL commands and executing these commands.
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