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Table of contents
Adobe Analytics Challenge 
Eligibility Criteria
Registration Details 
Rewards awarded 
Stages and Timelines
Preparation Strategy
Frequently Asked Questions
Are schools from outside North America eligible to compete in this contest?
Are university students qualified to compete?
Is there a fee for registration?
Is having a faculty mentor required?
How could I have access to the data?
What are the various benefits and perks that Adobe provides?
How long will the semifinal round presentations last?
What does a team leader actually do?
Can students from different universities work together?
Is it fair that I can compete without a team member?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Adobe Analytics Challenge

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Hello Reader, welcome back. I think most of you are familiar with Adobe and its products like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Photoshop, tools primarily for audio-visual content creation, etc.



In this article, we will discuss the Adobe Analytics Challenge. We will cover Eligibility Criteria, Registration Details, Rewards awarded, Stages, and Timelines. We will also discuss the preparation Strategy.

But before the complete Adobe Preparation Guide, let's briefly discuss Adobe.

Adobe is a multinational software company headquartered in San Jose, California. It was founded in December 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke

It has historically specialized in software for creating and publishing a wide range of content, including graphics, photography, illustration, animation, multimedia/video, motion pictures, and print. 


Some flagship products are Adobe Photoshop, image editing software; Adobe Illustrator, vector-based illustration software; Adobe Acrobat Reader; and the Portable Document Format (PDF).

Adobe Analytics Challenge 

University students have the chance to access real-world data from the top, data-driven firms through Adobe's industry-leading analytics technologies as part of the incredibly unusual business competition known as the Adobe Analytics Challenge.

The Analytics Challenge was first used as a recruiting technique to find the most talented individuals with the best minds in analytics. It has evolved into one of the top national business competitions for college students.

Adobe Analytics Challenge

Adobe Analytics allows you to combine, contrast, and analyze data from any digital point in the customer experience. Predictive intelligence, flexible reporting, and in-depth analysis provide the smart foundation you need to create superior customer experiences.

University students get the chance to use Adobe's market-leading analytics technologies in this innovative business case competition called the Adobe Analytics Challenge & access to real-world data from leading organizations like Nike, T-Mobile, Lenovo, PlayStation, and Major League Basketball. 

The Adobe Analytics Challenge has been held and restricted to students in North America for more than 15 years. But, Adobe now announced that this Challenge would be open to every student worldwide.

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Eligibility Criteria

🌟Rules & Eligibility Criteria for the Challenge

   ⏩Teams are made up of 1-3 students who are currently enrolled in a full-time academic undergraduate or graduate program.

   ⏩Every member of the Team must be from the same university.

   ⏩All students are required to register and sign a non-disclosure agreement.

   ⏩Every Team needs a faculty mentor who works at the same university as them (this includes adjunct professors).

   ⏩All presentations and submissions must be delivered in English.

   ⏩Individual countries may have additional participation requirements; please read the Official Rules for more information from here.

   ⏩You can look up published articles in the area of digital analytics and ask your faculty mentor for assistance.

   ⏩During the competition, you are not permitted to speak with any Adobe or customer partner workers.

   ⏩You should not consult with or ask for assistance from Adobe employees, contractors, non-team students, or other outside professionals.

Registration Details 

Register at 

 🎯Competition Rules

      ⏩Teams consist of 1–3 students 

      ⏩Students must be enrolled full-time in an academic undergraduate or graduate degree to be eligible.

      ⏩Each member of the team must be from the same university. 

      ⏩Each student must sign a non-disclosure agreement and register (NDA) on

      ⏩All teams need a faculty mentor

Rewards awarded 

Total Amount : $60,000  

Student Team CASH Prizes

🔔Team at 1ST Place will get  $35,000 

🔔Team at 2nd Place will get $14,000  

🔔Team at 3rd Place will get $6,000  

🔔Team at 4th Place will get $3,000 

🔔Team at 5th Place will get $1,500  

🔔Team at 6th Place will get $500 


Prize Money

Get free online training from Adobe Analytics professionals, receive access to world-class tools, and examine actual data from prominent international companies.

The Adobe Analytics Challenge will offer selected participants the chance to interview for internships and full-time opportunities with Adobe and our sponsor companies.

Stages and Timelines

The different phases of the competition will

🚀Kickoff - At the beginning of the Adobe Analytics Challenge, we’ll have a one-hour web conference with Adobe & a customer partner. In this web conference,You will learn everything there is to know about the Adobe Analytics Challenge and be able to ask questions via live Q&A with the Adobe team. You’ll have approximately two weeks to get your team together and enter the competition.

To accommodate multiple time zones, we will host the Kickoff call at different times.

Please see the calendar for full details.

🚀Registration & Training- Students can form teams of up to three students. You must pick a team name and have each individual complete the registration form on this site. Once you’re registered, you’ll be given access to Adobe Analytics Challenge and customer partner’s data. Your team will be invited to join a two-hour live training session. The training session will be recorded, in case you have a scheduling conflict. After the training session, you’ll be given access to Adobe Analytics and the customer partner’s data.

🚀Project work & Submission- You will have just over two weeks to analyze a company's digital data in Adobe analytics tools and build a presentation for your analysis findings and recommendations. Your Team will submit a PowerPoint file by the submission deadline. All submitted presentations will be screened, and approximately 20 presentations will be selected for the semifinal round of judging.

🚀Semi-final Judging

The top 20 teams will give an 18-minute presentation via web conference: 

➡️10 minutes to present the slides

➡️3 minutes to do a live walkthrough in Analysis Workspace

➡️5 minutes for Q&A

Experienced analytics experts will serve as judges.

All team members must present a portion of the presentation

Judges will choose six teams for the final round

🚀Final Judging

Give Presentations to a panel of judges via web conference.

15 minutes to present (12 minutes using slides and 3 minutes live in Analysis Workspace).

5 minutes for Q&A with the judges.

A judging panel will include representatives from Adobe, the customer partner, and other industry experts.

Preparation Strategy

The following are the foundations required for Adobe Analytics Challenge.

Preparation Strategy


  🎳The primary things the individual must know are Data Science, Data InterpretationMachine Learning, AI, etc.      

  🎳In addition, you should regularly practice Competitive Programming to enhance your capacity for practical problem-solving and learn about Data Structures and Algorithms to become an expert in coding languages like C++Java, and Python.

  🎳Excellent knowledge of API management platforms and technologies.

  🎳Prepare for the CS fundamentals like Computer NetworksDBMSOperating Systems, etc.

  🎳Learn the OOPs Concept, which includes Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism.

Have reference for the following topics.

👉Machine Learning.

👉Deep Learning.

👉Natural Language Processing.

You can start preparing for Adobe Analytics Challenge by practising most common adobe interview questions from our problem list sections.

For more information, you can visit Adobe's official website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are schools from outside North America eligible to compete in this contest?

Yes. Students outside of North America can compete.

Are university students qualified to compete?

Yes, participants from both undergraduate and graduate programs are allowed to participate.

Is there a fee for registration?

No, there is no registration fee.

Is having a faculty mentor required?

Yes, a faculty mentor is required for each team.

How could I have access to the data?

Adobe Analytics will send you a message with details on how to log in and access the data.

What are the various benefits and perks that Adobe provides?

Adobe Benefits include Legal Assistance, Health Insurance, and Maternity / Paternity Leave, along with other benefits, including Paid Time Off and Financial Benefits.

How long will the semifinal round presentations last?

A 20-minute web conference presentation will be scheduled for each of the 20 semifinal teams. A panel of judges will give each team 10 minutes to present their submitted slides, followed by 3 minutes for a live walkthrough in Analysis Workspace and time for questions.

What does a team leader actually do?

The team's leader is the first member to arrive. The team's name, email address, and password will be given to the team leader.

Can students from different universities work together?

No, all members of the team must be from the same university.

Is it fair that I can compete without a team member?

Yes, teams can have one, two, or three students on them.


We have discussed the Adobe Analytics Challenge Eligibility Criteria, Rewards awarded, etc. We have also covered the Preparation Strategy, followed by FAQs in the Adobe Analytics Challenge.

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Happy Learning!!!

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