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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Network

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Computer networks
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This blog will discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of computer networks. Before going into the advantages and disadvantages, we'll first see what Computer networking is. We will also discuss what are the applications of computer networking.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Network

What is a Computer Network?

A Computer Network is a system that connects many devices to share resources and communicate with each other. It enables data transmission and sharing of information between devices. It is done within the network, regardless of their physical location.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Networking

A computer network can be in wired or wireless mediums. They can range from small, local networks within a home or office to global networks spanning many countries. They are essential for businesses, organisations, and individuals to communicate and collaborate in the digital age.

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Applications of Computer Network

The applications of computer networking are as follows:

  • Resource Sharing.
  • Server-Client Model.
  • Communication Medium.
  • eCommerce.
  • Access to remote information.
  • Person-to-Person communication.
  • Interactive entertainment.
applications of computer network

Advantages of Computer Networks

  1. Computer Networking helps to develop more opportunities for the field of information security.
    → A device can be the most influential tool to safeguard personal information.
  2. Being on the cheaper side, almost every person can bear the expense of a computer network.
    → A family can get a new device/node for less than Rs 17000/- and still enjoy the advantages of a network.
  3. A network provides a better-personalized experience.
    → Modern Computers give a very diverse user experience.
    → One can have more computing power in their pocket as compared to that of astronauts flying in space.
  4. It allows us to collaborate on projects.
    → Most companies use computer networking to connect with the teams to get all the updates and get the shared documents.
    → The same document can be shared among many people.
  5. It can ease us to send/receive large-sized files in a few blinks of the eye.
    → Nowadays, we’ve facilities like iCloud, google cloud, dropbox, etc. With the help of these, we can send and receive files, regardless of the size of the file. 
  6. It is a great way to make money.
    → It provides many freelancing ways to all entrepreneurs.
  7. It also helps to save money.
    → Sharing devices on a single network can help us to reduce many physical assets.
    → Productivity using computer networking also helps to save money.
  8. A single internet connection can be shared in computer networking.
    → Our one single device can work on a single unit to get online information.
    → This will reduce the cost of cables and other accessories.
  9. We can enlarge the capability of the computer network.
    → We can use IoT to link devices and get advantages in similar ways.
  10. It is reliable.
    → If for any reason, the system crashes, the data will remain with us because we are storing them on a network, and we can access that data from another device.

Disadvantages of Computer Networks

  1. It can lead us to lose access to information very quickly.
    → If a file crashes over a computer network, we will not be able to access that information instantly. 
    → Managing an extensive network is complex.
  2. Work-life balance gets changed due to computer networking.
    → Computer network makes each of the tasks handy in our device and contributes to changing the work-life balance.
    → It can lead us to lose access to information very quickly.
  3. The cost of computer networking is very high.
    → Executing the network as a whole, along with the cables, is pretty expensive.
    → The equipments used in computer networking are also expensive.
  4. Computer Networking can direct us to various types of distractions.
    → If self-discipline is not present with personal interactions with the technology. 
    → Switching between tasks can lose up to 40% productivity.
  5. It requires a specific type of setup.
    → It requires a minimum range of electromagnetic impedance to get appropriate coverage for a network.
    → Exceptional care is required during the installation.
  6. Computer networking can result in people stopping believing in their memory.
    → Dependence on digital platforms can lead us to this.
    → According to the studies, 6000 adults in Europe explore that they depend on computers over one-third of the time.
  7. One device can create problems for the whole network.
    → A virus in one device can also disturb the entire network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the disadvantage of man in computer network?

One disadvantage of a MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) in a computer network is its limited coverage area compared to WANs (Wide Area Networks), restricting its use to specific geographic regions such as cities or towns, which can be a limitation for wide-reaching connectivity needs.

List all the types of computer networks.

There are 12 types of computer networks, which are PAN, LAN, WAN, WLAN, CAN, MAN, SAN, HAN, SAN, POLAN, EPN and VPN.

How is computer networking used in eCommerce?

Computer networking connects most devices online, and eCommerce is an online business. Therefore Computer networking is used to connect users with a single business.


In this article, we discussed all the advantages and disadvantages of computer networking.  

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Until then, All the best for your future endeavors, and Keep learning.

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