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Table of contents
About the role
Preparation strategy
Coding Abilities
Frameworks and Algorithms
Technologies for Big Data and Spark
Statistics, Probability, and Linear Algebra
Skills in Solving Issues
Ability to Think Critically
Domain Knowledge
Salary and Perks with the job
Skills and Experience required 
Job Expectations/Duty with job
Career Map
Frequently Asked Questions
What does a researcher on Facebook do?
In AI, what does a research engineer do?
What background is required for AI research?
Is a degree required to work as an AI engineer?  
How can I get started in an artificial intelligence career?
Do research engineers qualify as scientists?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

AI Research Engineer at Facebook

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Are you interested in knowing what an AI Research Engineer at Facebook life looks like, and do you want to become an  AI Research Engineer at Facebook?

Most people have accounts on Facebook, and everyone has heard of it, but what if you want to work for Facebook as an AI Research Engineer? To help you accomplish your objectives, Coding Ninjas is here with this blog. 

AI Research Engineer at Facebook

This blog will outline the requirements for applying to work as an AI Research Engineer at Facebook.


Facebook was founded by Markzukeburg in 2004. Earlier it was named “The Facebook“ then after changing it to “Facebook”. First limited to Harvard students, then expanded to currently include students from other North American colleges as well as, as of 2006, anybody older than 13. As of July 2022, when it was ranked third internationally among the most popular websites, Facebook claimed to have around 3 billion monthly active members. That was the most widely used mobile application in 2010.


Users can share text, pictures, and other things with their friends or the near public, relying on privacy settings. Users may also use Facebook Messenger to convey directly with one another, join groups, and get information about the pages and Facebook friends they follow.

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About the role

Facebook AI Research aims to advance longer-term academic problems. With surrounding AI to understand and create systems with human-level intelligence. Their research spans deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing and voice, algorithms, applications, and software.  

About the role


  • Build good, rich visual systems using proper AI and ML approaches, which enhances Meta's offers.
  • Create up-to-date technologies and new AI algorithms for large-scale applications.
  • Create use cases, methods, and standards to compare many plans.

Preparation strategy

Coding Abilities

The first prerequisite for being an AI engineer is programming. For a person to be well-versed in AI, they must learn computer languages like Python, R, Java, and C++ to develop and construct models.

Coding abilities

Frameworks and Algorithms

You should know deep learning methods and apply them using a framework if you want to develop AI models using unstructured data. Theano, TensorFlow, Caffe, and PyTorch are a few AI frameworks.

Frameworks and Algorithms

Technologies for Big Data and Spark

AI engineers work with vast amounts of data, including TB or PB scale production-level data that is real-time. In addition to Apache Spark, one may also employ Hadoop, Cassandra, and MongoDB, all big data technologies.

Technologies for Big Data and Spark

Statistics, Probability, and Linear Algebra

You need a thorough understanding of linear algebra, probability, and statistics to comprehend. And use various AI models, such as Hidden Markov models, Naive Bayes, Gaussian mixture models, and linear discriminant analysis.

Statistics, Probability, and Linear Algebra

Skills in Solving Issues

You need to be able to think creatively and solve issues to succeed as a data scientist or software developer. AI requires the development of critical and creative problem-solving abilities since it aims to solve problems as they arise in real-time.

Skills in Solving Issues

Ability to Think Critically

Innovative AI models and solutions could have to offer a wide range of solutions to a single problem. You would also need to quickly check the information given to draw valid outcomes. Most of these skills may be learned and built while pursuing your bachelor's degree. Still, if you'd like to, you can look for additional chances and experiences to develop your skills in this field.

Ability to Think Critically

Domain Knowledge

To develop self-running programs and improve solutions used by businesses. ML engineers must be aware of both the needs of the firm and the types of vault their designs are addressing. A model that is challenging to assess work that is incomplete, or a wrong idea might all result from a lack of knowledge of the related topic.

Salary and Perks with the job

In this section, we will look into How much AI Research Engineer at Facebook makes money.

CTC 12.44 lakhs/yr
Base Package 9.12 lakhs/yr

**The salaries as mentioned above are subject to change.**

Skills and Experience required 


  • A BS, MS, or PhD in computer science or Maths related subject is required.
  • Skill in one or more ML/DL fields with a focus on industry.
  • NLP, ASR, and TTS AI in language.
  • Reinforcement learning, privacy-preserving ML, large-scale customization, fairness, illustration ability, and robustness of ML are all concepts in ML theory.
  • Systems for ML: AI infrastructure, accelerators for machine learning, high-performance computing and compilers for machine learning, GPU architecture, frameworks for machine learning, and on-device optimization.
  • Programming abilities - To work as an AI engineer, you must be skilled in Oops in languages like Python, C#, or C++.
  • Building AI solutions with knowledge of frameworks like Keras and Tensorflow.
  • Knowledge of CNNs and RNNs require. Ability to design deep learning models and make use of neural networks.
  • It is being able to apply and scale models making use of cloud systems like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, or Microsoft Azure.
  • Knowledge of software development skills like Scrum or Agile.
  • Knowledge of cloud computing.
  • Knowledge of data science, data manipulation, and big data.


✍️Data Structures and Algorithms

💻Machine Learning

🖥️Deep Learning

🇺🇳Natural Language Processing


🛒Amazon Web Services

👁️Augmented and Virtual Reality

📜IT Certifications


Job Expectations/Duty with job


  • Create and use R or Python-based APIs.
  • Good business needs to suggest developing fresh AI systems.
  • Improve system plan and make AI applications scalable.
  • To incorporate ML technologies into current systems and evaluate and measure their output.
  • Create, create, and apply AI systems.
  • Start project infrastructure and create projects and models using AI.
  • Develop machine learning models in alliance with other ML engineers, data engineers, and AI engineers.
Responsibilities with Job


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Career Map

A win-win scenario results from choosing a profession in artificial intelligence. AI careers are specialized in both learning and pay. The path to becoming an AI engineer is a la carte. The skill set can be modified by the work position and distinctive. There are many different technologies, platforms, and algorithms that AI may learn from. Other AI domains concentrate on human-AI interaction, machine learning, knowledge construction, perception, language, and decision-making.

Career Map

AI is being incorporated into systems by businesses all around the world to increase productivity and increase task efficiency.

You should also be mindful of your employment expectation. There are thousands of AI-related job postings on worker portals worldwide, yet the max of them remain empty.

Due to the absence of capable applications. If you choose to pursue a profession in AI. So, you must be a little aware of AI.


Some of the Artificial Intelligence and career Map are mentioned below. It might help you out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a researcher on Facebook do?

Facebook researchers often present their work at reputable conferences, doing front-line research with an eye toward application, and always pushing the boundaries of their products.

In AI, what does a research engineer do?

Building AI systems that can carry out previously impractical jobs or perform at fresh levels of performance will be your Duty as a Research Engineer here.

What background is required for AI research?

A master's degree, such as a Master's in AI and ML, should be taken into consideration if you're thinking about starting a career as an AI scientist.

Is a degree required to work as an AI engineer?  

No, a degree is not required to work as an AI engineer. People are increasingly turning to professional certificate programs to acquire the skills they require and to get ready for interviews. Even yet, many businesses need at least a bachelor's degree for positions at entry-level.

How can I get started in an artificial intelligence career?

Many businesses favor candidates with a master's degree or higher in computer science. A career in AI can be supported by a solid foundation from conventional schooling. A postgraduate degree can also assist you in approaching AI from a novel, well-rounded viewpoint.

Do research engineers qualify as scientists?

Although writing papers usually helps, the research engineer function doesn't. A research engineer and a research scientist working on the same teams in certain organizations. Research scientists should be engineers first and foremost. Both research scientists and engineers develop concepts and put those ideas into practice.


This blog discussed AI Research Engineer at Facebook. We discussed the duties and benefits of becoming an AI Research Engineer at Facebook, the qualifications needed, and the career path for an AI Research Engineer at Facebook.

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