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Amazon Interactive Video Service(IVS)
Features of Amazon IVS
Set Up a New Live Video Streams in Minutes
Timed MetaData API with Low-Latency Live Video
Augmented for optimal live video streaming
Optimized for Live Video Streaming
Ease of integration
Steps to start with Amazon Interactive Video Service
How to disable Recording
Broadcasting to Amazon IVS
Data Protection 
Can anyone stream video from S3?
How does Amazon IVS work?
How much does the interactive video cost?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Amazon Interactive Video Service

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The whole world is moving online in every sector, whether it is marketing, learning, or gaming. So, to make your time over the internet ever more worthwhile and interactive, content creators or gamers around the world are turning to live video streaming services. 

Now here the Amazon Interactive Video Service(IVS) comes into action! Let’s understand from beginning to end about Amazon IVS.

Amazon Interactive Video Service(IVS)

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Amazon Interactive Video Service offers clients the capacity to add live and interactive video to their smartphones and web apps in minutes, using the same technology as Twitch which is one of the most famous live streaming services on the globe. To use IVS, you must use the Amazon IVS Player. The performance of Amazon IVS Player is the only player which is guaranteed. Amazon IVS player is required to achieve low tendency.

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Features of Amazon IVS

Set Up a New Live Video Streams in Minutes

Amazon Interactive Video Service offers all the components required for a low-latency live video streaming. You send a live video stream from an encoder or encoding software to the ingest point with the given stream key. Then, use the playback URL with the player SDK and watch the live streams on Android phones or iOS.

Timed MetaData API with Low-Latency Live Video

The latency from ingest to playback was around 26-30 seconds. But with Amazon IVS, you can assume this time to be as low as 3-4 seconds. You can build polling, infographics, and other coordinated parts like live scores or e-trade functionality in your website/application. A basic REST API injects this metadata into the stream, and some other event-based interface retrieves the metadata.

Augmented for optimal live video streaming

This solution takes input, transcodes the data, and distributes it over a controlled infrastructure. It selects the prime network paths of your location and the best quality endpoint to receive the input video stream. This strengthens the quality of service while sending the video throughout the network. Within some seconds, your live streams are sent to the viewers through a unique content pipeline.

Optimized for Live Video Streaming

First, get the video to Amazon IVS, and distribute your live stream across the global network optimized for low latency. And, to improve the quality of service while sending the video, Amazon IVS detects the most suitable network paths from the streamer’s area and smartly selects the high-quality endpoint to receive the input video stream. Live streams are delivered to audiences in a few seconds through a content pipeline designed end-to-end for live video.

Ease of integration

The Amazon IVS Player API bridges the space among Amazon IVS clients’ applications and the Player library. The API has bindings for all supported platforms, making it smooth to combine the Player into applications while using familiar coding environments and techniques. With complete control over UI elements, clients can customize their programs' branding and presentation factors.

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Steps to start with Amazon Interactive Video Service


Step 1: Create an AWS Account using this link.

Step 2: Set Up IAM Permissions

Step 3: Create a Channel with Optional Recording

Step 4: Set Up Streaming Software

Step 5: View Your Live Stream

Step 6: Check Your Service-Quota Limits (Optional)

How to disable Recording

We have to perform some operations to disable Amazon S3 recording on an existing channel:

  • Console - On the information page for the relevant channel, in the Record and store streams section, pick out Disabled. After that, select Save Channel. This eliminates the recording configuration’s association with the channel; streams on that channel will no longer be recorded.
  • CLI-Run the update-channel command, and after that, pass in the recording-configuration ARN as an empty string:
aws ivs update-channel --arn "arn:aws:ivs:us-west-2:123456789012:channel/abcdABCDefgh" --recording-configuration-arn none


This will return a channel object with an empty string recordingConfigurationArn, showing that the recording is disabled.

Broadcasting to Amazon IVS

The Amazon IVS broadcast SDK naturally changes the video bitrate to oblige changing network conditions. Picture and Landscape Support — No matter in what way your clients hold their gadgets, the picture shows up straight up and appropriately scaled. The transmission SDK upholds both picture and scene material size.

There are many key features of the Amazon IVS broadcast SDK:

  1. Automatic bitrate adjustment
  2. Secure streaming
  3. High-quality streaming
  4. Portrait and Landscape mode
  5. External audio device

Data Protection 

Data protection is the method involved with protecting vital information from corruption, compromise, or loss and giving the ability to restore the data to a fully functional state should something end up delivering the data inaccessible or unusable.

Data Protection traverses three general categories: customary data security, traditional data protection (like backup and restore copies), and data privacy, as displayed in the Figure below. The technologies used to safeguard and secure data can be considered data protection mechanisms and strategic approaches to accomplish the overall objective of nonstop accessibility and immutability of basic business data.

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Can anyone stream video from S3?

Yes, anyone can use Amazon S3 with Amazon CloudFront to host video in a single click in a secure and stable way.

How does Amazon IVS work?

Amazon IVS links structured text data to video streams delivered alongside the video stream. This allows clients to create polls, leaderboards, live surveys, and other real-time elements that are automatically synchronized to the video content.

How much does the interactive video cost?

If you are willing to buy a simple interactive video, then it might cost a few thousand dollars, while if you want to buy a hight budget interactive video, then it can cost up to $50,000.


In this article, we have extensively discussed the topic of Amazon Interactive Video Service and its features in detail. We hope that this blog has helped you enhance your knowledge regarding the topic of Amazon Interactive Video Service and if you would like to learn more, check out our articles on Web Applications. We hope this article has helped you in understanding the Amazon Interactive Video Service. Still, the knowledge never stops, have a look at more related articles: Amazon API GatewayAmazon PersonalizeAmazon Lex, AWS Lamda Foundation, and many more. Do upvote our blog to help other ninjas grow. 

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Happy coding!

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