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Table of contents
About Amdocs🌐
Average Salary Package💰
Roles and Responsibilities🗽
Eligibility Criteria🧑‍🎓
Amdocs Test Pattern🕸
Quantitative Ability
Reasoning Syllabus
Verbal Ability
Preparation Strategy🕵
Amdocs Interview Experiences🥷
How To Apply?
Interview Resources
Coding Resources
Aptitude Resources
Other Technical Resources
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Amdocs?
How will the selection process for Amdocs Recruitment take place?
How can one apply for a job at Amdocs?
Who can apply for Amdocs Recruitment?
What are the perks of working at Amdocs?
How long does it take to hear back after being shortlisted?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Amdocs Preparation Guide

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Most people in the present era desire to be successful professionals. Everyone is looking for a great career or organisation that pays well. Are you interested in getting a job at Amdocs?

If yes, then you are at the right place 🙌. We are providing you with a complete Amdocs preparation guide for grabbing various opportunities at Amdocs.

amdocs preparation guide

So let us see Amdocs preparation guide.

Are you ready❓

About Amdocs🌐


Amdocs is a multinational corporation which provides software & services to the world's well-known communications and media companies. Amdocs supports customers' digital and network transformation as they reinvent themselves with innovative solutions, delivery expertise and intelligent operations.

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Average Salary Package💰

Amdocs pays its employees an average of approximately ₹9,10,034 a year. Salaries at Amdocs range from an average of ₹4,24,420 to ₹19,46,765 a year.

Average Annual Salary ₹9,10,034
Annual Salary Range ₹4,24,420 - ₹19,46,765
Average Bonus ₹46,000

The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.

Roles and Responsibilities🗽

Some of the technical roles that Amdocs hires and their responsibilities are given below - 

  • Software Developer - Responsible for developing, designing, debugging, modifying and maintaining software systems. Works on specific modules, applications, or technologies and handles challenging assignments.
  • Technology Specialist - Establishing and being in charge of the unit's strategy and road map for achieving interpersonal business, operational, and delivery goals.
  • DevOps Specialist - Responsible for managing DevOps operations and automating day-to-day CI/CD processes for microservices in the Amdocs R&D Technology products.
  • Software Test Engineer - Responsible for execution of tests, hands-on validation and certification of the software readiness.
  • System Analyst - Acts as a link among stakeholders, communicates and implements recommended solutions in the appropriate domains and practices.
  • Technical and Business Operations Analyst - The role involves handling incidents and service requests from customers/end-users by following standard methods and procedures.
  • Business Analyst - Understand the customer's business needs and assess the impact of those needs.
  • Project Manager - Leads and directs teams to deliver a unique, high-quality product.
  • Information Security Specialist - Responsible for maintaining the organisation's security posture.

Eligibility Criteria🧑‍🎓

eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria of Amdocs are given below -

  • Candidates with in Computers Science/IT/ENTC/ENC or an equivalent course can apply for the Amdocs Careers (For Freshers 2022, 2023).
  • or M.E degree holders can also apply.
  • MCA degree holders can also apply.

Note - 2021 Batch students are also eligible for applying for the Amdocs Off Campus Drive.

Amdocs Test Pattern🕸

test pattern

The Amdocs test pattern consists of the written test, technical interview, and HR Interview.

Written Test


# Questions Time Duration (mins)
Quantitative Ability 30 18
Reasoning 14 16 
Verbal Ability 18 16
Technical 30 20
Automate/ Coding 2 45

After successfully clearing the written test, there will be a technical Interview. After clearing these two rounds, candidates need to face the final round, which is the HR interview.


Quantitative Ability

Reasoning Syllabus

Verbal Ability

  • Analogy
  • Spellings
  • Error Spotting
  • Theme Detection
  • One Word Substitution
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Para Jumbles
  • Sentence Jumbles
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Phrase Replacement
  • Direct & Indirect Speech
  • Active & Passive Voice


Data Types
Iteration, Recursion, Decision
Procedure, functions, and scope

Arrays, Linked Lists, Trees, Graphs
Stacks, Queues
Hash Tables
Searching and Sorting

  • OOPs

Complexity Theory


Preparation Strategy🕵

preparation strategy

A perfect strategy is required to crack an exam, and here we have constructed a roadmap you can follow to get a sure shot of success. As we have already discussed, the syllabus in the previous section of this Amdocs preparation guide which consists of the written test, technical interview, and HR Interview. Let us see how to deal with these three parts of the Amdocs test pattern.

  • Written test - It consists of questions related to quantitative ability, reasoning, verbal ability, technical and coding.
  • Technical Interview - Those who clear the written test are called for the technical interview. In this round, you may expect questions from a programming language of your choice, data structures and algorithms, OOPs, database, computer networks and operating systems. They might also ask puzzle questions or questions from your resume.
  • HR interview - As you know, the HR interview is the final round, which will get you the job you have been preparing for. Hence, you need not be nonchalant when you reach the HR interview round.
    You may expect HR questions like -
    ➡️Tell me about Yourself
    ➡️About your family
    ➡️Why Amdocs?
    ➡️How do you see yourself after five years from now?
    ➡️What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Amdocs Interview Experiences🥷

interview experiences

Check out more such Amdocs Interview Experiences of the selected candidates.

How To Apply?

First, go to the Amdocs career page.

career page


Now click on the search or type a specific job title in the text box. Scroll down you will see a drop-down list for the job title you want to apply for, along with information like location and country.



Now click on the specific job title you are looking for and scroll down. You will see an option as apply now. You can apply for the job from there by filling in the required information in the input field.

apply now


You can also use the filter to search jobs by keyword or location.


Resources For Preparation

resources for preparation

Here are the resources to help you prepare for your recruitment exam and interview.

Interview Resources

Coding Resources

Aptitude Resources

Other Technical Resources

For more information, check this video.

Well, we have mentioned section by section strategy that you can follow to achieve your goal in this part of the Amdocs preparation guide, and we are happy to help you in your preparation. Good luck with your exams and interviews, and stay connected with us to learn about more informative content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amdocs?

Amdocs is a multinational corporation which provides software & services to the world's well-known communications and media companies. 

How will the selection process for Amdocs Recruitment take place?

The Amdocs Recruitment 2022 process includes three phases. Online aptitude testing, technical interview, and HR interview.

How can one apply for a job at Amdocs?

Through the career page by visiting the official website of Amdocs.

Who can apply for Amdocs Recruitment?

Anyone with a graduate or a postgraduate degree in CS/IT/ENTC/ENC or a degree in MCA may apply for Amdocs Recruitment.

What are the perks of working at Amdocs?

Employees get holiday gifts, paid parental leave policy, access to tons of complementary learning and upskilling programs and many more.

How long does it take to hear back after being shortlisted?

It normally takes one to two weeks to hear back after submitting a job application.


In this article, we have explored the Amdocs preparation guide leaving no stone unturned. This Amdocs preparation guide discussed Amdocs, what it's like to work at Amdocs, a brief list of roles with corresponding responsibilities that Amdocs hires for, eligibility criteria, test pattern, and general syllabus, preparation strategy and interview experiences. 

We believe this Amdocs preparation guide was helpful. To learn more about Amdocs, check out our articles on 

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