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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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And Operator in C

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In programming, the logical AND operator, symbolized by "&&", plays a crucial role in making the logic behind decision-making processes. This operator allows for the evaluation of multiple conditions within a single statement, ensuring that a specific block of code executes only when every condition meets a "true" state. 

This article will talk about the syntax, functionality, and examples of the "&&" operator, providing a clear understanding of its importance and usage.

Logical AND Operator

In C programming, the "&&" symbol is what we call the logical AND operator. It's like a strict gatekeeper. For it to say "yes" and let the code run, every condition it checks must be true. If even one condition is false, it says "no," and the code doesn't run. This is super useful when you want to make sure several things are right before your program takes an action.

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The way we write the "&&" operator in C is simple. You put it between two things you want to check, like this:

condition1 && condition2

This tells the computer: "Check both condition1 and condition2. If both are true, then we can go ahead with what's next." It's a straightforward way to make sure everything is in order before your program moves on to do something important.

Truth Table of the Logical AND (&&) Operator

To understand how the "&&" operator works, let's look at its truth table. A truth table shows all possible true or false combinations for conditions and what the "&&" operator does with them.

  • If both conditions are true (true && true), the "&&" operator gives back true.
  • If one condition is true and the other is false (true && false or false && true), it gives back false.
  • If both conditions are false (false && false), it also gives back false.
Condition 1 Condition 2Result 

Program to Demonstrate the Logical AND Operator in C

This example will check if two numbers are both positive. If they are, the program will print a message saying so.

Example -: 

  • C


#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
int num1, num2;
printf("Enter two numbers: ");
scanf("%d %d", &num1, &num2);

if (num1 > 0 && num2 > 0) {
printf("Both numbers are positive.\n");
} else {
printf("At least one number is not positive.\n");

return 0;


Enter two numbers: 4 6
Both numbers are positive.

In this program:

  • We ask the user to enter two numbers.
  • We use the "&&" operator to check if num1 > 0 and num2 > 0.
  • If both conditions are true, it means both numbers are positive, and we print a message to tell the user.
  • If one or both numbers are not positive, we let the user know by printing a different message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the "&&" operator work with more than two conditions?

Yes, you can chain multiple conditions together using the "&&" operator, like condition1 && condition2 && condition3. Each condition in the chain must be true for the entire expression to be true.

What happens if I mix "&&" with "||" (OR) operators?

You can combine "&&" and "||" in a single statement, but remember that "&&" has higher precedence. Use parentheses to make your intentions clear and control the order of evaluation, like (condition1 && condition2) || condition3.

Is there a difference between "&&" and "&" in C?

Yes, "&&" is a logical AND operator used with conditions, while "&" is a bitwise AND operator used with binary data. They serve different purposes and should not be confused.


In this article, we've explored the logical AND ("&&") operator in C programming, an essential tool for controlling the flow of decisions based on multiple conditions. We've covered its syntax, examined a truth table to understand its logic, and seen a simple program to understand this concept better. 

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Topics covered
Logical AND Operator
Truth Table of the Logical AND (&&) Operator
Program to Demonstrate the Logical AND Operator in C
Frequently Asked Questions
Can the "&&" operator work with more than two conditions?
What happens if I mix "&&" with "||" (OR) operators?
Is there a difference between "&&" and "&" in C?