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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Angular Features

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In this article we will cover Angular and its most important features. The primary purpose of Angular is to develop single-page applications. This enables customers to develop large-scale applications in a sustainable manner.

Angular Features

Let’s discuss more about Angular and its features.

What is Angular Framework?

Angular is an open-source framework for building web applications, created and maintained by Google. We can make single page applications using Angular and it is often used with other technologies like HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), TypeScript

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Angular, based on TypeScript, serves as a development platform encompassing the following components:

  • A component-based framework designed for building scalable web applications.
  • A well-integrated library collection that encompasses various features such as routing, forms management, client-server communication, and more.
  • A comprehensive set of developer tools aiding in the development, building, testing, and updating of your code.
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What is the architecture of Angular?

The architecture of Angular is a method to organize and structure your web application's code. It is based on templates, components, and services:

  1. Templates: These describe how the app looks.
  2. Components: Build blocks for different parts of the app.
  3. Services: It handles tasks like logic and data.

Features of Angular

Let us look at some features of Angular.


With Angular, Make websites that work perfectly on devices like computers and phones. You don't need to start from scratch for each device.

High Speed & Optimum Performance

Angular helps the website to run smoothly and load quickly. It ensures users can use the website without waiting too long.

Angular applications

Angular helps to build websites that can do extraordinary things, like showing new information without refreshing the whole page. This makes websites feel more like apps.

MVC Architecture

Angular helps to keep your website's code orderly and easy to understand. It splits the parts that handle data (Model), what users see, and how they interact.

Less Code Framework

Angular provides tools to get things done with less typing. You can make your website work well without writing lots of complicated code.

Angular CLI (Command Line Interface)

Angular CLI is like a helper assistant that listens to your orders. You can tell it what you want, and it does the difficult work.

CDK and Angular Material

Angular Material is similar to a box of pre-designed furniture for your new house for websites. It provides styles and ready-to-use pieces, making your website look nice and work well.

Virtual Scrolling

Have you seen how your phone screen moves smoothly when you scroll through a long list? Angular helps your website achieve the same smooth scrolling, so scrolling feels easy and doesn't slow things down.

Component-Based Architecture

Angular Component is the building block of every Angular application.

features 1

Angular is a component-based framework, where the application is broken down into reusable, modular components.

Document Object Model

The document object model is a crucial part of web development using Angular.

features 2

It is a programming interface that represents the web page as a tree-like structure of HTML elements. The DOM (document object model) provides methods for accessing and modifying the content of the web page, enabling developers to create dynamic and interactive applications.

Two-Way Data Binding

In Angular, two-way data binding facilitates the display of data to users and enables them to modify the data through the user interface.

features 3

Real-time synchronisation between the model and the view is made possible by Angular's two-way data binding, so any changes made to the model are automatically reflected in the view and vice versa.


TypeScript is a language for Angular application development.

features 4

Angular is built on top of TypeScript. Features like type checking, interfaces, and classes that TypeScript offers can help catch issues early and make code simpler to read and maintain.

Data Binding 

Data binding is a technique that allows users to interact with web page elements using a web browser.

features 5

Data binding is beneficial in web pages that involve interactive features like games, calculators, forums, and tutorials. It also facilitates the gradual display of web pages that contain extensive data.

Dependency Injection

Dependency injection allows for the instantiation of objects that are dependent on other objects to occur externally to a class.

features dependency

Developers can effectively manage dependencies across distinct components thanks to Angular's dependency injection framework. Complex application development and management are made easier by this.

AngularJS Directives

AngularJS directives introduce additional syntax to HTML. 

features angualar

It can be identified by their prefix "ng-". These directives serve as indicators on the DOM element and prompt AngularJS to add specific functionality to the element or modify it entirely.


Jasmine is the testing framework utilized by Angular, offering a range of functionalities to compose diverse types of test cases.

features testing

To execute tests, Karma serves as the task-runner and leverages a configuration file to specify startup, reporters, and testing framework.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Angular?

Angular enhances HTML with additional syntax elements, allowing you to incorporate dynamic values from your component. Moreover, whenever the state of your component changes, Angular automatically updates the rendered DOM accordingly.

What is DOM in Angular?

DOM (Document Object Model) in Angular represents the structure of a web page. It allows Angular to manipulate and update elements dynamically.

What is the main concept of Angular?

The main concept of Angular is to build dynamic web applications by using components, data binding, and services to separate concerns.

What language is Angular written in?

Angular is written in TypeScript, which is a superset of JavaScript.

What is a component in Angular?

In Angular applications, components serve as the fundamental building blocks. Each component encompasses the following elements: an HTML template declaring the page's rendering, a TypeScript class defining its behaviour, and a CSS selector specifying how the component is utilized within a template.

What is a decorator in Angular?

A decorator is a unique function that improves classes, components, or elements with metadata, influencing their behavior, configuration, or appearance. 


In this article, we discussed Angular and features of Angular. 

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Happy Coding!

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