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Last updated: Jan 14, 2022


AngularJS is a very powerful JavaScript Framework. It is used in Single Page Application (SPA) projects. It extends HTML DOM with additional attributes and makes it more responsive to user actions. AngularJS is open source, completely free, and used by thousands of developers around the world.
Introduction to AngularJS EASY
Angular JS is an open-source front-end, JavaScript, and structural framework for creating dynamic web applications.
Angular Features MEDIUM
In this article, we will cover Angular, architecture and its most important features.Create single page applications and scalable applications effectively with Angular's sustainable approach.
React vs Angular
In this article, we will compare React vs Angular to find which one suits your needs better. Read till the end to know which is better and why!
Angular js vs Nodejs
This article discusses Angular js and Nodejs and their implementation. We will also talk about the differences between Angular js and Nodejs.
Difference between Angular and AngularJs
This blog discusses the concepts of Angular and AngularJs, as well as their significant differences, benefits, and drawbacks.
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AngularJS Expressions EASY
This article describes the basics of AngularJs Expressions and their types - Numbers, Strings, Objects, and Arrays.
Pipe in Angular MEDIUM
In this blog, we will look at the concept of pipe in angular. We will look at the types of pipes each in detail and how to use pipe in angular.
 AngularJS Modules
This blog contains information about creating angular modules, their use, and adding directives and controllers to them.
 AngularJS Directives
This blog contains information about various AngularJS Directives and gives us answer to why to use them, where to use them, how to use them.
AngularJS Data Binding MEDIUM
This blog will discuss AngularJS Data Binding, including the definition, two types, and their pros and cons.
AngularJS Controllers MEDIUM
This blog has information about controllers and how to implement them in Angular.
Rxjs in Angular EASY
In this blog, we will learn about Rxjs in Angular. We will understand its core concepts, its usage, and much more for better understanding.
AngularJS Scope MEDIUM
In this blog, we will learn about the Scope keyword in AngularJS and its types. We will also learn its use cases.
Decorators in Angular MEDIUM
In this blog, we will learn about Decorators in Angular. We will learn about its characteristics, features, and much more for better understanding.
AngularJS filters EASY
In this blog, we’ll learn the various filters available in AngularJS and their syntaxes with the help of appropriate examples.
AngularJs Services MEDIUM
This article will briefly explain AngularJs Services and how we can use a customized or a built-in service inside a filter.
AngularJS | AJAX-$http MEDIUM
In this article, we will learn about AngularJS, and we will discuss the control service AJAX - $http, its methods, and its properties with an example.
AngularJS Tables EASY
In this blog, we will learn about tables in AngularJS and how to display data in table format using various operations.
AngularJS Select Boxes MEDIUM
AngularJS select boxes let us create drop-down lists based on the items present in an array or an object. We discuss AngularJS select boxes in this blog.
AngularJS and SQL
This blog explains the benefits of using AngularJS and SQL together along with the procedure.
Angular Lazy Loading MEDIUM
We will discuss the Angular lazy loading in this article. We will also discussing some features, common issues, advantages and disadvantages of Angular Lazy Loading.
DOM in AngularJS
This blog explains the concepts of HTML DOM in AngularJS and how we can control and modify it using directives
AngularJS Events
This blog explains the various directives available to control AngularJS Events.
AngularJS Forms
This blog takes us through the essential concepts related to AngularJS Forms.
This article will discuss AngluarJS API organised into modules containing various components of an AngularJS application.
AngularJS and W3.CSS MEDIUM
This article will brief you about W3.CSS and AngularJS. We will be looking at an example to show the implementation of both.
AngularJS Includes
In this article, you will learn how to use AngularJS Include Directives to embed HTML files within an HTML file
AngularJS Routing EASY
In this blog, we will deeply discuss AngularJS Routing. We will see how the ngRoute module is used to navigate through different sections of the same page.
AngularJS - Application MEDIUM
This article has information on how to create a Todo list application using the AngularJS framework.
Angular Lifecycle Hooks MEDIUM
Explore Angular lifecycle hooks to manage component behavior at different stages. Learn how to leverage ngOnInit, ngOnDestroy, and more for efficient and responsive web application development.
AngularJS References
This article introduces you, the AngularJS References - Directives and filters.
How to bundle an Angular app for production?
This article describes how to Bundle an Angular App for production. We have further explained the two available commands frequently used for building, watching, and serving the application.
Adding multiple functions in one ng-click Directive MEDIUM
In this article, you will learn to add multiple functions in one ng-click Directive. To understand it with an example, read to the end.
How to directly update a field by using ng-click in AngularJs?
In this article, we’ll first understand how fields in the view are updated using the ng-click directive. Then we’ll move forward with a few examples illustrating the ng-click in AngularJs.
Adding Dynamic Options for Multiple Selects Inside ng-repeat Directive MEDIUM
In this article, we will learn to add Dynamic Options for Multiple Selects inside the ng-repeat Directive.
How to detect when an @Input() value changes in Angular
This article begins its discussion with the introduction to @Input(), then how we can approach when @Input value changes in Angular, and finally some FAQ.
Opening popup using Angular and Bootstrap
This article begins our discussion with the introduction to how we should add Bootstrap in Angular application, then cover opening popup using angular and bootstrap and finally some FAQ.
How to Reload/Re-render the Entire Page Using AngularJS? MEDIUM
This article discusses how to reload or re-render an entire page using AngularJS with the help of some descriptive examples.
How to use jQuery in Angular
This article describes how to use jQuery in AngularJs with descriptive examples that help you understand the concept.
Important AngularJs Questions
In this article, we will cover the important AngularJS Questions which are often asked in interviews.
Top 10 Angular Alternatives: Fill-in Angular Shoes
In thi blog, we will discuss the ten alternatives that can be used in place of Angular.
Angular Interview Questions EASY
Most Asked Angular Interview Questions 1. What is Angular? 2. What is data binding in Angular? 3. What are templates in Angular?
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