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Animation in Pygame
Simple Animation:
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Pygame?
How to add simple animations in pygame?
What is Sprite Animation in Pygame?
How to load an image in Pygame?
How does pygame quit work?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Animation in pygame

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Pygame library is one of the python programming libraries with very efficient functionalities such as building custom events, taking input from the user through the keyboard, creating custom input boxes for inputs, etc. This article will discuss the pygame blit() function and how to apply animations of different styles in the Pygame application. I hope you will enjoy the article!

Animation in Pygame

Animation is a simple sequence of images that are displayed too fast. To get animation in our application, we need to follow the below procedure:

Simple Animation:

  • Load the images into a list using pygame.image.load()
  • During each time of update, we need to change the current image to the next one.
  • If our counter reaches the end of the list, we need to reset the counter to the beginning.
  • Do it as fast enough to make it look smooth.

Example: The pseudocode looks like this:

playing, current = 0, 0

frames = [list of images]

image = frames[0]

rect = image.get_rect()

def update(args):

    if playing:   #update the animation if it is playing


        if current == len(frames): #if images in frames completed, restart the process.

            current = 0

        image = frames[current]

        rect = image.get_rect(center =

You can follow this link to get the original code.

We can update each frame for the animation by using the lines:

current +=1
if current == len(frames):
current = 0


current +=1
current %= len(frames)

Types of animations we can perform in our pygame application:

  • Looping
  • Forward
  • Reverse
  • ping-pong

You can learn these animations in detail through our later articles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pygame?

Pygame is a python programming language library that allows developers to develop applications on gaming themes. It is a well-developed library that has many useful functions to implement several functionalities of our application.

How to add simple animations in pygame?

We can add simple animations in our pygame application by just looping through a list of images continuously by updating the current image from the frames of a list of images. We can update the animation by taking care of time and also by using the time module.

What is Sprite Animation in Pygame?

A Sprite is nothing but any bitmap that is drawn in our game window in computer graphics. Sprite Animation is nothing but simple looping of sprites.

How to load an image in Pygame?

To load an image in pygame, we can use pygame.image.load(path). We can then use this image object to display the loaded image to our pygame application.

How does pygame quit work?

The pygame application window doesn't close if you don’t write the quit option in your pygame application. We must write the quit option to exit from the pygame application.


In this article, we have extensively discussed the animation concept in the pygame application.

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