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Last updated: Nov 29, 2022

API Monitoring and Governance

Monitoring is looking into the health and performance of your APIs. Postman monitors provide continuous insight into your API's working. There are various types of Monitors that you can use in the case of a single API or collection. API governance is practicing a defined set of standards. These standards help us to look into the API design and develop high-performance and quality APIs. 
How to Monitor your APIs and their Uptime in Postman?
In this blog, we will discuss how to monitor the APIs and their uptime in postman.
Setting up and viewing a collection-based monitor in postman
In this article, we will learn about the steps required to set up a collection-based monitor, how to configure it, and create it from scratch. We will also see the various viewing options related to collection-based monitoring.
How to write tests in postman and run them with monitors in Postman?
In this blog, we will discuss how to write test scripts in postman, validate responses, test collections, and folders, run tests with monitors, monitor API endpoints, and an entire API, and run API tests and monitor HTTP response codes and latency.
API definition warnings in Postman
In this blog, we will discuss we discussed API definition warning in postman. We looked at some of the basics of the postman. Then we discussed API governance, and API definition warnings. Last but not the least, we saw API testing warnings and viewing security warnings during API testing.
Warnings in OpenAPI 2.0 in postman
In this blog, we will discuss in detail the warnings for openAPI 2.0 in postman.
Warnings in OpenAPI 3.0 in postman
This blog offers a detailed guide on warnings in Postman 3.0. It also briefly describes the issue description, how to resolve them and what are the possible fixes associated with it. To know more about it, read on!
API testing warnings and Security warnings related to API testing in postman
In this article, we will see the best security practices recommended by  Postman at the API testing phase of API development. We will also see how Postman highlights these security warnings and helps you understand their implications and possible ways to patch the warnings.