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About Cvent
Application Support Engineer at Cvent
About the Role
Roles and responsibilities
Salary and Perks
Required Skills and Qualifications
Preparation Strategy
Programming in Java and C#
Software Development
Databases and Cloud Technologies
Interview Preparation
Career Map
Senior Application Support Engineer
System Administrator
Systems Engineer
Technical Support Engineer
Frequently Asked Questions
What do you understand by an application support engineer?
What does an application support engineer do?
Does Cvent hire freshers?
What is Cvent?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Application Support Engineer at Cvent

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Hey, Ninjas! Welcome to yet another preparation guide article. Have you ever heard about Cvent? It is a leading meeting, event, and hospitality technology provider. Do you want to know what it's like to be employed at Cvent? How does an application support engineer at Cvent work? How to join and what to expect? Don't worry Coding Ninjas got your back.


We will answer all of these questions in this article. This article will primarily focus on the profile of an application support engineer at Cvent. We will discuss the responsibilities, skills requirements, average salary, preparation guide, and career map for this job role of application support engineer at Cvent. 

Before moving on to the job role, let’s discuss about the company.

About Cvent

Cvent is a leading marketing, events, meetings, and hospitability technology provider. It provides software solutions to enhance the impact of events and meetings. It was founded in 1999 by Reggie Aggarwal. It is headquartered in Virginia, United States.  

about cvent

Cvent aims to transform the events and meeting industry through technology and software solutions. The company’s suite products automate and simplify the whole event and marketing management process. It has around 4000 employees overall. It has 11 offices in total, out of which one is in Gurgaon, India. 

Now let's move on to the application support engineer at Cvent role.

Application Support Engineer at Cvent

Application support engineer at Cvent is one of the main profiles at Cvent. Let us understand this role, the responsibilities, salary, and skills required for this job role at Cvent.

Applicationn support engineer

About the Role

An application support engineer at Cvent is responsible for providing software support to web-based applications. They should understand software development and business well to solve the client's issues. They support the existing software and ensure that clients requests are fulfilled. 

About the Role

An application support engineer controls customer queries regarding a web application. They should know how to communicate with the customer politely because communication also plays an important role in this position. Let us understand the roles and responsibilities of an application support engineer at Cvent.

Roles and responsibilities

For the application support engineer at Cvent, you will be responsible for the following. 

Roles and responsibilities

🧑‍💼Provide software support to Cvent’s suite products and services, including web-based software platforms and backends. 

🧑‍💼Collaborate with several development teams to resolve client issues.

🧑‍💼Provide in-depth technical and business knowledge to multiple teams. 

🧑‍💼Gain knowledge and experience working with traditional relational and the latest NoSQL databases. 

🧑‍💼Become a subject matter expert who provides various teams with an in-depth understanding of a product's business and technical aspects.

🧑‍💼Respond to customer inquiries, log bugs, and, when required, reproduce, troubleshoot, resolve, and escalate issues.

Let us discuss the salary and perks offered for the role of application support engineer at Cvent.

Salary and Perks

For the application support engineer at Cvent, salary figures are mentioned below in the table.

Salary and Perks


salary table

The above-mentioned salary for this role is subject to change by the Cvent.

Along with the salary for this role, it also includes some perks that are mentioned below:

✨Sick Leaves and Paid Time Off.

✨Vision, Dental, and Health Insurance Programs.

✨Life Insurance.

✨Employee Assistance Programs.

✨Company-Sponsored Social Events. 

✨Wellness Programs.

✨State-of-the-art office space. 

✨Employee Referral Program. 

✨Corporate funds for charitable walks, runs, etc. 

Now, let us understand the requirement of skills for this role at Cvent.

Required Skills and Qualifications

If you are interested in the position of application support engineer at Cvent, then you should have mentioned the qualifications and skills.

Required Skills and Qualifications

🥅BS/ BTech in Computer Science, Information Systems, or equivalent required.

🥅Software development experience of 1-3 years in Java, C#, ASP.NET, or any object-oriented programming language.

🥅Good understanding of relational databases and SDLC.

🥅Solid problem-solving and analytical skills. Ability to learn new technologies.

🥅You should know about version control systems, online service APIs, and software deployment.

🥅Outstanding abilities in both writing and oral communication.

🥅You should always be open to learning new things.

🥅Build strong relationships with international teams.

🥅Perseverance in the face of difficulty and maintaining composure.

🥅Strong desire and capacity for lifelong learning of new techniques, procedures, technologies, and product knowledge. 

🥅Possessing the ability to solve problems and provide excellent customer service.

🥅Ability to take charge of and see through client issues to completion.

Preparation Strategy

We all know the power of preparation and planning. You require preparation if you want to work at Cvent. But don’t worry, Coding Ninjas has got you covered. We have several articles and courses on our platform that you can use to gain skills and be job-ready. 

Preparation Strategy

Programming in Java and C#

As you can see in the skills required section, Java and C# are one of the requirements. So, you should learn the basics of programming through Java and C#. You should know the basic concepts of programming, including object-oriented programming.

Programming in Java and C#

You can follow the links below to access our Java and C# Programming and Object-oriented programming tutorials. 

🔯Basics of Java with Data Structures and Algorithms

🔯Complete guide to Oops With Java

🔯Complete C# 

Software Development

As an application support engineer, you should be familiar with software development. You should know how software development works.

Software Development

Also, you should be aware of APIs and the working of APIs in web technology. You should also be familiar with Agile methodology. Follow the below links to get an idea. 

🔯Web API Introduction

🔯Agile method

Databases and Cloud Technologies

You should also be familiar with databases and cloud technologies. You should have a good grasp of relational and non-relational databases. You should know how the data is stored, managed, and manipulated. Also, you should know about the most common cloud computing software, including AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure.

Databases and Cloud Technologies

Follow the below links to understand these topics and be prepared. 






🔯Cloud Computing



🔯Microsoft Azure

Interview Preparation

You must undergo several interview experiences to be employed at Cvent. Hence, it would help if you prepared yourself well for the interviews. You can read the interview experiences of candidates who appeared for the Cvent process and have shared their experiences on our portal. 

Interview Preparation

You can check our preparation guide for Cvent for your interview, Your Ultimate Job Interview Preparation Guide for Cvent

You can boost your interview preparation by practicing interview questions.

Where to find them? Are you confused about this? Don't worry. Coding Ninjas will help you with this. Check out our coding interview questions bundle here.

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Career Map

Career map for an application support engineer is mentioned below:

Career Map

Senior Application Support Engineer

The software applications used by the company must be supported and kept up to date by senior application support engineers. They frequently interact with various software, including databases, operating systems, web browsers, etc.

Senior Application Support Engineer

A senior application support engineer often performs a variety of duties, some of which include:

🔯Creating and implementing new software programs following client requirements.

🔯Creating technical writing for instruction manuals and training materials for new joiners.

🔯Increasing effectiveness or performance, analyzing client demands, and suggesting suitable solutions.

🔯Collaborating with other developers to make sure workflows are efficient and effective.

🔯Coordinating with other engineers to make sure that projects adhere to quality standards.

System Administrator

Support, troubleshooting, and network maintenance are the responsibilities of system administrators. System administrators, or sysadmins, are information technology (IT) specialists that ensure if a company's computer systems are operational and suit the demands of the company. 

System Administrator

As the system administrator, you will have mentioned responsibilities:

🔯You will have control of Windows, Linux, or Mac systems.

🔯You will upgrade, install, and set up computer hardware and software.

🔯You will be troubleshooting and providing technical assistance to staff.

🔯You will be handling system permissions and user accounts creation and management.

🔯You have to monitor and conduct frequent security checks.

🔯You will be maintaining networks and network file systems.

Systems Engineer

Systems engineering is a multidisciplinary approach to producing solutions. Systems engineers identify the linkages between functions and look for solutions to streamline operations, boost effectiveness, and boost output.

Systems Engineer

Systems engineers simply examine organizational systems to identify more effective methods of operation. They generally 

🔯Evaluate system problems to find the best solution to address project requirements.

🔯Completing a job from beginning to end.

🔯Directing interdisciplinary teams.

🔯Retaining quality while improving systems.

Technical Support Engineer

In various industries, including telecommunications, healthcare, and financial services, technical support engineers offer troubleshooting and tech support services to a wide range of internal and external clients.

technical support engineer

The primary duty of the IT department at virtually every sizable business is to offer technical support. Technical support engineers generally do

🔯Engineers who support staff and internal departments.

🔯Customers who have called in or started a live chat to ask for assistance are being spoken to by customer-facing professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you understand by an application support engineer?

An application support engineer is a person who resolves the problems of customers as well as troubleshoots the problems that are occurring in the company’s web application.

What does an application support engineer do?

An application engineer is responsible for identifying customer needs, creating and testing software, and assisting the sales team with presentations and product prototypes.

Does Cvent hire freshers?

Yes, you can apply at Cvent even if you are a fresher. Cvent hires both freshers as well as experienced developers and engineers. 

What is Cvent?

Cvent is a firm based in Virginia.It is a publicly traded software-as-a-service company specializing in the meeting, event, and hospitality management technology. The company employs over 4,000 people.


This article discussed the profile of an Application Support Engineer at Cvent. We have discussed the roles and responsibilities, skills and requirements, salary and perks, Preparation strategy, and Career Map for the job profile.

You can follow our other preparation guide articles on Cvent to learn more. Following are the links to the articles.

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Happy coding!

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