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How Does AWS Cloud9 Work?
AWS Cloud9 IDE’s Features
How do you Set Up AWS Cloud9?
Benefits of AWS Cloud9
AWS Cloud9 IDE Alternatives & Comparisons
Frequently Asked Questions
What web browsers can I use to access AWS Cloud9?
What is an AWS Cloud9 development environment?
What tools and packages are preinstalled on AWS Cloud9 EC2 environments?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

AWS Cloud9

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AWS Cloud9 is a cloud-based advanced programming environment that provides a framework for publishing, running, and debugging code directly from a browser. This package includes a debugger, an application editor, and a terminal. It is compatible with hundreds of programming languages, including Node.js, C, C++, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, and Go. Moreover, you do not need to upload files to start new tasks or upgrade your production system.

Because your Cloud9 IDE is cloud-based, you can work on your projects from your office, home, or wherever you have an internet connection.

Cloud9 also offers a unified development environment for serverless applications, allowing users to easily identify resources, debug, and swap between cloud services local and remote execution. You can quickly share your development platform with your team using Cloud9, enabling you to pair programs and track each other's inputs in real-time. It's likely that you'll pick up some new ideas to help you advance your connectivity code and automation options.

How Does AWS Cloud9 Work?

The CLoud9 IDE interacts with your AWS Cloud9 environment through a web browser on your local computer. That environment is connected to a computing resource. Your work is then saved in an AWS CodeCommit repository or a remote repository of your choice.

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AWS Cloud9 IDE’s Features

The following are some of Cloud9's features:

  • Real-time collaboration and chat: To work together in real-time Multiple developers can use the Cloud9 IDE. Enabling duo and team programming means that you can type and pair programs on the same file with each other.


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  • Chat Connect via SSH and FTP: It provides facilities to chat with the developers via SSH and FTP.
  • Goto File - quick access to files: Accessing files is much easier in Cloud9. It has a Goto file tab that will take you to the desired file in no time. 
  • Themes That Adapt: It has adaptive themes which give a real-time experience while working with it. 
  • Folding arrows in code allow you to collapse code: It provides interactive UI to work. 
  • Tools for serverless development: The Cloud-based platform offers a variety of tools for developing serverless applications and testing Lambda functions. Within the development environment, AWS Lambda functions can be edited and debugged.


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  • Integrated Terminal: Full Sudo privileges are available in Cloud9 IDE. The IDE includes a built-in terminal for controlling the EC2 instance that is currently running. The terminal can also be used to perform Git push and pull commands, compile code, run commands, and view server output.


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How do you Set Up AWS Cloud9?

You can use Cloud9 as an individual, a student, a member of a team, or an instructor. The following is the procedure for each person's setup;

Step 1: Create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.

If you already have an AWS account, you can skip to the next section. With the AWS Account Root User, log in to the AWS Cloud9 Console.

Go to to create an AWS account.


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Sign in to the Console.

Select the option to create a new AWS account.

Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process. Giving AWS your email address and credit card information is part of this. You'll also need to use your phone to enter a code provided by AWS.

AWS will send you a confirmation email once you've completed the account creation process.


Step 2: Log in to the AWS Cloud9 console as the root user of your AWS account.

After you've completed the previous step, you can log into the AWS Cloud9 console as an AWS account root user and begin using AWS Cloud9.


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Go to to access the AWS Cloud9 console.

Choose Next after entering your AWS account's email address.

Note: If an incorrect email address is already displayed, select Sign in to a different account. Choose Next after entering the correct email address.

Choose Sign In after entering your AWS account password.

And you are done here. Now start doing your work.

Benefits of AWS Cloud9

Following are some exciting advantages of AWS cloud9 which will help you understand it more clearly.

  1. No more installing and maintaining local IDEs and environments. Only use any browser to access your AWS Cloud9 development platform and write, run, and debug apps. Using features like application hinting, code completion, and step-by-step debugging to make the process much more efficient and time-saving. Use the Cloud9 terminal to experiment with browser-based coding, which allows users to create new programs and commands.
  2. It is no longer necessary to use any other third-party application sharing tools. Only a few clicks are required to share your coding realm with your team and begin working on your code. AWS Cloud9 enabled team members to see and interact with one another in real-time, right from within the IDE.
  3. AWS Cloud9 makes it possible for serverless programs to be published, run, and tested. It sets up the production environment for serverless development, including all of the necessary SDKs, libraries, and plug-ins. It also provides a local testing and debugging environment for AWS Lambda functions. It allows you to pass explicitly on your code, rescuing time and ensuring that your work is coherent.

AWS Cloud9 IDE Alternatives & Comparisons

  • WebStorm
    WebStorm is a savvy and lightweight IDE for front-end and server-side JavaScript development. When it comes to the quality of ongoing brand support, AWS Cloud9 and WebStorm are nearly equivalent. WebStrom requires a subscription. 
  • CodePen
    CodePen is a collaborative development platform for front-end designers and developers, where developers can create and test code snippets, nicknamed "pens" by the developers. Cloud9 audiences are developer teams while for CodePen, it is Designers and developers seeking a social development environment. 
  • Koding
    Koding is a feature-rich cloud-based development environment that includes free virtual machines, an eye-catching IDE, and root user level terminal access. Many people feel that AWS Cloud9 meets the needs of their business better than Koding and When comparing the quality of ongoing product support, AWS Cloud9 is the preferred option.
  • Codeanywhere
    Codeanywhere is a development platform that allows you not only to modify your files, but also to collaborate, embed, and share them on any device. When assessing the two solutions, some find AWS Cloud9 easier to use and administer. However, some also prefer the ease of set up and doing business with Codeanywhere overall.
  • Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces
    Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces, based on an open Eclipse Che project, provides developer workspaces that include all of the tools and dependencies required to code, create, experiment, run, and debug applications. "Easy to use", "Free" and "Nice UI" are the key factors why developers consider Cloud9 IDE; whereas "Anywhere coding", "Open source and free for use" and "Java support" are the primary reasons why Codenvy is favored.

Frequently Asked Questions

What web browsers can I use to access AWS Cloud9?

Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge are all completely compatible with AWS Cloud9.

What is an AWS Cloud9 development environment?

The project code files are saved and the tools required to build the application are run in an AWS Cloud9 development environment. Each environment has its own set of IDE options. This allows you to quickly build and switch between a variety of development environments, each with its own collection of tools, runtimes, files, and IDE settings for each project.

What tools and packages are preinstalled on AWS Cloud9 EC2 environments?

Frequently used development tools like Git and Docker are preloaded on AWS Cloud9 EC2 setups. Many popular programming languages, such as Node.js and Python, include language runtimes and package managers.


To wrap up this blog, we went over the fundamentals of AWS Cloud9, including how it works and what features it offers. We also talked about how to set up cloud9 and the main advantages of using it. Finally, we looked at different IDEs and their comparisons.

We believe that this blog has assisted you to learn more about AWS Cloud9. This isn't the end; if you're curious to learn more, check out our other AWS articles here. Do upvote our blog to help other ninjas grow. 

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