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Features of CodeBuild
Running CodeBuild
Working of CodeBuild
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use code build with Jenkins?
How can I debug past failed builds?
What is the purpose of AWS CodeBuild?
What is the difference between CodePipeline and CodeBuild?
What is the difference between CodeBuild and CodeDeploy?
Which programming frameworks does CodeBuild support?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

AWS CodeBuild

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AWS CodeBuild is a feature under the AWS pipeline used to build your projects according to your present environment. AWS CodeBuild is a fully managed continuous integration service that compiles source code, runs tests, and produces build artifacts.


To obtain simply commit code changes and code build scales continuously to handle concurrent jobs eliminating queue time.

Additionally, you pay only for the build time, so there is no more pain for idle time. AWS CodeBuild is easy to set up; you can bring your own build environment or use one of the preconfigured environments. AWS CodeBuild works with your existing tools too. For example, the Jenkins plugin makes it easy to keep your Jenkin server and use CodeBuild as your work requires. 

Features of CodeBuild

The features of AWS CodeBuild are as follows:-

  • To meet your build needs, code build scales on demand. We have to only pay for the number of build minutes you consume.
  • Codebuild terminates the need to set up, patch, update and manage our build servers.
  • Codebuild can adjust itself according to your project requirements.
  • The “Buildspec.yml” file is used to define the requirements that are going to be used in the project.
  • After building your code, build stores the artifacts in a default location or a specified location in s3.
  • Codebuild lets you build environments for Java, Python, Node.js, Go, Ruby, Docker, etc.   
  • Codebuild provides several integration options like SNS and cloudwatch.
  • Codebuild is a part of the code pipeline, and that can be triggered through lambda functions, Code commits, git commits or s3, etc.


Under AWS CodeBuild you can manage your builds and can watch the build logs, phase details, and many other things as shown below:

source: aws console

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Running CodeBuild

To run code build, we can use AWS code build or AWS CodePipeline console. As shown below:

source: aws console

From here, you can start building your build environments for your project. After navigating in ‘create a project,’ you can find all the options to develop your Code. Some of the options are mentioned  below:

source: aws console

Here you need to first give your build a name and a description so that anyone monitoring this build can know why this build is created.

After that, you need to specify the code file location. It has different options: the code file could be stored in s3, or by default; it is set to AWS CodeCommit.

The next task is to set the environment for your project, you need to define a role for this step, and you can choose the operating system as per the requirement of the Code.

Then for the last step, you need to enter the name of the build spec file, or you can create one in the given editor and store the artifacts in s3.

Working of CodeBuild

  • We must deliver CodeBuild with a build project as input. A build project contains information about how to run a build, which includes where to get the source code, which builds commands to run, which build environment to use, and where to store the build output.
  • To create the build environment, CodeBuild uses the build project.
  • A buildspec is a cluster of build commands and related settings that CodeBuild uses to run a build. CodeBuild downloads the source code into the build environment and then uses the buildspec, already defined in the build project.
  • The build environment transfers its output to an S3 bucket if there is any build output. The build environment can also perform certain tasks that you enumerate in the buildspec.
  • The build environment forwards information to CodeBuild and Amazon CloudWatch Logs during the time the build is running.


  • We can use the AWS CodeBuild console, AWS CLI, or AWS SDKs to get summed-up build information from CodeBuild and detailed build information from Amazon ClouWatch Logs while the build is running.
  • If you use AWS CodePipeline to run builds, you can get precise build information from CodePipeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use code build with Jenkins?

Yes, code build comes with Jenkins plugins. The Jenkins build jobs are directly sent to code build.

How can I debug past failed builds?

You can debug all the past failed builds in the build history, and from there, you can choose the specific build you want to inspect.

What is the purpose of AWS CodeBuild?

The main purpose of AWS CodeBuild is to compile source code, run tests, and generate software packages ready to deploy.

What is the difference between CodePipeline and CodeBuild?

CodeBuild can be distinguished as a tool in the continuous Integration category, Whereas CodePipeline is categorized under Continuous deployment.

What is the difference between CodeBuild and CodeDeploy?

CodeBuild can be classified under the continuous Integration category of the tech stack, whereas CodeDeploy can be primarily grouped under deployment as a service.

Which programming frameworks does CodeBuild support?

CodeBuild supports programming frameworks such as Ruby, Java, Python, Node.js, Go, Android, Php, and Docker.


In this article, we have extensively discussed AWS CodeBuild, the working of AWS CodeBuild, and how to run AWS CodeBuild. We started with the introduction and then how to run it, and it's working.

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