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AWS DeepLens
Create and Deploy a Sample Model 
Building AWS DeepLens Projects
AWS DeepLens Device Library
Key takeaways
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

AWS DeepLens

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The world's most memorable profound learning empowered camcorder for designers. AWS DeepLens helps put AI in possession of engineers, in a real sense, with a completely programmable camcorder, instructional exercises, code, and pre-prepared models intended to grow profound mastering abilities.
Example: Disney is utilizing AWS Deep Learning to document their media library.

AWS DeepLens

AWS DeepLens is a profound learning-empowered camcorder. It is coordinated with the few AWS AI benefits and can perform neighborhood derivation against sent models provisioned from the AWS Cloud. It empowers you to learn and investigate the most recent artificial brainpower (AI) apparatuses and innovations for creating PC vision applications in light of a profound learning model.

As a novice to AI, you can utilize AWS DeepLens to investigate profound learning through active instructional exercises given deep learning test projects. Each example project contains a pre-prepared model and a direct deduction work.

As a carefully prepared professional, you can utilize the AWS DeepLens improvement climate to prepare a convolutional brain organization (CNN) model and afterward send your PC vision application project containing the model to the AWS DeepLens gadget. You can prepare the model in any upheld profound learning systems, including Caffe, MXNet, and TensorFlow.

To make and run an AWS DeepLens-based PC vision application project, you usually utilize the accompanying AWS administrations:

  • Utilize the SageMaker administration to prepare and approve a CNN model or import a pre-prepared model.
  • Utilize the AWS Lambda administration to make an undertaking capacity to make surmisings of video outlines off the camera against the model.
  • Utilize the AWS DeepLens administration to make a PC vision application project that comprises the model and deduction work
  • Utilize the AWS IoT Greengrass administration to convey the application project and a Lambda runtime to your AWS DeepLens gadget, notwithstanding the product or design refreshes.

This implies that you should give proper authorizations to get to these AWS administrations.


The accompanying graph represents the essential work process of a sent AWS DeepLens project.

Image: How AWS DeepLens works


  1. When turned on, the AWS DeepLens catches a video transfer.
  2. Your AWS DeepLens produces two result streams:
    Device stream - The video transfer went through without handling.
    Project stream - The consequences of the model's handling of video outline

3. The Inference Lambda work gets natural video outlines.

4. The Inference Lambda work passes the natural edges to the venture's profound learning model, where they are handled.

5. The Inference Lambda work gets the handled edges from the model and passes the handled casings on in the venture stream.


To run your profound learning PC vision application on your AWS DeepLens gadget, you should initially enroll the device with AWS. After it's registered, you can make an AWS DeepLens project in the AWS Cloud. Likewise, you'll have the option to convey the venture to the enrolled gadget and update the gadget programming and settings.

The enrollment cycle is different for every adaptation of the AWS DeepLens equipment. In the first place, check the equipment variant imprinted on the lower part of your AWS DeepLens gadget.

Enrolling your AWS DeepLens 2019 Edition(v1.1) gadget includes playing out the accompanying assignments:

  1. Associate the device to your PC.
  2. Check the chronic gadget number.
  3. Set up the gadget's web association.
  4. Make gadget portrayal in the AWS Cloud.
  5. Update the gadget settings.

Create and Deploy a Sample Model 

In this walkthrough, you'll utilize the AWS DeepLens control center to make an AWS DeepLens project from the Object Detection test project layout to make an AWS DeepLens project. The pre-prepared object discovery model can dissect pictures from a video transfer caught on your AWS DeepLens gadget and distinguish articles as one of 20 named picture types. The directions introduced here apply to making and sending other AWS DeepLens test projects.

The accompanying chart presents an undeniable level outline of the cycles to utilize the AWS DeepLens control center to make and convey an example project.


While making an example project, the fields in the control center are pre-populated for you so you can acknowledge the defaults. In the Project content piece of the screen, you want to realize the task's model and deduction work. You can track down the data for the singular ventures in AWS DeepLens Sample Projects Overview.

Building AWS DeepLens Projects

When your AWS DeepLens gadget is enlisted with and associated with the AWS Cloud, you can start to make an AWS DeepLens project on the AWS Cloud and convey it to run on the gadget. An AWS DeepLens project is a profound learning-based PC vision application. It comprises a deep learning model and a Lambda capacity to perform derivation in light of the model.

Before making an AWS DeepLens project, you probably prepared or have another person prepare a profound learning model utilizing one of the upheld AI structures. The model can be ready to use SageMaker or another AI climate. Furthermore, you should likewise have made and distributed an induction work in AWS Lambda. In this part, you'll figure out how to prepare a profound PC vision learning model in SageMaker and make a derivation Lambda capacity to make deductions and execute another application rationale.

To assist you with getting the hang of building your AWS DeepLens project, you approach a bunch of AWS DeepLens test projects. You can utilize the example projects as-is to get the hang of programming designs for building an AWS DeepLens project. You can likewise involve them as layouts to expand their usefulness. In this section, you'll more deeply study these example ventures and how to utilize one to run on your gadget.

AWS DeepLens Device Library

The AWS DeepLens gadget library comprises a bunch of Python modules that give articles and strategies for different gadget tasks:

  • The awscam module for running deduction code in light of a venture's model.
  • The mo module for changing over your Caffe, Apache MXNet, or TensorFlow profound learning model antiquities into AWS DeepLens model ancient rarities and performing significant enhancement.
  • The DeepLens_Kinesis_Video module for coordinating with Kinesis Video Streams to oversee real-time from the AWS DeepLens gadget to a Kinesis Video Streams transfer.
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1. How does DeepLens respond?

AWS DeepLens is a programmable camcorder that empowers a designer to effortlessly explore different avenues regarding AI, artificial consciousness (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

2. How would I enroll for DeepLens?

Download a security endorsement for the gadget. This endorsement is produced by AWS IoT upon demand by the AWS DeepLens administration.

3. What is a profound realizing machine?

Profound learning is a kind of AI and artificial consciousness (AI) that copies how people gain particular sorts of information.

4. What is an AI camera?

As far as what an AI camera is, it is a kind of computational photography. It comprises the constant handling of information to decide simply.

Key takeaways

AI calculations are conveyed to assist with planning trailers and different commercials, give shoppers customized content suggestions, and even smooth out creation. For instance, Disney utilizes AWS Deep Learning to document their media library. AWS DeepLens helps put AI in possession of engineers, in a real sense, with a completely programmable camcorder, instructional exercises, code, and pre-prepared models intended to grow profound mastering abilities.

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