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About the Role👨‍💻
How to Apply for these Roles?🏆
Salary and Perks💥
The salary you receive as an  AWS DevOps Engineer employee💰
Perks you get as an AWS DevOps Engineer
Skills and Experience Required👨‍🏫
Roles and Responsibilities👩‍💻
How to become an AWS DevOps Engineer?👨‍🏫
Preparations For AWS DevOps Engineer🧾
Roadmap and Career Map🎯
Career Map As an AWS DevOps Engineer
Levels of AWS DevOps Engineer at Infosys🚀
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Infosys known for?
What does DevOps Stands For?
What work does AWS DevOps Engineer at Infosys do?
What is the salary of DevOps salary in India?
Is Infosys interview round tough?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

AWS DevOps Engineer at Infosys

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Infosys is a premiere software IT company with more than 40+ years of experience in the IT industry. It is one of the first  IT companies from India to be listed on NASDAQ. It manages the systems and the workings of global enterprises.

Infosys cover

With more than 335000+ employees, the company is present in more than 50+ countries and has 1778 trusting clients all over the globe. It empowers the business with  Agile digital at scale and delivers unprecedented performance levels to its clients. Infosys reached the landmark of Rs. 1,000,000 crores in revenue in FY 2021.  With high expertise, ideas, highly skilled mindset, and all-time learning, attitude helps them to make their trust with the clients.

About the Role👨‍💻

 As an AWS DevOps Engineer at Infosys, you will have the following responsibilities.

About image

📍 Automate the deployment and implementation of code in the cloud.

📍You will be responsible for the deployment, helping, and automating the process.

📍They are responsible for minimizing the software faults and helping reduce the code's bugs.

📍They have an in-depth understanding of the software development life cycle(SDLC). They have knowledge of different automating tools, which helps deploy the code.

📍They know operating systems and are experts in building facilities with high automation.

📍They are in charge of various ways to enhance the current architecture.

📍The study, planning, and execution of techniques for continuous deployment with the inclusion of unit testing, deployment, and constant monitoring are tasks performed by DevOps Engineers.

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How to Apply for these Roles?🏆

💡Infosys Careers

💡LinkedIn Jobs

The links mentioned above will help you to apply at Infosys. You can directly apply from the Infosys Career Page or you can simply apply from LinkedIn.

Salary and Perks💥

Salary and perks img

As an AWS DevOps, you get multiple benefits and perks. These benefits are sometimes very specific to the employee designation. Being in Infosys has its own perks and benefits. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

The salary you receive as an  AWS DevOps Engineer employee💰


With high experience, you receive high pay.

Tabular salary img

The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.

Perks you get as an AWS DevOps Engineer

⚡Medical health insurance

⚡Performance Bonus

⚡Work from home

⚡Sick leave

⚡Job Training

⚡Parental leave

⚡International Relocation

⚡Free Transportation

⚡Child care

Skills and Experience Required👨‍🏫

As an AWS  DevOps Engineer, You are expected to have the following skills.

Skills img

🔥Should have command on any one programming language like Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Bash, MySQL, PHP, Perl.

🔥Hands-on with Jenkins, GitLab, and its CI/CD.


🔥Azure, Agile, Design

🔥 You Should be familiar with deploying and running AWS infrastructure like ASG, EC2, S3, Management tools, etc. You can also learn Amazon-Web-Services.

🔥Knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes is a plus.

🔥Good to know scripting languages like python and Bash (Python Language).

🔥Should have worked on Unix & Shell scripting.

🔥Practical knowledge of AWS Cloud platform (Cloud Computing).

🔥Understanding relevant tools like version control, network protocols, testing and deployment, containers, etc.

🔥Good understanding of SDLC and agile methodologies.

Working with cloud services like AWS requires at least three to five years of experience. Should be able to troubleshoot complicated deployment problems.

Roles and Responsibilities👩‍💻


🚀As an AWS DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for the deployment and development.

🚀You will be given the responsibility to handle your team members and guide them.

🚀You will be responsible for automating the process with the latest technology.

🚀Deploying the CI/CD tools.

🚀Continous monitoring, deploying, managing, and testing are the primary responsibilities of an AWS DevOps Engineer.

🚀You will be also responsible for continuously monitoring the AWS platform.

🚀you will be handling the new technology projects and making the changes according to the needs of the business.

🚀Testing the Quality assurance of the product.

🚀To the unique problems and scenarios you will be responsible for providing the solutions.

How to become an AWS DevOps Engineer?👨‍🏫

Become img

⚡ Bachelor's degree or 5+ years of professional experience.

⚡To become an AWS DevOps Engineer, having 5+ years of experience as a technical specialist is good.

⚡There should be at least  2+ years of experience in an object-oriented programming language.

⚡Practical working and experience in cloud and development.

⚡Experience with the entire software development lifecycle and delivery using agile practices. 

⚡Experience with Kubernetes, microservices, or serverless technology.

⚡Earning an AWS certificate is an advantage.

Preparations For AWS DevOps Engineer🧾

Don’t Worry! With an ample amount of free resources and guided paths, Coding Ninjas always has your back. Below there are resources that will help in your interviews and ease your preparations. 

Amazon-Web-Services: Amazon web services play an important role in the preparation for AWS DevOps Engineer. It is important that you should have a thorough knowledge of AWS.

Java Programming Language: Object Oriented Programming a very important role. For a DevOps Engineer, it is important to have sound knowledge of java.

Cloud ComputingDeploying the product and storing the data in the cloud is the main responsibility of an AWS DevOps Engineer. 

Go LanguageIt is used as a general Programming Language. Prepare Go language for creating efficient software.

AWS-Interview-QuestionsThis plays an important role in the preparations. It is always better to study the previously asked questions when preparing for the interview.

Compiler DesignAs an AWS DevOps Engineer it is good to have knowledge of Compiler Design.

Python LanguageAWS DevOps Engineer should have knowledge of  Python programming language.

Infosys-Interview-QuestionsTo the company, you are planning to go to, it is good to go through the interview questions of that company.

These links will help you to study the topics that are needed for the preparations for AWS DevOps Engineer.

You can also check the video attached below:

Roadmap and Career Map🎯

Roadmap img

To get a job as an AWS DevOps Engineer, you must fulfil the following requirements.

💥 Hands-on experience with anyone Object Oriented Programming language. Java

💥you must have proficient knowledge in a scripting language(Linux/Unix Shell Scripts/ Go/Ruby). Study about them from here.

💥Must be familiar with Cloud development and deployment tools. Study Cloud from Cloud Computing

💥Knowledge in CI/Cd tools(Jenkins, Travis CI, etc.).

💥Experience with DevOps Services (AWS, Azure, GCP). Study about amazon from Amazon-Web-Services

💥Knowledge of (Github/GitLab/ BItBucket) or SCM tools.

💥 Hands-on experience with automation tools.

💥In-depth knowledge of key AWS services-EC2, S3, Dynamo DB, RDS, etc. You can study AWS from here.

     Refer to our blog for further details on AWS: 

     🔶Azure vs google cloud platform

     🔶8 best reasons to get AWS certified

💥Good knowledge of Code coverage and testing tools for CI/CD pipelines.

💥 Getting an AWS certification always adds an advantage.

Keep in mind that it is not compulsory to know everything, but it adds a plus point if you know.

Career Map As an AWS DevOps Engineer

Career map

AWS DevOps Engineer🤵: You started as AWS DevOps Engineer. You will be responsible for the development and deployment of the project. You will be ensuring the configuration of the management tools. You will be responsible for troubleshooting wide array of issues in the linux and functional areas.

Release Manager🧑‍✈️: After you have acquired the position of an AWS DevOps Engineer you are then promoted to Release Manager. The Release Manager, the main responsibility is to get the status of the project done. You will be controlling and handling your team. You will be also handling the issues in the development and will be responsible for scheduling, planning, and making the project delivery on time.

DevOps Test Engineer👮: After you have become Release Manager, you are then promoted to the DevOps Test Engineer. As the name suggests you will be responsible for automating the process and solving the product issues and delivering the solution.


DevOps Cloud Engineer🧑‍💻: After Being DevOps test Engineer, you are then promoted to the DevOps Cloud Engineer in the company. You will be working with the cloud team and focusing on the AWS infrastructure and automation. You will be closely working with the manager of operations and DevOps and automating the AWS infrastructure.


DevOps Architect🧑‍🎓: And finally you are as DevOps Architect. Being AWS DevOps Architect you will be responsible for establishing the infrastructure of the DevOps in your organization and maintaining the channel. You will be leading the design for the enterprise applications. You will be also managing the non-production and production environment.

Levels of AWS DevOps Engineer at Infosys🚀

Levels image

There are different levels in AWS.

The levels in AWS differs widely with the years of experience you have with cloud. The certifications that AWS offers are the levels of DevOps Engineer.

  AWS currently holds 11 certifications.

🔶 One Foundational Certificate.

      ⚫It has a certificate as Cloud Practitioner(cloud computing)

🔶Three associate-level certifications.

                    ⚫Solutions Architect


                    ⚫ SysOps Administrator

 🔶Two professional certifications.

          ⚫DevOps Engineer

          ⚫Solutions Architect

🔶Five specialist certifications

              ⚫Big Data(Analytics and big data )

              ⚫Machine Learning (Machine Learning)


              ⚫Alexa Skill Builder.

              ⚫Advanced Networking.

Check out Infosys Interview Experience to learn about their hiring process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Infosys known for?

Infosys is a global consulting  IT company founded in 1981 with an initial capital of US$250. It provides services to companies in finance, marketing, insurance, etc.

What does DevOps Stands For?

DevOps means both development and operations. It is a combination of practices and tools that helps the organization to perform faster and better.

What work does AWS DevOps Engineer at Infosys do?

The primary role is to design and automate and support continuous delivery and integration processes.

What is the salary of DevOps salary in India?

DevOps engineers receive salary ranges from  ₹ 4,20,000 lakhs to  ₹ 12,30,000  lakhs. The annual salary is  ₹ 6,00,000 lakhs.

Is Infosys interview round tough?

The difficulty level is moderate. It is easy to crack the interview if you have sound coding knowledge and good communication.


In this blog, we have understood about AWS DevOps Engineer. We look further at how to get a job as an AWS DevOps Engineer at Infosys and their salary and benefits. We additionally saw the experience and skills required as an AWS DevOps Engineer at Infosys, and we have covered the roadmap and the levels of AWS DevOps Engineer. Finally, we have seen the certifications of AWS.

For insights about Infosys and preparations, please refer to our blog:

Infosys Preparation Guide

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