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Table of contents
A brief about AWS
What is the AWS Snow Family?
AWS Snowcone
Features of Snowcone
AWS Snowball
Features of Snowball
AWS Snowmobile
Features of Snowmobile
Frequently Asked Questions
How can we transfer the data with Snowcone?
Why use AWS Snowball?
Why use AWS Snowmobile?
How does Snowmobile ensure data security during transit?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

AWS Snow Family

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In today's digital world, data is one of the most important things. It is used for process optimization, making better decisions, and purposes that can help an organization in its growth. This is where cloud computing comes into the picture. Cloud computing helps them to scale their businesses and operations, easily transfer data, and easy management. In cloud computing, Amazon Web Services(AWS) Snow Family helps in achieving these tasks easily and efficiently.

aws snow family

In this article, we will discuss about AWS Snow Family. Firstly, we will discuss about what AWS is. Then we will explain what Snow Family’s members are. Before moving on to the main topic, let us discuss about AWS.

A brief about AWS

AWS is a cloud computing platform presented by Amazon. It offers various services to help organizations. It helps them to store, manage, and access data on the internet. Without using hardware or a physical server, we can easily do all the tasks that are required for an application. 

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AWS also provides storage, database, and computing power. It is used to store and backup the data securely on the cloud. It also provides hosting services. It is scalable if an organization wants to scale its business.

As we know, data transfer is a very challenging task. This is where AWS introduced a new feature called AWS Snow Family. Let us understand about it.

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What is the AWS Snow Family?

AWS Snow family is a family or a collection of physical devices and services. These devices and services help the organization with easy data transfer, large-scale data integration, and other fields. Using AWS Snow Family, data management becomes easy. Any size of organization can use the AWS Snow family. 

Now, as you are reading Snow Family, now you might be wondering who are family members then. Let us discuss each one of the Snow family members.

AWS Snowcone

AWS Snowcone is the smallest member of the family. It is used for data transferring in rugged and remote environments. It has a compact size and high durability. It is mainly used for edge computing and data collection at the network edge. It is mostly used for IoT devices. It is also used where connectivity is very low.

Features of Snowcone

There are several features of AWS Snowcone:

  • It is the smallest and most portable member. Its weight is only 4.5 lbs and fits in the palm of your hand
  • It offers 8TB(Terabyte) of usable storage capacity and supports both offline and online data transfer modes
  • It is rugged and can withstand harsh environments

AWS Snowball

AWS Snowball is the second member of the Snow family. It is one of the most high-capacity devices for transferring data. It is available in two options, which are 50TB and 80TB. It is designed to address the large-scale data migration issues. It is very much helpful when we need to move large volumes of data. Suppose we want a device in data center migration, disaster recovery, or content distribution, then Snowball is the one which can help us.

Features of Snowball

There are several features of AWS Snowball:

  • When we need to transfer the data on a large scale, then we can use Snowball
  • It is a rugged and secure device equipped with tamper-evident enclosures256-bit encryption, and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for data protection
  • It also supports high-speed data transfer with up to 100 Gbps
  • It provides an E-Ink shipping label for easy tracking

AWS Snowmobile

AWS Snowmobile is the third member of the Snow family. It is one of the greatest data transfer devices. We can transfer a very huge amount of data using it. It is built as a 45-foot-long shipping container. It is able to move the exabytes of data. It is one of the finest choices if you want to move ultra-large data sets. It is useful when you need to do big data analytics, media archives, and data center migrations at a large scale.

Features of Snowmobile

There are several features of AWS Snowmobile:

  • It is a massive exabyte data transfer device
  • It offers a massive storage capacity of 100PB(Petabytes)
  • It is completely equipped with high encryption, which makes it a better choice
  • It is also enabled with GPS tracking, video surveillance, and alarm monitoring for robust security 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we transfer the data with Snowcone?

We can transfer the data with Snowcone by loading it in Snowcone. We can load the data using the Snowball client. Then shipped back the data to AWS for importing into the Amazon S3 bucket.

Why use AWS Snowball?

We can use Snowball for data center migrations, disaster recovery, data archiving, and content distribution.

Why use AWS Snowmobile?

Snowmobile is suitable for moving extremely large datasets, like big data analytics, media archives, and data center migrations at scale.

How does Snowmobile ensure data security during transit?

Data transferred via Snowmobile is encrypted using 256-bit encryption, and AWS manages encryption keys securely.


In this blog, we have discussed about AWS Snow family. Firstly, we covered what AWS is. Then we explained the Snow family devices with their features. If you want to learn more about AWS, then you can check out our blogs:

We hope this blog helps you to get knowledge about the AWS Snow family. You can refer to our guided paths on the Codestudio platform. You can check our course to learn more about DSADBMSCompetitive ProgrammingPythonJavaJavaScript, etc. 

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Happy Learning!!

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