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Last updated: Jun 13, 2022

AWS Storage

AWS storage is an open-ended service offered by AWS. There are various storage types that are being supported by AWS. This section contains all the types.
AWS Elastic File System EASY
In this blog, we will be studying AWS Elastic File System (EFS)
This article will provide a brief guide to the AWS EBS vs EFS, their key features, and which one to choose according to the requirements.
Amazon Elastic Block Store
In this article, We have discussed what Amazon EBS is,its features,benefits of using it and finally how to create one.
Amazon FSx EASY
This blog will cover what is Amazon FSx and what are its features.
Amazon FSx for Lustre
This blog will cover the topic of Amazon FSx for Lustre. It will also focus on the multiple deployment options, Accessing FSx for Lustre File Systems, Integrations with AWS services, Security, and Compliance, Assumptions, and Pricing for Amazon FSx for Lustre.
Amazon FSx for Windows File Server
This blog will cover the topic of Amazon FSx for Windows File Server. We will discuss how to access the file shares and their security, data protection, availability, durability, price, and performance flexibility.
AWS S3 Versioning
In this blog, we will discuss AWS S3 versioning. We will also discuss about S3 bucket. We will explain the steps to enable S3 versioning and the benefits of S3 versioning.
Amazon S3 EASY
This article covers Amazon s3, its working, related services, accessing, and its advantages.
S3 Presigned URLs HARD
This article will discuss Presigned URLs and how they are used with S3 objects in AWS.
Amazon S3 Glacier
This article covers Amazon S3 Glacier, its data model and its accessing points.
In this post, we will learn about AWS Backup in Amazon Web Services.
AWS Snow Family
In this blog, we will discuss AWS Snow Family. We will explain each member of the Snow Family along with their features.
AWS Storage Gateway EASY
This blog gives us an overview of AWS storage gateway.