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Declaration of java.awt.Panel class
AWT Panel Example
What is AWT Panel used for?
Which all classes AWT Panel class inherits?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

AWT Panel

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It is a container class that inherits the Container class. AWT panel is a container inside which an application can connect with other components.

NOTE: It does not contain a title bar in it

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Declaration of java.awt.Panel class

public class Panel
   extends Container
      implements Accessible
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  1. Panel(): It creates the new panel using the default layout manager.
  2. Panel(LayoutManager layout): It creates the new panel using the specified layout manager.

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  1. void addNotify(): This method creates the Panel’s peer.
  2. AccessibleContext getAccessibleContext(): It returns the AccessibleContext associated with this Panel.

AWT Panel Example

import java.awt.*;  
public class PanelExample {
        Frame f= new Frame("Panel Example");    
        Panel panel=new Panel();  
        Button b1=new Button("Button 1");     
        Button b2=new Button("Button 2");   
        panel.add(b1); panel.add(b2);  
    public static void main(String args[])  
        new PanelExample();  


Practice by yourself on online java compiler for better understanding.


What is AWT Panel used for?

AWT panel is a container inside which an application can connect with other components.

Which all classes AWT Panel class inherits?

AWT Panel class inherits Container, Component, and Object class.


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