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Last updated: Jun 9, 2022

Basic Terms in Game Development

To develop games on various platforms we first need to understand the basics terms in game development. Concepts like 3D Mesh, polygons, NPCs, Shaders, and Animations, help us get started with game development and then understand the advanced concepts like Game Architecture, Game Engine, Ray Tracing, and Anti Aliasing.
Getting Started with Game Development
3D Mesh and polygons
This article will discuss 3D Mesh and polygons. We will look into their properties and contrast and compare various components.
In this article, we will discuss the NPCs(Nonplaying characters) in video games, and differences between NPCs and CPU, and at last, the 3 best video game NPCs.
FPS in Gaming MEDIUM
We have extensively discussed FPS and mainly FPS in gaming in this blog.
F2P Games
In this article, We have discussed what F2P games are, their modes of generating revenue, microtransactions, and, at last, the future of F2P games.
Shaders EASY
In this article, We have discussed shaders,what shaders are to the games,how they work and how to program shaders.
Animations EASY
In this Blog, we have extensively discussed Animations and their types in great detail.
Game engines EASY
This blog gives us an overview of game engines and talks about some of the popular game engines.
Ray Tracing
In this article, we extensively discuss the meaning of ray tracing, its role in gaming and how to simulate it
In this blog, we will discuss anti-aliasing and its types, along with its importance.
Game Development Life Cycle Model
This article explains all the stages of the Game Development Life Cycle Model
Game Architecture MEDIUM
In this blog, we have extensively discussed Game architecture and its major components.
This article includes all the information about TDD (technical design documents) and GDD (game design documents).
Bug Fixing in Game Development
The given article talks about the correct methods and ways to fix bugs in any game development project.