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Last updated: Oct 29, 2021


Understanding basic HTML defines to know about, its structure, definition, explanation, etc. Like - All HTML documents must start with a document type declaration: <!DOCTYPE html>. The HTML document itself begins with <html> and ends with </html>. The visible part of the HTML document is between <body> and </body>.
HTML Document Structure
In this article, we’ll look at the HTML Document Structure and its functioning, covering all the essential tags and elements found inside the Document.
Elements in HTML
This blog will take you through the Elements in HTML along with the frequently asked questions.
Author Alisha
The DOCTYPE declaration, short for Document Type Declaration, is the very first thing in an HTML document.
Attributes in HTML EASY
In this blog, we have learned about Attributes in HTML and their uses in building HTML documents.
Text Formatting in HTML
This blog covers the concept of Text Formatting in HTML along with examples.
&nbsp In HTML EASY
&nbsp stands for non-breaking space. It is an HTML entity used to represent a non-breaking space. A non-breaking space is a space character that prevents the browser from breaking the line at that point.
Quotations and Comments in HTML
We will learn about quotations and comments in HTML. These tags make the code more informative and allow us to mention quotes from different sources.
Page Title, Headings, and Paragraphs in HTML
This blog discusses page titles, headings, and paragraphs in HTML. We start with the basic code and use cases, followed by implementation.
Marquee Tag in HTML EASY
The HTML marquee tag is a legacy feature that enables text or images to scroll or slide horizontally or vertically across a web page, creating a moving effect.
Tables in HTML
This article describes the concept and use of HTML tables. The report has discussed various tags and attributes used for styling and editing the HTML tables.
HTML Checkbox EASY
HTML checkboxes are a quintessential element of user interaction on web platforms. They provide a straightforward yet effective means for users to indicate their preferences, particularly in forms.
Document getElementById() Method EASY
In this article, we learn about the Document Object Model, the Structure of DOM, Document, and the getElementById() method, which is important in Javascript.
Difference between <div> and <span> Tag in HTML EASY
A <div> tag is an HTML tag which defines a web page division, whereas a <span> tag is an HTML tag that defines a small document section.
HTML Header Tag EASY
In this blog, we will discuss about how HTML header tags store the heading of a page or an article, and present logos, or navigational links on a page.
Difference Between Header and Footer
The header and footer are vital parts of a web page, and they make the user experience better. A well-created header and footer make the website browsing easy.
How to Create a Button in HTML? EASY
The <button> tag in HTML creates clickable buttons for forms on your webpage. You can include text or images within the tag for the button content.
HTML <i> tag EASY
In this article, we will discuss about HTML i tag. We will also see the syntax and usage of the HTML i tag.
Difference Between HTML and XML EASY
This blog we will discuss the difference between HTML and XML. We will also go through the advantages and disadvantages of both HTML and XML.
Code Your Greetings with a Digital Christmas Card EASY
In this article, you will learn how to create a digital Christmas greeting card using codes.
HTML <img> Tag EASY
In this article, we will discuss the image tag in HTML along with its features and properties. We will also discuss the implementation of various html img attributes.
Difference between Front End and Back End
In this article, we will discuss about front end and backend development with their differenc ebetween them in deep detail.
Author Rashmi
A step-by-step walk through of your first HTML page
In this article we will cover all the steps to create a HTML page.
<Blink> Tag In HTML EASY
The <blink> tag in HTML is used to make text or images on a webpage flash or blink intermittently. Learn the syntax, example, and much more about <blink> tag in this comprehensive guide
Understanding HTML Color Names EASY
In this article, we will cover various html colour names and colour codes. We discuss how to use the colour property in the body tag.
What is HTML Tag for Background Color EASY
In this article, we will discuss HTML tags for background color. We will learn about HTML, the setting, and importance of bg color, and many more.
Difference Between HTML and HTML5 EASY
In this article, we will see the Key differences between HTML and HTML5 and also discuss the structure, advantages and disadvantages of HTML and HTML5.