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Coding Ninjas PSQL Compiler
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Frequently Asked Questions
Should I store sensitive information in these PSQL compilers?
What is the PostGIS plugin in PSQL?
What are transactions in PSQL?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Best 5 Online PSQL Compiler

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PostgreSQL is an open-source relational database management system known for its robustness and extensibility. PSQL is a CLI tool used for interacting with a PostgreSQL database.

best 5 online PSQL compiler

Installing PostgreSQL locally is not recommended for practicing PSQL queries, as the process is tedious. Instead, you should use a free online PSQL compiler.

This article covers the best 5 online PSQL compilers.

Coding Ninjas PSQL Compiler

Coding Ninjas PSQL compiler has one of the best online PSQL compilers. It has an intuitive interface which makes it suitable for beginners. It also has short execution times, along with syntax highlighting and code completion.

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The following are some key features of the Coding Ninjas PSQL Compiler:-

  • It supports all major browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, etc
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface with support for multiple libraries
  • The code editor has high readability with the help of syntax highlighting
  • You can code faster with the in-built autocompletion feature


Coding Ninjas has more to offer than just a compiler; we have a large community and a massive collection of educational resources.

Also see,  cousins of compiler

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OneCompiler has support for more than 60+ programming languages along with PSQL. It has a feature-rich code editor and short execution times.

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The code editor has multiple features, such as automatic code completion, keyword suggestions, syntax highlighting, and dark theme support. OneCompiler also provides API endpoints for you to use in your own front-end applications.

Similar to Coding Ninjas, OneCompiler also has a wide variety of educational content and a large user base that you can utilize to learn PSQL and other languages.

Coderpad Sandbox

Codepad is an online interview platform with a built-in code sandbox that supports multiple programming languages and database query languages such as PSQL and MySQL.

coderpad logo


Coderpad has a user-friendly interface and a modern code editor that supports code completion and Vim/Emacs keybindings. The sandbox also supports frontend libraries like Angular, React, and Vue.

Coderpad has an orientation toward coding tests and hiring, which makes it somewhat unsuitable for our use case.


Codeanywhere lets you deploy and interact with a dedicated PostgreSQL database using their cloud-based code editor. It also has support for configuring and running docker containers.

codeanywhere logo


The code editor has intelligent editing features such as auto-complete, code refactor, go to definition, and rename symbol. You can also access a fully featured GIT client to assist you with version control.

Using Codeanywhere, you can create full-stack applications with PostgreSQL databases directly from your browser.


Extendsclass is a free online PSQL compiler that you can use for practicing or learning PSQL queries such as create tableselectupdate, and delete. Just like the other compiler, Extendsclass doesn’t have support for transactions.

extendsclass logo


Extendsclass has built-in support for the Postgis plugin, which can be enabled within seconds without requiring any installation. Your data is deleted after 30 minutes of inactivity, ensuring privacy. The editor is simple and lightweight that supports code completion. You can also export the outputs to a CSV file which cannot be done using the compiler mentioned earlier.

Extendsclass is a free and straightforward PSQL compiler that is perfect for testing your database scripts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I store sensitive information in these PSQL compilers?

It is not recommended to store any personal/sensitive information in these compilers because, most of the time, these databases are shared among users, and most of these compilers do not guarantee data deletion after you close your session.

What is the PostGIS plugin in PSQL?

PostGIS is an add-on module that extends the capabilities of the PostgreSQL relational database by adding support for storing, indexing, and querying geospatial data. It is open-source with a GPL 2.0 license.

What are transactions in PSQL?

A Transaction is a sequence of one or more database operations treated as a single unit of work. Transactions ensure data consistency and integrity, and they follow the ACID properties.


In this article, we looked at the best 5 online PSQL compilers. They all have their own sets of features useful for different scenarios.

If you are interested in learning more about PSQL, check out the following articles:-

Happy Learning!

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