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Here are some of the best projects for your Resume
1. E-commerce
2. Social Media
3. Resume Builder
4.  Healthcare App
5. Gaming App
Frequently Asked Questions
How do you style an entire webpage at once?
What is DOM?
What is a framework?
Is web Dev harder than Game Dev?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Best Web Development Projects For Your Resume

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Guess who makes your daily life easy with just a tap? A web developer! Developing something and making it accessible to everyone on the internet is possible because of Web Developer.

And, if you are a Web Developer, you are in for something good. In this article, we will talk about some best web development projects that can build and will dazzle your resume! 

web development projects

But, what does a web developer needs to be proficient in? A web developer should be well versed with HTML, CSS, and JAVA Script and in technology that will help build projects are- Front-End: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (libraries like React, Angular, and Vue), Back-End: Python, PHP, Java, NodeJS, Express.js, etc., Database: MongoDB, MySQL.

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Here are some of the best projects for your Resume

1. E-commerce

This is something that most Web-developers have tried. E-commerce applications have multiple features like login/sign in, product lists, order summary, offers, profile section, cart items, creating payment gateway, search bar, etc. All of which implemented using React hooks for state-driven conditions without writing a class, props for passing variables, etc.The app should be dynamic, interactive, accessible on multiple devices, and responsive. 

The back-end should employ NodeJS as an event-driven architecture and implement call-back functions when an event is triggered, such as an order being placed.

2. Social Media

The one that catches everyone’s attention and can make you famous! Social media has become a daily part of our life. This application requires very well-connected ends, including security and management. Chat options feed, notifications and friends lists comprise the UI.

Windows. alert() can also be used to display a pop-up when a new update is seen or for other purposes. For developing a dynamic web app- Angular is the best choice.  

3. Resume Builder

If implemented correctly will help lots of aspiring job seekers who can create attractive resumes within minutes. The site includes information about one’s education, skills achieved, projects undertaken, and more. And each section has several sub-sections which could be implemented using components of React. 

The back-end will house all the bio-data pertaining to a person and will make sure that it remains secure by limiting the settings. 

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4.  Healthcare App

 As soon as you hit 25 and up and your back starts hurting, you look for the solution on Google, which leads to some dangerous diseases. So, why not implement something that determines your health status and warns you. A pop-up using windows.pop() function when your sugar level goes beyond a certain level or something unusual for physical health. 

You can create a real-time UI can be created with JSX. The event handlers allow several events to create, and a decision can be taken about what should happen next.

5. Gaming App

If you could create a gaming app and ace it, gamers will go head over heels; a gaming app can be built using Vue.JS, which provides higher customizability. Furthermore, it shares many characteristics with Angular and React, such as their use of components; in the count feature, each time someone presses a button, the count is increased by 1 and passed to the next level. Additionally, import the router, which you can use to navigate various pages such as the score page, level page, etc.

In the back-end, you store the player’s name, their scores, the level they passed, and the highest score they achieved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you style an entire webpage at once?

We can style an entire web page with the required styles once using the universal selectors. The universal selector applies the CSS styles to the entire UI to which the CSS file is connected. 

What is DOM?

DOM - Document Object Model is a language-dependent API for XML and HTML. It defines the logical structure of documents and how to access them. 

What is a framework?

A framework provides a structure that is used to build any software. The framework also defines a set of rules and includes all the packages and libraries necessary for developing the applications.

Is web Dev harder than Game Dev?

In terms of complexity and required skills, the games industry wins. This comes with a downside, though, as game programmers often need many hours to debug a game because it's so complicated.


These were some of the best web development projects that will put 5 stars on your resume. And, if you are not a web developer but thinking to be one, then you always visit Coding Ninjas and enroll for Web Development course.

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