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About the Company
About the Role
Salary and Perks
Skills and Experience Requirements
Job Expectations/ Responsibilities
Preparation Strategy
Career Map
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the role of a big data engineer at adobe?
Has the use of big data changed?
Do companies want big data Engineers?
Is big data suitable for new graduates?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Big Data Engineer at Adobe

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Hello Ninja, I’m sure most of you must have heard of Adobe and used one of its products at some point. In case you don’t know much about Adobe and its product no need to worry. We will discuss about the company and the role of a Big Data Engineer at Adobe.

big data engineer at adobe

About the Company

Adobe is a tech GIANT. The majority of us know Adobe for Photoshop, but that’s just one of over 100 products. Adobe After Effects, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro; Wide range of products for a variety of uses, more than one would use in their lifetime.

adobe logo 

Adobe Inc. is an American multinational corporation. Its headquarters are in San Jose, California, USA. Adobe also invented PDF, i.e., paper-to-digital transition. Adobe also created Adobe Document cloud to enable individuals to scan, modify, share, and sign documents at any time and from any location. Now, let's talk about the role.

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About the Role

But first, what is Big data? Big data is just another term for huge data sets. On the other hand, a Big data engineer is responsible for developing, maintaining, testing, analyzing, and evaluating data for a business; it is typical for businesses to gather significant amounts of data as part of their everyday operations.

about role

Big data may be incredibly helpful for businesses to increase productivity, profitability, and scalability. That’s where you need Big Data Engineer to extract meaning from those huge Data sets. Therefore, big data engineers are ultimately responsible for assisting businesses in extracting meaningful data from their huge data.

Salary and Perks

In India, the average pay for a Big Data Engineer at Adobe with between 3-11 years of experience is ₹23.8 lakh. The salary range for a Big Data Engineer at Adobe in India is between ₹15.0 -₹31.0 lakhs. 

salary and perks image

The figure mentioned in the table above are subject to change.

Adobe has several perks to offer its staff members. Let's examine a few of these perks:

  • There are several healthcare plans available from Adobe. Additionally, Adobe offers its staff access to telemedicine services.
  • Each year, employees are permitted to take up to 15 days off.
  • The business has a yearly vacation period.
  • Adobe promotes the health of both its workers' families and themselves.
  • The business also pays for its employees' higher education.
  • The business offers employees a discount on Adobe products and services.

Skills and Experience Requirements

Big Data Engineer at Adobe should have all of the following skills:

skills required

  • Good Knowledge and experience in computer programming languages like C++, Java, and Python.
  • Experience in SQL and NoSQL Databases.
  • Operating system knowledge for Unix, Linux, Windows, and Solaris to run big data tools.
  • Working Knowledge of Software like Apache Spark(for batch and real-time processing) and Hadoop Analytics.
  • Data mining and modelling to prepare the data for analysis by preprocessing and cleaning it using various techniques, finding hidden trends and patterns in the data.
  • Experience in agile development methodologies is necessary.

Job Expectations/ Responsibilities

A Big Data Engineer at Adobe typically performs all of the following duties:

job expections image

  • Software system development and implementation.
  • Establishing mechanisms for data collection and processing.
  • Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (the ETL process).
  • Constructing data structures that satisfy business needs.
  • Examining novel approaches to gathering important data and enhancing its quality.
  • Developing structured data solutions with a variety of tools and computer languages.
  • Mining information from various sources to create effective business models.
  • Cooperating with other teams, data scientists, and analysts

Preparation Strategy

You must be well-prepared if you want the recruiters to be comfortable hiring you. You can complete the interviews and the online assessment exams with the aid of this preparation plan. Now, let's look at the preparation strategy for the position:

Interviews typically consist of four rounds, including preliminary coding and multiple technical and human resources rounds.


Your performance in the first round will be evaluated for mental aptitude, aptitude, and reasoning. Additionally, there will be two or more coding questions.

Practice DSA questions regularly. Also, try some Competitive Programming questions to further increase your chances. 


After clearing the Assessment, there will be multiple technical interviews. Interviewers will typically ask core subjects like software engineeringOperating systemcomputer organization and architecture, and languages like javac++, or any other language.


You can utilize projects to demonstrate all of your skills and how you have used them.


Typically, there will be three to four technical interviews. The interviewer will also go over puzzle-related questions. Prepare interview questions and interview puzzles well before the interview.     

The HR round would be the final interview stage. In the round, typical HR interview questions would be posed.


You can refer to the list of resources in the section below to finish your preparation.

Career Map

Like any job in software engineering, data engineering can take you down several different paths:

career map

  • Keep working in data engineering and advance to senior engineer. This typically entails moving from simple data sets to large data pipelines and from individual contributions to managing an engineering team.
  • Learning application development will open up the way to software and web development because data engineers are already familiar with ETL and data layers, the building blocks of any software app or website.
  • A change to project management would bring the engineer closer to the business by allowing them to take a more comprehensive view of what the data engineer, data analyst, application developer, and user/client are doing. By managing data pipelines, data engineers would have an overall visibility of the moving parts behind most data projects.
  • A natural progression is learning those apps in addition to analytical abilities and becoming a data user. Data engineers offer the backend to the applications used in analytics and would be conversant with the data formats used in BI, Analytics, and Machine Learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a big data engineer at adobe?

Big Data Engineer at Adobe organizes the collected data, processes it, and uses it in a big data environment.

Has the use of big data changed?

Short answer: Yes. Big data analytics will progressively put a premium on recent data with the end objective of real-time analysis, allowing for more competitive decision-making and better-informed decisions.

Do companies want big data Engineers?

In 2022, 96% of businesses will likely plan to hire new candidates with skills in this field or are very likely to do so. So, yes.

Is big data suitable for new graduates?

The answer to this question is a YES. Whether outdated technology like mainframes or cutting-edge technology like big data, there is no location in IT where freshers are not needed.


This article explained what a Big Data Engineer at Adobe does. We learned about the role and responsibility of a Big Data Engineer at Adobe, what Adobe expects of them, and the salary and perks of working there. Additionally, if you're interested in learning more about other positions at Adobe, read these articles:

You can also refer to guided paths to aid in your journey. Read about hot topics such as big datadeep learningcomputer vision, and many more. You can always enroll in our courses to give an edge to your career. 

Happy Learning😊!

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