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Blog Marketing
How to do Blog Marketing?
Pros and Cons
Frequently Asked Questions
What are some of the key Blog Marketing strategies?
What are the metrics to track blog marketing strategies?
What are the tools required for Blogging?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Blog Marketing

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Blog marketing is a popular content marketing strategy to reach a target through blogs. Blog marketing involves publishing posts to attract people’s interest in a company’s product. It also increases the visibility of an organisation in the market and promotes the popularity of its services.

Blog Marketing

Blog Marketing

Blogs were initially known as weblogs. People convey their thoughts and ideas by writing on the internet on topics like news, events, politics, music, food, business, etc. Entrepreneurs and marketing strategists use these blog formats as a marketing tool to promote their products and business to customers. Because millions of people read content written by others daily, blogging is a popular activity. Blog marketing publicises or advertises a company, brand or service through ads placed on blogs, recommendations and reviews by the writer/blogger, promotions of other third-party blogs and many more. Information through blogs travels very fast. Blogs on product reviews and critics are quite popular. 

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How to do Blog Marketing?

Create blogs and promote

  1. Create a Blog Marketing plan to decide what you want to share with readers and how often you will update your blogs. 
  2. Start writing your blogs and decide on a blogging platform. Do your set-up and customise it to fit your business needs. Have an appropriate domain name and logo for your blogs. WordPress is a well-known platform for creating blog sites.
  3. Readers usually avoid visiting a blog site with only one or two posts. Add multiple posts in one go for the first time, and then stick to your regular post schedule.
  4. Market your blog using social media and attract readers. 
  5. Reply to the comments you receive on your blog posts. Readers may ask questions, share their opinions or provide feedback, which is essential. 

Pros and Cons

Blog marketing is a long-term strategy that, when carried out properly, will bring incredible profits to your business. However, it does have a few drawbacks too. Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of blog marketing.


  • There are customised blog marketing setups that are simple to use and maintain. Blog marketing is one of the cheapest ways to market your brand.
  • Blogs build traffic by giving people a reason to visit your website. The better the content you share with customers, the more influence your brand will have.
  • It helps improve the search engine ranking of your website. 
  • Blogs attract readers and help gain their trust and credibility gradually as it lets them know who they're doing business with and obtain valuable information on any product or service.
  • Blogs can be used to get valuable feedback on a product and provide customer service.
  • It creates more opportunities for revenue by accepting advertisements, promoting affiliate products and getting sponsors.


  • Writing blogs can be time-consuming. Time constraints can often reduce the quality of blogs. Hiring freelance writers and having a virtual assistant can be of help.
  • Bloggers must have a constant stream of ideas to write creative and new content. It is one of the biggest challenges they face. 
  • Blog marketing is a long-term strategy. So this means that it could take time to attract an audience for your blogs. It does not show immediate results.
  • Blogs have to be marketed too. People have to know about your blog to read it. You have to find the right audience and entice them to your blog.
  • Without consistency, blogs cannot gain the attention of customers and search engines. Creating blog content has to be active throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the key Blog Marketing strategies?

Get to know your readers and interact with them. Consistency is the key to efficient Blog Marketing. Use keywords that readers most frequently search. Market your blogs on social media to gain readers and traffic.

What are the metrics to track blog marketing strategies?

It is crucial to track the number of visitors to each post to know the audience's preferences. Track the number of backlinks to your blog site. Measure the number of leads from your blog posts and compare them to other marketing channels.

What are the tools required for Blogging?

Content curation tools for the generation of ideas and strategies. Collaboration tools for organising information regarding an idea. Analytics tools for Search Engine Optimisation and validation. Design tools to create attractive visuals and images in the blogs.


This blog discusses Blog Marketing as a means of digital marketing. It also mentions the pros and cons of blog marketing. Check out our articles on Types of Digital Marketing and Search Engine Marketing. Follow our guided path for WordPress. Get to know about the various CMS Platforms available. Explore our Library on Coding Ninjas Studio to gain knowledge on Data Structures and Algorithms, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud Computing and many more! Test your coding skills by solving our test series and participating in the contests hosted on Coding Ninjas Studio! 

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