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BMP Pressure Sensor
Features of BMP581:
Features of BMP580:
Features of BMP390:
Features of BMP384:
Features of BMP280:
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the various types of BMP pressure sensors?
What is BMP180?
Which BMP pressure sensor provides high robustness against water?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

BMP Pressure Sensing

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We come across various sensors; one of the most commonly used sensors we all know is a fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor is used in different governments as well as private organizations. For example: when you go for aadhar card registration or pan card registration, the officer asks you to put your fingers on the fingerprint sensor so that they can give you unique recognition.

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Not only fingerprint sensors, but there are also various types of sensors, and today, we will discuss one of the sensors, the pressure sensor, specifically the BMP pressure sensor (Barometric Pressure Sensor).


An IoT pressure sensor is a device that senses pressure and converts it into an electric signal. The level of voltage given out by the sensor depends on the pressure level applied.

BMP pressure sensors enable IoT systems that monitor systems and devices that are pressure propelled. If there’s any deviation from standard pressure ranges, the device notifies the administrator of the problem.

These are commonly found and used to maintain whole water and heating systems. This is because they can easily detect any fluctuations or drops in pressure. However, pressure sensors are used within the manufacturing industry too.

Popular IoT pressure sensor manufacturers include:

  • L-com
  • NCD
  • Omron
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BMP Pressure Sensor

There is various type of pressure sensors present in the market. We are going to grasp knowledge about all of them one by one.


There are a lot of BMP pressure sensors available in the market out of which the BMP581 is the new benchmark in barometric pressure sensors. It is ideally suited for altitude tracking applications like GPS modules, wearables, smart homes & industrial items. This sensor is available through our distribution partners.

Features of BMP581:

  • Consumption of Low-power 
  • Noise is less
  • Compact size


The BMP580 is the new standard in barometric pressure sensors and affects its enormous accuracy. In this type of BMP pressure sensor, High accuracy enables endless new use cases such as fitness tracking, where accurate altitude change is vital. This sensor is available for our explicit customers only.

Features of BMP580:

  • Consumption of low power
  • Less noise
  • Compact size


The BMP390 is a small, low-power, low-noise 24-bit absolute barometric pressure sensor. The digital, high-performance sensor is ideal for many altitude tracking applications, such as smartphones, GPS modules, wearables, and drones.

Features of BMP390:

  • Best performance in the market
  • Unique accuracy and stability
  • Lowest noise


BMP384 has a gel-filled space that allows higher robustness against water, liquids, and other chemicals if the applicable integration concept is used. The BMP384, with its tiny footstep, offers extraordinary design flexibility, providing a sole package solution that is easy to combine with other existing and upcoming devices for smart homes, industrial products, and wearables.

Features of BMP384:

  • Robustness
  • Small size
  • Excellent performance


The BMP280 is a barometric pressure sensor specially designed for mobile applications. The BMP280 sensor module comes in a highly compact package. Its diminutive dimensions and the low power consumption allow the implementation of battery-powered devices.

Features of BMP280:

  • Stable performance
  • Long term stability, high EMC robustness
  • Flexible


Today, we will discuss only BMP280 because of its unique characteristics and features.

The BMP280 is a barometric pressure sensor, exceedingly feasible for mobile applications. Its diminutive dimensions and low power consumption allow for the implementation of battery-powered devices such as mobile phones, GPS modules, or watches. 

The BMP280 mainly focuses on Bosch’s proven piezo-resistive pressure sensor technology featuring high accuracy, linearity, long-term stability, and EMC robustness. Numerous device operation options guarantee for highest flexibility. The device optimizes power consumption, resolution, and filter performance.

Uses of BMP280:

  • Indoor and outdoor navigation 
  • Weather forecasting
  • GPS Navigation

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various types of BMP pressure sensors?

  • BMP581 
  • BMP580 
  • BMP390 
  • BMP384 
  • BMP280 
  • BMP180

What is BMP180?

BMP 180 is a sensor used to measure atmospheric pressure or biometric pressure.

Which BMP pressure sensor provides high robustness against water?

BMP384 sensor provides high robustness against water.


This article extensively discusses various kinds of Barometric Pressure sensors (BMP pressure sensors) and their purpose. We have also discussed pressure sensors' use-cases, advantages, and disadvantages.

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