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Last updated: Nov 29, 2022

Brief Introduction

What is Postman? What are the building blocks for postman? How to install postman and set it up? What are the features of Postman which make it better than the others? Talking about these topics, we will be taking our discussion a bit in detail.
Introduction to Postman
This blog will discuss Postman in complete detail and how to create API requests inside postman.
Why is Postman so Popular Among Developers?
When attempting to analyse or test RESTful APIs, Postman is an excellent tool. This blog will discuss why is postman so popular among developers.
How to Install and Set Up Postman EASY
This article will give insight into how to install and set up postman on the desktop. We will discuss the installation process step by step.
Take a Look at the Cheatsheet of Postman Commands
In this blog, we will take a look at the Cheatsheet of Postman commands. We will discuss variables, assertion, sandbox, and workflows command in Postman.
How to use Postman? EASY
This blog will discuss how to use Postman. We will see how to use Postman the first time, Send the first requests, automate the first API using Postman, etc.
What are the Assertions in Postman?
In this blog, we will discuss Assertions in Postman. We will further look at various assertion tests to find an object, to compare the expected value with pre-defined value, etc.
What do Schema Validations mean in Postman?
We will discuss what is schema validation in Postman, including why Schema Validation is essential, Object response, Optional property, Required property, and Nested Objects in Schema Validation.
Related Workflow in Postman EASY
This blog will discuss the topic of Related Workflow in Postman, including API, Building Blocks of Postman, Extraction of an authentication token, Reading links from the response, and Parameterize Requests in Postman.