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Table of contents
What is a Resume?
How to write a Resume?
Content Optimisation in Resume
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is the target audience for a resume?
What should be the alignment of a candidate’s name – left or center?
Should we include a phone number in the resume?
How many links are acceptable in a resume?
Is it mandatory to add the Hobbies section in the resume?
What is the ideal length of the resume?
Does adding clip arts help in getting more attention to the resume?
Should I add a border to the resume?
Does adding project links help in getting more attention to one’s resume?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Building A Good Resume Of A Programmer

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A good resume always helps in grabbing the attention of employers by giving a glance at your strongest skills and accomplishments.

A resume shows how you’re a match for a certain position or project and most importantly, gets you a job interview. As hard as one prepares for excelling in the interviews by correctly answering the questions, to the same extent, one should work on making it a standout one from others. 

Data collected from the past many years and depicted in the ResumeGo Report clearly shows that recruiters are three times more likely to pick a candidate with a two-page resume for managerial roles and 1.4 times more likely for entry-level positions. Whereas, 77% of employers say seasoned workers should NOT use a single-page. This much is the impact of the number of pages a resume constitutes, so think about what importance it will hold as a whole. 

Want to understand the ideology behind building a good resume and where lie it’s real-life application. Watch out for this video.

What is a Resume?

It is a formal document that a job applicant creates to showcase his or her qualifications, experience, and achievements for a position. It is usually accompanied by a customized cover letter in which the applicant expresses an interest in a specific job or company and draws attention to the most relevant specifics on it.

It helps the interviewer or the recruiter to understand the skills and domain of the candidate so as to further enquire about it or make the basis of the job interview. 

Building a resume is important in TCS recruitment for technical and non-technical roles and also read about how to get placed in a product-based company.

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How to write a Resume?

There are many sites present throughout the internet constituting the different topics, sections, order of arrangement of these sections, and much more. This skill of writing a decent one in order to impress the recruiter and include the significant events makes a candidate stand out in a crowd. There are a proper format and chronology that needs to be followed which is explained in detail in the forthcoming part. 

But whether one believes it or not, this is the most important part of the preparation of a good resume. As it grabs the eyeballs and also provides the way or order in which it will be read and summarised. The common word used for this arrangement is the chronology of events that have happened in the candidate’s work and education life which should be presented in the resume so as to make him or her a good fit for the job. 

The most trusted order and the one that is highly recommended is as follows: 

  1. Education 
    1. Includes the candidate’s college details and school details (Senior Secondary).
  2. Work Experience/ Internships
    1. If the candidate has no prior work experience then internships done by him or her should be included in this section (top 3-4 ones should be sufficient for this section).
    2. In other casework experience should be included as the second header of the resume.
  3. Skills and Projects
    1. The most important part that a recruiter looks for this includes the basic work knowledge and list of technologies or things a candidate is well aware of which can be suited for the upcoming job profile. 
  4. Hobbies 
    1. Do list some hobbies apart from studies or desktop work that one actually admires to do in life.

So, this was a crisp setup of the resume, which is usually preferred while making the resume for a job, internship, any event or competition. Adhering to this will surely pave the way to a successful closure of the interview and will keep the candidate intact while answering the interviewer’s questions. 

The above order also enlists the important details first and thereby goes down in that chronology and provides the impression that the candidate is well prepared for the hiring process. 

Content Optimisation in Resume

Now, the above-listed sections can be common in most people’s resumes, what makes everyone unique is the content added beneath these sections. It elaborates, glorifies, and creates a stupendous impact on the recruiter if written in a proper and brief manner. This only adheres to 60% chances of the selection in a job interview or an internship opportunity. 

  • One should always stick to enlisting only important details in the resume, avoiding all the happenings from past years. Selection of crucial details will help in making the resume brief and upto the mark rather than creating a lengthy one.
  • Use bulletin points to list out the details under each section and keep it as short as possible thereby including only specific details but it should cover the relevant keywords so as to extract out a meaning out of it.
  • Keep adequate space between the lines or sections so as to make it readable and decent appearance.  Also margins play an important role in the look and feel of the resume so taking into mind these points will help in putting a cherry on the cake.
  • Coming to the technical aspect of the content, avoid adding all the information like from where the candidate started off the project, or what obstacles were experienced during the internships. These details are not required by the company as the main focus lies within the objective and real-life application of the candidate’s projects.
  • Adding only the refined version of the projects. Always add Github links to your projects, it is a very good practice to depict the originality and sincereness of the candidate towards his or her work. The hobbies section should be kept very short to just provide a glimpse of it which helps in developing an image that there are other recreational activities also in which the candidate is involved rather than just sitting and doing his or her job.
  • Read more about the latest technology to keep your resume updated on ReadinBrief.

Length of the Resume: It is always ideal to have a single-page resume as it is quite crisp and readable. This also saves the recruiter’s time in reading and making a decision out of it thus making the resume get more views. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the target audience for a resume?

Recruiter is the target audience for a resume.

What should be the alignment of a candidate’s name – left or center?

Candidate’ name should be center-aligned.

Should we include a phone number in the resume?

Yes, ideally it is a good practice to include a candidate’s contact number.

How many links are acceptable in a resume?

It is acceptable to have two-three links in a resume.

Is it mandatory to add the Hobbies section in the resume?

There is not a compulsion to do so, it is upto the candidate.

What is the ideal length of the resume?

Resume should be of a single page.

Does adding clip arts help in getting more attention to the resume?

No, it is not advisable to add clip arts in the resume.

Should I add a border to the resume?

It is good to keep a thin simple border for a resume.

Does adding project links help in getting more attention to one’s resume?

Yes, it is a very good practice while mentioning the projects in the resume.


So this was all about how to prepare a good resume and create a good impression of the confronter. Following the above measure will not only enhance the resume but will also make it easy to be read and increase the chances of selection in the interview process. Go ahead and ace top company interviews and also make yourself engaged with the active placement cell of Coding Ninjas for experiencing an expert journey. 

In order to get more insight about the skills a candidate can learn and add in the resume visit the link.

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