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About Comviva
About the role
Perks at Comviva
Skills and Experiences Required for the Role
Responsibilities in this role
Preparation Strategy
Technical Resources
Interview Resources
Other Resources
Career Map
Business Analyst Manager
Business Data Analyst
Data Security Analyst
IT Business Analyst
Levels of this job profile
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between Business Analyst and Data Analyst?
What are business analyst skills?
Does a business analyst need SQL?
Is Business Analyst an IT job?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Business Analyst at Comviva

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Everybody wants to be a part of a fortune 500 or a unicorn startup, but do you know who is behind the company’s effectiveness? How does a company grow at a low cost? The person who supervises all this is a Business Analyst.

business analyst at comviva

This article will discuss how to become a business analyst at Comviva. We will discuss the role, salary, perks, skill set required and preparation strategy for this job profile. So fasten your seat belt, and let’s get started with our journey!

About Comviva

Comviva is a global leader in mobile and VAS solutions. It is a part of the Tech Mahindra group. Comviva works with mobile service providers, banks, and financial institutions. It delivers a range of services to customers. The company is in over 90 countries and serves customers in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

It is a product-based company and, thus, a great place for an engineer to grow and build his career.


The company is a Tech Mahindra subsidiary and part of the $21 billion Mahindra Group. In 2012, Tech Mahindra acquired a 51% share in Comviva. It acquired the mobile wallet, POS technology, and 120 deployments in over 40 countries. 

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About the role

Business Analyst at Comviva is an engineer who uses the data and gets insights from it. He examines the data and recommends areas for improvement in the organisation. These improvements will, in turn, assist the firm in generating high revenue. He handles suggesting creative ideas to board members and helping out with their investment plans.

about busines analyst

As a Business Analyst at Comviva, you represent the complete picture of the business to the board. You will also make them aware of the risks and losses that can happen in the future and ways to handle them.


Salary expectations

The average salary for a Business Analyst at Comviva is ₹5,23,539 per annum.

Business Analyst at Comviva

Average Salary

(2-7 years experience)

₹5,23,539 per annum

**The salary mentioned above is only an estimate. The actual salary may vary.**

Perks at Comviva

Following are some of the perks you will get by being a business analyst at Comviva:

perks at comviva

Job Training

  • Comviva offers job training to candidates. It assists them in adjusting to new techs and various procedures.
  • It also helps in boosting the company's efficiency and productivity.

Work from Home

  • Employees can work from home when necessary.
  • WFH is beneficial to women during their maternity period.

Health Coverage

  • All Comviva employees are covered by health insurance.
  • Life insurance and a long-term disability plan are both available.

Team Outing

  • It serves as an ice breaker between new and old employees.
  • You’ll get opportunities to visit various new places and learn about them from local resident employees.



  • Comviva offers cafeteria facilities for its employees.
  • You’ll get varieties of cuisine from different parts of the country.

Skills and Experiences Required for the Role

Following are the skill set you should require to become a business analyst at Comviva:

skills for business analyst
  • The very first thing you’ll need is a bachelor's or master's degree in computer science or its related fields.
  • A good understanding of programming languages. It would be best to have proficiency in at least one programming language. 
  • You should understand data analysis and visualization tools like Excel, Tableau, BI tools, etc.
  • You must be familiar with Data Lake and Data Warehousing.
  • A strong understanding of DBMS, SQL, or Oracle is essential.
  • Good critical and analytical skills.
  • You should be able to create pictorial representations and docs of the data.
  • You must be familiar with data analysis methodologies and their working.
  • You should have strong verbal and written communication skills in English.

In terms of experience, you must have at least 2 years of experience to be a business analyst at Comviva.

Responsibilities in this role

The role and responsibilities of being a business analyst at Comviva are as follows:

responsibilities of business analyst
  • Creating Flow Charts and Models: You have to create diagrams, models, charts, and other specs. It will then provide direction to developers and the project team.
  • Requirement Analysis: You will be assisting with interpreting customer requirements into workable options. You also have to communicate these back to your team.
  • Requirement Status: You will manage and track requirements' status throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Effectiveness Analysis: Research, review, and analyze the effectiveness of existing requirements. Develop strategies for enhancing processes.
  • Product Validation: Prepare the business doc to explain details. Create user stories around it and then further coordinate it with your teammates and seniors. 

Preparation Strategy

If you want to be a business analyst at Comviva, you’ll need a road map on how to be one. Following is the stepwise process of what you need to do to be a business analyst at Comviva.

preparation strategy

Step 1:  Develop Business Analyst skills: To become a Business Analyst at Comviva, you must have the skills necessary for a Business Analyst. For example, analytical skills, data analysis, data visualization etc.


Step 2:  Create a Portfolio: Try to work on small projects on your own that need the skills of a Business Analyst. You should create a portfolio containing all of your projects.


Step 3: Certificate: Gain some certifications that will help you learn about the role. It will also help you get a good idea about the job profile.

Technical Resources

You can refer to the below resources to learn programming and related concepts:

Interview Resources

You can refer to the below resources to prepare for your interviews:

Other Resources

You can also check articles on Big DataAptitudeData AnalyticsPythonDBMS and guided paths for top-150-interview puzzles and DBMS.

You can also refer to the following video:

Career Map

Following are the different career maps for a business analyst at Comviva

career map for business analyst

Business Analyst Manager

  • Your primary responsibility is to analyze and plan strategies for the business. It will help increase their efficiency and productivity. 
  • You look after and manage the work of other team members and ensure that business goals are met successfully.

Business Data Analyst

  • As a business data analyst, you will analyze and interpret the data. You are supposed to increase the efficiency of the product for the business.
  • You will also work on the company's potential growth and help them with the quantitative analysis.

Data Security Analyst

  • As a data security analyst, you must understand and get insights from the data. You must be familiar with DevOps and the OS. You ensure that the software and networks are up to date and are free from viruses and cyber-attacks. 
  • Your primary role is to enhance the working of data systems security, create a security policy, and analyze the data. 

IT Business Analyst

  • As an IT business analyst, you are primarily responsible for managing multiple projects and OS simultaneously. You help organizations maintain their system process. It will then help them to work efficiently. 
  • You also identify the needs of the stakeholders and change the business plan accordingly to their requirements and needs in the business. 

Levels of this job profile

There are various levels of the business analyst position at Comviva. You should join at a level according to your experience and skills. The different levels of jobs related to business analytics at Comviva are as follows:

  • When you join as a fresher, you’ll be in the position of Business analyst. Here you’ll deal with major data research work.
  • Thereafter, you will become a team lead. You will deal mainly with the visualization of data.
  • If you are joining as a Manager, you will be guiding everyone under you. You will work on ideas and ways to gauge success and grow the organization. 
  • As a Senior Manager, you will deal with problems that arise with the people under you. You’ll be also presenting ideas for execution for other senior members too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Business Analyst and Data Analyst?

Both business analysts and data analysts deal with data. The only difference is in what they do with it. Data analysts collect, alter, and extract meaningful information from the data. While business analysts use data to make strategic business decisions. 

What are business analyst skills?

The ability to think, solve problems, and make decisions are essential for a successful business analyst. Some other necessary skills include analytical and communication skills. They must also know other happening in the company and across the market.

Does a business analyst need SQL?

Yes, it is because big data and relational databases have become the new standard for most businesses. SQL is required for almost all business analyst positions nowadays.

Is Business Analyst an IT job?

Business Analyst works in the domain of IT and management field. Their main role is to improve the company’s efficiency. They use knowledge of both fields to achieve the company’s best interests.


This article briefly discussed how to become a business analyst at Comviva. We discussed the role, salary, perks, skill set required and preparation strategy for this job profile. We hope this blog has helped you know about the business analyst at Comviva. If you like to learn more, you can check out our articles: 

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Nevertheless, consider our paid courses to give your career an edge over others!

Happy Learning!

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